Cobar Dogs

A Happy and Healing Dog

It has been a few weeks since my last update on our dog Cobar.  The blood transfusion was like getting a new dog. I am still amazing that just the blood transfusion made him that better, all in about 24 hours.  It was difficult to keep him from not barking, but certain things alinged to help out. Mainly bad weather kept door to door salesmen from coming around, which is the biggest thing that makes him bark a lot.  We were able to keep any other barking to a minimum.  It is now almost three weeks since the blood transfusion.  He’s transistioned from prescription diet canned food, to very low fat dry food that is soaked in water and then given to him in a soupy mixture.  I think this change in diet has helped quite a bit. And we may have narrowed in on some past issues with constipation he has had.  He’ll be going to his normal vet for a check up tonight.  I don’t think he’s completely recovered from this ordeal, but he’s definately improving day to day.

By Geoff

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