Video Files – WebM Format

I started working on re-encoding the files as I had mentioned in a previous post.

I don’t have the best input device currently. I am using an old ADS VCD-USB device that is only compatile in Windows XP.  My laptop is still XP, so using that to encode the old VHS tapes.  I am encoding them first to WMV3 as Windows Movie Maker is the only program that seems to work properly encoding the live video on the laptop.  It’s old and slow.  From the WMV3 format I am converting them to the new open source WebM format for online.  I chose this format as, it’s similar, or an upgrade to the Theora video format that I have used previously. I wanted to use the open source format over the others.  I also know that it will be natively supported in the new versions of IE and Firefox.  It currently is supported in Chrome, so the videos will only work in Chrome.  And of course, since I am on the cutting dull edge of technology, I screw myself in the process.  I tried to install the WebM and Vorbis DirectShow plugins to test out Windows Media Player, but my WMP crashes after I install the Vorbis codecs.  So if you want to watch the Karvanek Conspiracy videos, you’ll need Chrome now.

Re-Encoding Audio and Video Files

I think I will start a project to re-encode the audio files I had on the website to MP3 and if possible, re-encode some of the video files to WebM format.  Most all of the audio/video files I had on the original website were encoded in Real Media format.  I can re-encode the audio to MP3 fairly easily. It seems impossible to re-encode the video, I will have to completely start over from the VHS tapes, and I’m not sure if my VHS player even works anymore or my input hardware.  It will be something to keep me busy with at least.