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Liquidsoap – MPEGTS Stream into RTP over UDP

I finally have the magical unicorn configuration you’ve been looking for. My previous entry showed you how to create an MPEGTS stream via TCP. Here is the configuration for the MPEGTS stream encapsulated into RTP for UDP. This is a single stream with video and audio, no stupid ass SDP file required. This isn’t suggested for clients to connect and use but as an intermediate transport means. Simple instructions on how to get ffmpeg (ffplay) and VLC to access the streams. You may need to consult satanic priests or launch a car into space as a sacrifice for anything beyond these settings.

Obvious settings are host and port. Your encoding schemes are constrained to what the mpegtsmux capabilities are.

#MPEGTS encapsulated to RTP for UDP Streaming.
#Stream can be played by these players.
#ffplay udp://localhost:5000
#vlc rtp://@:5000
"videoconvert ! x264enc pass=qual quantizer=20 tune=zerolatency ! video/x-h264,profile=baseline ! queue ! muxer.",
"audioconvert ! fdkaacenc bitrate=128000 ! queue ! muxer.",
"mpegtsmux alignment=7 name=muxer ! rtpmp2tpay ! queue ! udpsink host= port=5000 sync=true",

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