Equestrian Journal

I’m working on most of all of my domains right now. It’s keeping me busy and happy. I’ve found this pretty cool community software called Dolphin Community. I’ve set it up on my www.equestrianjournal.com domain and so far it’s working very well. I used to have this software called BlogHoster running on it up until April of this year. The BlogHoster software was cool, but poorly coded and to the point where it was not possible to be upgraded. The authors sold it to another company who abandonded it completely.  When I pooched the server upgrade in April I didn’t bother even trying to set up that software again. It was a constant battle with spammers, huge night mare. I had nicknamed it the SpamHoster as no one but spammers would try to join.  A few kids joined, but they never lasted.  Hopefully this one might pan out.  There’s no real direction I have, just keeping myself busy.  I tend to have fun doing this stuff. It gives me a sense of purpose, even though I doubt anyone will pay much attention to it.

Thanksgiving and Shit

Great thanksgiving with friends and hung out with family on Saturday.  It’s is always a nice thing, but good to get to go back to my own home.

The theme I initally was going to use turned out to just be too crappy of display so I went back to the original theme of BlogEngine. It kind of sucks, but I will slowly modify it to at least a color scheme I like.  I find the default penis looking favicon to be funny so will be changing that eventually as well.  It’s more disturbing than funny I guess.

The Black Friday crazyness videos on You Tube are just hilarious. I guess eventually I will collect some links and post them here, but now I was just going to ramble on about it.  I am not into the Black Friday thing, it just seems insanely silly and down right retarded really.  Am I really to that age where I just don’t want anything that the retail stores have to offer that I need to stand in line and be herded through some doors and gates to get some artifically inflated trinkets that I could have bought the week before and the week after for the same price or perhaps even cheaper.  Or, buy it online at my leisure online.  I just don’t get it.  Oh well.

I think after this post I will install the spell checker as well.  I am sure my spelling errors are torture.

Welcome To My Hell

Changing up the entire AutoNarcosis website, I’m re-creating it using some blog software.  I will post some really old entries from when I first started this website back in 1997. Life sure does keep on changing.  I will most likely post random thoughts and ramblings here that may or may not make any sense to anyone reading it.  Perhaps I will entertain a few people.  I will eventually create my own theme, or at least modify an exsisting one to what I would like. In the mean time I am using this super fun time XtreemBlog theme which kind of looks a bit cheesy.  Plus the theme needs an entry!