Dogs Hemophilia

Darth Vader and Toy Poodles

Our dog went from bad to worse in the past week.  He kept the cycle of feeling good, then getting worse.  This time around, from his constant pain, he was making these whining, groaning noises from his throat.  This progressively got worse and worse to the point that we brought him back to the internet medicine vet and they did an endoscopy on his throat to discover a severe hematoma and bleeding near his larynx. It was very bad, much worse than I thought.  He had increasingly started to sound like Darth Vader in his breathing, but what I never thought about what that his airway would swell up and restrict it.  This is what was happening.  If we had no scheduled this check-up and went with the endoscopy, it would have been around 48 hours or so that his airway would have been restricted and he suffocated.

After the endoscopy they immediately started giving him blood plasma to increase the clotting factor and get him to heal.  We went with the doctors recommendation of one bag of plasma for the transfusion.  It’s not cheap and we’ve quickly exhausted the funds for his care already. In an fortunate yet unfortunate turn of events, a toy poodle had come in during the evening with an emergency that required it needed plasma as well. However, it being so small, it didn’t need the entire bag of plasma so it was donated to Cobars recovery.  The blood transfusion was successful, in the terms that it did not create more problems and he is, slowly recovering from this severe internal bleeding event.

We don’t know yet if there will be long term issues, but I some how doubt it.  He is eating properly now as well.  It’s all around a good thing. There’s quite a bit of stress lifted from us.  There is still a good 2 week window of healing.  So that is the latest update.


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