Will Technology Doom Us?

I think a lot, have lots of opinions and such but I never really form it much. I haven’t written much at all since college days, which I really enjoyed.  I miss writing reports or just papers on certain subjects, even if I didn’t really care for them. The Internet and Technology, I guess, has replaced much of any sort of deep thought for me.  For the most part I just give people the answers they don’t want to hear in the chat.  My writings might not have the standard beginning, middle and end, mainly because I’ve learned that in the social networking scene, you have to give your answers with the quickness. That means thinking out things quickly, which I’ve never been very good at. So this brings me to this entry of which I will ramble on about the question. Will Technology Doom Us?

I ask this question in the idea that, there are masses of people whom technology is greatly benefiting us in our daily lives. It certainly makes our lives easier than ever before, but at what point will that hinder our own development? Or, as I am seeing it, will it divide us even further, not into race, religion of region, but by the ability to use and control technology over those who can’t or are not interested. Will these latter people have to sucumb to the ones who embrace technology?  Kind of like the idea of Big Brother, in that, if Big Brother is watching us, who is watching Big Brother. Who of if we will maintain some sort of technological equalibrium.  And as I write this perhaps I am bluring the lines of technology and information, as it does seem, perhaps feel, that the time is coming again where there is this squeeze to control information from the haves to the have nots.

Well, I ask questions but again, as I said earlier, I am going to finish up this post. I think I will attempt to write more formal articles, perhaps attempt to stick to a topic and not just free flow. And yeah, the comments are disabled because of the mountain of spam they would generate since no one is really paying attention to what I am saying anyways.

By Geoff

I do things with computers.