Don’t Step On The Grunties


Ok, so yeah, my family is a bit odd.  As a small child going through the whole potty training of going to the bathroom, my mom had come up with taking a crap and turds in general as Grunties.  Not sure exactly where she picked up on this term, perhaps from her own mother, I don’t know.  From what I can remember she explained that the term is from the faces we would make taking a crap.  The Gruntie face, because, we grunted, or something to that effect.  I think it was myself that might have ended up being the one who did the action for my mom to coin the term.  But for the longest time my sister and I would call dog turds or whatever turd we found on the ground Grunties.  Not having any sort of clue that this wasn’t a common term or that others wouldn’t know what we were talking about.

The day came when the realization that no one has a clue what the fuck we are talking about when my sister and I are playing in the backyard with some friends and my sister screams out “Don’t Step On The Grunties!”  The other kids are just baffled at what the hell my sister meant.  The dog crap! Don’t you call them Grunties too?  Blank stares and that Are you crazy look came out of our friends.

So yeah. Don’t step on the Grunties!