Fun Times With Northbridge Heat Sinks Exploding

I just realized I never made a post in 2012. It was that exciting of a year. NOT!

I’m here just tesitng my blog application after having to re-install everything on some different hardware.  The IBM server I am hosting my sites on decided to melt down on me. It was one of those slow melt downs. At first I thought it was the CPU Fan failing as it was quite old and sounded like a tractor. It’s possible I was too late in replacing it.  Of course, it’s an IBM server and the mount was non-standard so I had to raid an old motherboard for the standard P4 fan mount. Everything was fine for about two weeks and my wife and I were sitting in the office room and we heard a tink, click noise coming from the server. Naturallly I thought my wife bumped the server and knocked the front off of it. Nope. So I immedately logged into it and shut it down. The noise we hear was the Northbridge chip popping off. The mounts to it actually came out of the motherboard. And of course, the holes for these chipsets are not standard so it was time to ditch the IBM for some different hardware. It’s not the greatest hardware but it’s working so far.  Hopefully I can get some newer hardware specific for server roles.  I don’t forsee that happening anytime soon though.

I think I will try to post more to my blog, but it’s fairly boring and uninteresting. Not that anyone reads this. The most busy part of the site is my Baseall Card collect pages. Go figure.  I did update the Karvanek Conspiracy pages and I’m adding videos onto YouTube. It’s much easier to host videos on YouTube than on the server. Don’t have to backup gigabytes of video files. Makes it much easier.