Poo Grotto Expansion Project #5

This is the announcement of the 2017 Poo Grotto Expansion Project #5. It will be commencing on or about the 1st of March. This will be one of the largest expansion projects and stump removals. There are a total of three stumps to be removed, with the largest one in the photo below. Two smaller ones are behind the large stump. The main stump is substantially rotted. Depending on the amount of rot and how large the root system is it may be a quick removal. The other vegetation may cause delays in removal. There will be plenty of campfire wood for the 2017 camping season. Cobar and I are ready for Super Adventure Fun Time.

Main Stump For Poo Grotto Expansion #5

Poo Grotto Expansion Project #3

This is an announcement for the Poo Grotto Expansion Project #3.  This project consists of the removal of a bush and tree and the removal of the stumps and then back fill in the hole. This is intended to improve the current poo area and stump wood for camp fires in the summer. There will be interruptions of prime poo spots surrounding the expansion area during the project. The project is slated to start March 2016 and end April 2016.

Before Poo Grotto Expansion Project #3
Bush and Tree removed. Digging will start March 2016.

Haven’t had much to say lately

I haven’t posted much of anything lately. I haven’t had much to say, or just not sure what to say.

Cobar is doing extremely well and for the most part has recovered from his ordeal.  I have nearly completed his web site (http://www.kuparr.com) . I’ve just been very un-inspired lately about all my web sites.  I think I will migrate some of the posts about him here to his web site.  There was a big scare when we went camping at Potlatch State Park where he jumped into a 15 foot deep cistern, culvert type of thing.  He managed to escape any noticable injury which is unbelievable.

As I mentioned, we went on our first camping trip of the summer season.  We went to Potlatch State Park and the first night it had rained quite heavily. The most rain on the first night that we’ve experinced when we started the whole summer camping trips about 4 years ago.  The weather cleared up and it was a wonderful weekend.  We did that the Memorial Day weekend. It was relaxing and I actually slept without having to take anything to relax me and sleep.  Normally I have a difficult time sleeping when camping, even though I love it. 

Can’t think of anything else to say.