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Re-Encoding Audio and Video Files

I think I will start a project to re-encode the audio files I had on the website to MP3 and if possible, re-encode some of the video files to WebM format.  Most all of the audio/video files I had on the original website were encoded in Real Media format.  I can re-encode the audio to MP3 fairly easily. It seems impossible to re-encode the video, I will have to completely start over from the VHS tapes, and I’m not sure if my VHS player even works anymore or my input hardware.  It will be something to keep me busy with at least.


Cobar bounces back!

In my last post I had mentioned that my dog was sick.  It took about 4 days for whatever he ingested to work it’s way through his system and be done with it.  I hate not knowing what caused him to be sick, I will probably never know.  Very happy that he’s for the most part, recovered from whatever this was.  He’s back to the happy dog that he normally is.

Dogs Hemophilia

Haemophilia and my dog

Unfortunately, my dog suffers from Haemophilia.  He’s an Australian Cattle Dog/Red Heeler we named Cobar, from Australian Aboriginal of Red/Burned Earth.  Of the worst kind of course.  Haemophilia is a genetic disease which slows down the process significantly the ability for blood to clot and coagulate.  This is an insidious disease that, if you do not have it or have to deal with, you just never think about.  You cut yourself, put a band aid (if that) and go on your way.  You never think about how or why your blood doesn’t just continue to run out and you bleed to death.

And then, I got a dog that suffers from this.  We found out from getting him neutered which he barely survived.  It took 3 months to recover from it with the incision growing to near softball size lump. You could see tendons and muscle tissue.  I honestly thought that he would not survive this.  With my wifes perseverance, using (Believe it or not) corn starch to thicken his hemorrhaging blood and pure Honey as an anti-biotic coating, it worked very well.  Of course he was on heavy anti-biotic and sedation during this time.  It was fortunate that we crate trained him earlier so he was at home in the crate for this time.  He survived.

He is now 3 years old. He has only had a handful of other bad bleeding events so far. The worst was when he cut one of his paw pads.  Again, you never think about bleeding, and within minutes there was blood everywhere.  Quick thinking and our veterinarian is nearby that helped make that episode less that what we originally though.  And yes, we all thought that this injury may have been permanent and a potential for limiting his mobility.  At the time it appeared that he sliced one of his pads nearly in half.  It took about a month and a half to heal.

We are now in an episode where he ate something he shouldn’t have and it’s been a pretty bad couple of days with vomiting.  I think he is pulling through, but with this disease things can go bad very quickly.  I suspect that the neutering wound may cause some issues with his bowel movements and if he isn’t hydrated or eats too much, this system stops working properly.

When we have all these episodes, especially the bleeding ones, people always try to help us. We appreciate it greatly, they are trying to help. But, again, I go back to. You never think about how blood clots and coagulates, so what works wonderful for the normal animals of the world doesn’t work for Haemophilia.  One of the most common things that people suggest when he gets cut is to tape or seal the wound with New Skin or glue.  They don’t think this thought out (and trust me I would think the same thing).  The problem with this method is that. This doesn’t stop the bleeding, it just covers the wound for the blood to then pool beneath the wound and continue to bleed.  We associate covering the wound with the blood clotting and coagulating and hence stopping.  But we don’t think the why and how.  And we don’t think how many times we have some minor scratch, or maybe a zit we pop that bleeds. Yet, we didn’t cover the wound then and it as usual stopped bleeding and we go on.  I don’t want to get into the why and how our blood clots and coagulates, but it is an amazing process when you think about how and why it works.  And it’s horrible when that process breaks down or doesn’t work at all.

It’s was a tough choice to keep our dog and not put him down during that first time.  This is the usual choice, and I can completely understand it.  He is definitely a one of a kind dog that I’ve never had before.  It’s doubtful I will have a dog like this again too.  I am sure that any pets that I get in the future will be just as unique though, but Cobar is definitely special.  We let him be as much as a dog as we can let him, but attempt to protect him as much as possible.  We’ve learned a lot.  I’ve researched many things. From Kevlar vests to other ways to protect him.  The vests ended up just a bad idea, mainly they are just for show for police dogs and have no applicable use.  One of the best things we’ve found are the Rough Wear dog boots.  Those are great things, but you’ll need to get your dog used to them early on.  I would imagine it difficult to train an older dog to wear them.  The company now even has winter boots for dogs which we will get eventually.  It’s then just thinking ahead of where you are going with him and what you’ll be doing or expecting him to do.  From how the ground is, how he will move around.  You have to also keep in mind that, dogs aren’t aware of diseases like this.  Clearly he has some confused idea that he gets sick. Obviously not the why.  So, he will try to do what any normal dog would do and in turn he could severely injure himself.  Even normal healthy dogs would do this.  It’s in their nature it seems.  Dogs take direction from humans and they want to please us so much that our own actions may put them in danger or hurt them.  It’s trying to prevent ourselves for whatever reason to not lead him down a path that may be detrimental to him.  It’s tough and a constant battle with ourselves.  It brings out your own inner discipline for the better of the dog or animal.  There also comes a time as I said, to let him be a dog.  My wife works at a dog daycare, so he gets to play with other dogs.  This is a good and bad thing. What about fights and such, and you have to just let the “what ifs” go.  Otherwise you will be consumed.  We also have to be prepared for him to die quickly.  This is tough to deal with but it’s something that you have to come to.  It will happen, it’s inevitable as much as we don’t like it.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough about my dog.  I’ll eventually post some photos to the blog of him. We have a domain that I will eventually setup as well and probably use this blog software to create a blog more specific about him and his disease.   


Happy New Year!


What a year. I hope this new year will be better than the last.

Disco Drugs Music

Get Your Boat Of Chicken!

Have I mentioned I love Disco? Disco is a great time in music, especially dance music. A lot of development in the styles of music were generated during this time. A good portion of the current dance music is mostly taken from the Disco era.  There was so much of it made I just love the Internet when I find those classic gems of tunes.  I also enjoy how life is beginning to imitate art. I think I could describe peoples lives thoroughly through previous works of music.

Eleventh Hour – Hollywood Hot


Will Technology Doom Us?

I think a lot, have lots of opinions and such but I never really form it much. I haven’t written much at all since college days, which I really enjoyed.  I miss writing reports or just papers on certain subjects, even if I didn’t really care for them. The Internet and Technology, I guess, has replaced much of any sort of deep thought for me.  For the most part I just give people the answers they don’t want to hear in the chat.  My writings might not have the standard beginning, middle and end, mainly because I’ve learned that in the social networking scene, you have to give your answers with the quickness. That means thinking out things quickly, which I’ve never been very good at. So this brings me to this entry of which I will ramble on about the question. Will Technology Doom Us?

I ask this question in the idea that, there are masses of people whom technology is greatly benefiting us in our daily lives. It certainly makes our lives easier than ever before, but at what point will that hinder our own development? Or, as I am seeing it, will it divide us even further, not into race, religion of region, but by the ability to use and control technology over those who can’t or are not interested. Will these latter people have to sucumb to the ones who embrace technology?  Kind of like the idea of Big Brother, in that, if Big Brother is watching us, who is watching Big Brother. Who of if we will maintain some sort of technological equalibrium.  And as I write this perhaps I am bluring the lines of technology and information, as it does seem, perhaps feel, that the time is coming again where there is this squeeze to control information from the haves to the have nots.

Well, I ask questions but again, as I said earlier, I am going to finish up this post. I think I will attempt to write more formal articles, perhaps attempt to stick to a topic and not just free flow. And yeah, the comments are disabled because of the mountain of spam they would generate since no one is really paying attention to what I am saying anyways.


Equestrian Journal

I’m working on most of all of my domains right now. It’s keeping me busy and happy. I’ve found this pretty cool community software called Dolphin Community. I’ve set it up on my domain and so far it’s working very well. I used to have this software called BlogHoster running on it up until April of this year. The BlogHoster software was cool, but poorly coded and to the point where it was not possible to be upgraded. The authors sold it to another company who abandonded it completely.  When I pooched the server upgrade in April I didn’t bother even trying to set up that software again. It was a constant battle with spammers, huge night mare. I had nicknamed it the SpamHoster as no one but spammers would try to join.  A few kids joined, but they never lasted.  Hopefully this one might pan out.  There’s no real direction I have, just keeping myself busy.  I tend to have fun doing this stuff. It gives me a sense of purpose, even though I doubt anyone will pay much attention to it.


Thanksgiving and Shit

Great thanksgiving with friends and hung out with family on Saturday.  It’s is always a nice thing, but good to get to go back to my own home.

The theme I initally was going to use turned out to just be too crappy of display so I went back to the original theme of BlogEngine. It kind of sucks, but I will slowly modify it to at least a color scheme I like.  I find the default penis looking favicon to be funny so will be changing that eventually as well.  It’s more disturbing than funny I guess.

The Black Friday crazyness videos on You Tube are just hilarious. I guess eventually I will collect some links and post them here, but now I was just going to ramble on about it.  I am not into the Black Friday thing, it just seems insanely silly and down right retarded really.  Am I really to that age where I just don’t want anything that the retail stores have to offer that I need to stand in line and be herded through some doors and gates to get some artifically inflated trinkets that I could have bought the week before and the week after for the same price or perhaps even cheaper.  Or, buy it online at my leisure online.  I just don’t get it.  Oh well.

I think after this post I will install the spell checker as well.  I am sure my spelling errors are torture.


Welcome To My Hell

Changing up the entire AutoNarcosis website, I’m re-creating it using some blog software.  I will post some really old entries from when I first started this website back in 1997. Life sure does keep on changing.  I will most likely post random thoughts and ramblings here that may or may not make any sense to anyone reading it.  Perhaps I will entertain a few people.  I will eventually create my own theme, or at least modify an exsisting one to what I would like. In the mean time I am using this super fun time XtreemBlog theme which kind of looks a bit cheesy.  Plus the theme needs an entry!