Thanksgiving and Shit

Great thanksgiving with friends and hung out with family on Saturday.  It’s is always a nice thing, but good to get to go back to my own home.

The theme I initally was going to use turned out to just be too crappy of display so I went back to the original theme of BlogEngine. It kind of sucks, but I will slowly modify it to at least a color scheme I like.  I find the default penis looking favicon to be funny so will be changing that eventually as well.  It’s more disturbing than funny I guess.

The Black Friday crazyness videos on You Tube are just hilarious. I guess eventually I will collect some links and post them here, but now I was just going to ramble on about it.  I am not into the Black Friday thing, it just seems insanely silly and down right retarded really.  Am I really to that age where I just don’t want anything that the retail stores have to offer that I need to stand in line and be herded through some doors and gates to get some artifically inflated trinkets that I could have bought the week before and the week after for the same price or perhaps even cheaper.  Or, buy it online at my leisure online.  I just don’t get it.  Oh well.

I think after this post I will install the spell checker as well.  I am sure my spelling errors are torture.

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