The Death Of Crazy Bob

Recently I learned of the death of an acquaintance. It’s always disappointing to learn months afterwords. His name was Bob, aka Crazy Bob. He was a paraplegic and has a very unique outlook on life and the human existence and soul.  He was quite a loner and many nights I would visit him in his studio apartment discussing life the universe and everything.  He was fascinated with my own views and I like to believe that I inspired him. I am quite sure I did.  Bob had moved away many years ago, perhaps over 10 years, it has been so long.  A mutual friend would always mention that he asked about me.  It is through this friend that I learned of his passing back in December, alone.  It is unfortunate and always brings to the fore front my own mortality.  I discovered during the update of the blog site that I still have one of his writings. You could loosely call it a book.  He wrote it over a several months after a long discussion that him and I had where I stated that I believed in evolution.  I had converted it and put it on line so that who ever could read it.  I believe he got a few responses and many trolls, which shunned him from the Internet.  I will post it as Pages to my blog site and he will live on forever in the Internet.

So I give you Crazy Bob aka NO INGS ramblings of how he saw and believed in our souls.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

SOUL – Secrets Of Universal Love

Updates To My Blog

I really like BlogEngine. Updating it is quite simple and hasn’t been much of a pain in the ass so far.

I’ve added some more pages to the site as well.  I uploaded some old cassette tape recordings I did when I was 9 years old.  Perhaps I will write more about that experience in the future. Not that anyone actually reads these.  99% of the traffic is spam in the form of referral link spam or attempted comment spam.  It’s pathetic.