Cannabis Drugs

It’s Phototronic!

During the early 90’s while my friend Barrett and I were in college we were able to acquire two Phototron’s.  They were those plant growth chambers that were advertised in the back of High Times magazine. We got the Phototron III and Phototron IV models.  The III model used the U shaped fluorescent bulbs which were easily found at the local hardware store.  The IV model used this new High Output fluorescent lamp from Philips that was a little more difficult to find but was much more brighter than the regular bulb.  The Phototrons worked quite well and did what they say, but the yield was quite minimal.  I think the most we ever got out of it was about 14 grams of dried fluffy bud.  The biggest value from them was the learning process of how to grow.  It had very specific instructions and it’s own nutrients that you used along with a sphagnum moss soil base.  Following these directions you would be successful at whatever it is you were growing.


Disco Drugs Music

Get Your Boat Of Chicken!

Have I mentioned I love Disco? Disco is a great time in music, especially dance music. A lot of development in the styles of music were generated during this time. A good portion of the current dance music is mostly taken from the Disco era.  There was so much of it made I just love the Internet when I find those classic gems of tunes.  I also enjoy how life is beginning to imitate art. I think I could describe peoples lives thoroughly through previous works of music.

Eleventh Hour – Hollywood Hot