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I lost my best friend of 18 years over the past 4 weeks.

Don’t worry, I kept Cobar. He is doing better than I expected with Beckys absence. It was rough for him in the fall of 2016, but he’s healed and we are walking every day. It’s just him and I now and he is my responsibility and I am his world.


Cat Shit Rolled In Skunk Juice

Ah, the great glorious smell. You know what I am talking about.  Another year down this road.  I have just updated BlogEngine to a more recent version, with the intention of updating it to the latest version soon. I haven’t been messing with my websites much as this whole world has felt as if it’s a burden to me more than any sort of enjoyment anymore.  These small glimpses of success encourage me though.

I guess it’s time to ramble on about the previous year and reflect.  Two of my friends decided to ramp up their crazy. One managed to land himself a nice long prison sentence and the other one ended up dead.  Since you are here, you might be already familiar with UFO Jeff. If not, be sure to check out the Karvanek Conspiracy pages on the site.  Well, yep, he landed himself a nice vacation in prison for awhile.  Handy Internet tip from Captain Obvious; Don’t make death threats to government employees.  My other friend decided to activate his Oxycontin powers and it didn’t quite work out for him.  Of course, a requirement of friends with me, is being an asshole.  He decided that Thanksgiving, my wife’s birthday, would be the day to go out.

My dog is still alive and I have health care insurance now, so I got that going for me.


The Death Of Crazy Bob

Recently I learned of the death of an acquaintance. It’s always disappointing to learn months afterwords. His name was Bob, aka Crazy Bob. He was a paraplegic and has a very unique outlook on life and the human existence and soul.  He was quite a loner and many nights I would visit him in his studio apartment discussing life the universe and everything.  He was fascinated with my own views and I like to believe that I inspired him. I am quite sure I did.  Bob had moved away many years ago, perhaps over 10 years, it has been so long.  A mutual friend would always mention that he asked about me.  It is through this friend that I learned of his passing back in December, alone.  It is unfortunate and always brings to the fore front my own mortality.  I discovered during the update of the blog site that I still have one of his writings. You could loosely call it a book.  He wrote it over a several months after a long discussion that him and I had where I stated that I believed in evolution.  I had converted it and put it on line so that who ever could read it.  I believe he got a few responses and many trolls, which shunned him from the Internet.  I will post it as Pages to my blog site and he will live on forever in the Internet.

So I give you Crazy Bob aka NO INGS ramblings of how he saw and believed in our souls.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

SOUL – Secrets Of Universal Love