VLC – ProjectM – How To

Seeing as there is a mountain of click bait, I am writing this post to hopefully help people and answer the questions they have. Because there are no clear answers. To here it goes.

How do I get the menu in VLC ProjectM?

You can’t. Hot Keys Do Not Work.

How do I skip a preset?

You can’t. Hot Keys Do Not Work.

How do I…

Just stop asking questions about ProjectM for VLC. It barely works. You can’t do anything with it other than turn it on and make small changes. It will not work with streams because it doesn’t detect song changes so the default preset will play and never switch. If you want to use Milkdrop Presets, use a different program such as Winamp. If you wish to use VLC as the audio player, my recommendation is to use a separate visualization program and a virtual audio port program. The visualizations in VLC are minimal and most likely will never be implemented as the program wasn’t intended for this type of use.
Update: It appears ProjectM has been removed from the v2.2.X of VLC. So that fixes everything.

Some stand alone visualization programs are VSXu Player and Plane9.