Bass Disco Heavy Metal Music

AutoNarcosis Radio! All Gay, All Day!

I’ve added a little widget on the side panel for some streaming audio. I’ve been having fun playing around with LiquidSoap and IceCast2. It seems to work really well. The only problem is, about 99% of the people I tell about it seem competely unable to stream audio. Are people that retarded? Apparently so! The stream is not always on, so if it doesn’t work, most likely I am not listening to music myself.  It’s random as to what I am playing. It could be anything from Dance/Disco to Heavy Metal.  I’ve had this setup before a long time ago using SAM Broadcaster and Windows Media Services and WMA format. Not that anyone ever listened to it much.

LiquidSoap is an Open Source automated DJ media player/streamer. I found it looking for an alternative to SAM Broadcaster because that is just way too much money and kind of an over kill for what I was looking for.  IceCast2 is a media streaming server. I point the output of LiquidSoap to IceCast2 and clients (thats you) connect to IceCast2 server.  I intitally tried to use OGG format, however, most players fail to play OGG streams properly so switched to MP3.

I am running this all off Windows, but it works just as well (if not better) on Linux.

Cobar Dogs Hemophilia

Update On Cobar – My Haemophilac Australian Cattle Dog

I had posted a lot about my dog and the perils of his disease and a lot of dispair. I am glad to report that he is doing well, has been doing very good for the past 8 months or so.  He’s not cured or anything, I’ve just paid a lot of attention to him to make sure he’s safe and not in posistions to hurt himself.  He did get a blood transfusion in April or May of 2012. Most likely this was his last blood transfusion.  With his disease he can go at anytime and it’s not easy feeling to know that. It’s been a mild winter for us which I believe has helped a lot. And just attention to what he’s doing.

I kind of got to a point with his website that I got a bit overwhelmed and then realized the template was just stupid. I did learn how to template BlogEngine.NET pretty good in doing so, but then just got discouraged with any sort of direction and where I wanted to go with his website.  I’m not making very specific blog sites so no one is really interested in reading online diaries of boring people with fucked up animals.


Fun Times With Northbridge Heat Sinks Exploding

I just realized I never made a post in 2012. It was that exciting of a year. NOT!

I’m here just tesitng my blog application after having to re-install everything on some different hardware.  The IBM server I am hosting my sites on decided to melt down on me. It was one of those slow melt downs. At first I thought it was the CPU Fan failing as it was quite old and sounded like a tractor. It’s possible I was too late in replacing it.  Of course, it’s an IBM server and the mount was non-standard so I had to raid an old motherboard for the standard P4 fan mount. Everything was fine for about two weeks and my wife and I were sitting in the office room and we heard a tink, click noise coming from the server. Naturallly I thought my wife bumped the server and knocked the front off of it. Nope. So I immedately logged into it and shut it down. The noise we hear was the Northbridge chip popping off. The mounts to it actually came out of the motherboard. And of course, the holes for these chipsets are not standard so it was time to ditch the IBM for some different hardware. It’s not the greatest hardware but it’s working so far.  Hopefully I can get some newer hardware specific for server roles.  I don’t forsee that happening anytime soon though.

I think I will try to post more to my blog, but it’s fairly boring and uninteresting. Not that anyone reads this. The most busy part of the site is my Baseall Card collect pages. Go figure.  I did update the Karvanek Conspiracy pages and I’m adding videos onto YouTube. It’s much easier to host videos on YouTube than on the server. Don’t have to backup gigabytes of video files. Makes it much easier.