The next interpretation of an outing will involve a type different than the first two. This actually will involve a type, which happened twice over a period of two days. All four of these outings, discussed so far, occurred within a six day period. This third type begins similar to the first, which described the rolling out of bed, style. The difference involves visualization rather than the detection of an energy surge. An inner sense of visualization, where quick changing scenes, which are semi focused, will be the sign of transiting out of Bob’s body. Finally, full focus and Dogon is projected into a body, standing in a room full of reality.

When we did the analogy leading to the atom and the electron’s seeming activity, the identity position allowed separation for selective viewing. The quick changing, semi focused scenes represent a stepping up in vibration. For example, the discussion involving the movement of the identity position, one electron distance, which leads to the speed of light, would represent standard continuity for a physical reality. The quick changing visions, for this type of outing, would suggest the movement of the identity position, jumping two places or more. This greater movement, of the identity position, bringing Dogon into a completely different universe, momentarily. There may be six, eight, ten or more different scene changes, before stabilizing into a rhythm of a physical type adventure. In other words, Dogon becomes compatible to exist in time, in this example time is the electron.

The visualization type are easy to detect and fun to practice with. Keeping Bob awareness, while waiting to focus, creates instant out of Bob’s body adventures. These will also have better success staying out, without intermittent shifts to the resting body, before a final return to the resting body.

During this type of outing, if a strong enough surge occurs, there may be momentary overlaps of realities. For instance, when Dogon notices a body standing in an outing but wearing the blanket from Bob’s bed, there is a strong recognition of an anomaly of sorts. If the focus is concentrated towards the body, in a standing position, then the reality, for the outing, will continue. Outings which begin through visualizations, have been experienced to generally flow as a continuous single line of reality. Although, during long versions, a half hour or more, there will appear to be a shift, or maybe two, which will display an overlap or a feeling of laying in a bed.

There are some variables to types of out of bodies, the detection of an energy surge is in a more advanced stage of this type of experience, where the actual shift is into a body, which is solid and can interact with the reality projected into. When involved with out of body environments, if an attempt, at physical movements, is done, with a strong physical focus, it often pulls consciousness back to the resting body. Just the act of rolling out of bed, after a surge is detected, took some understanding in how to move, without thinking physical.

In the Earth reality, we tend to feel we are physically propelling ourselves, but it is much more complex than this. While in an out of body status, or dreams of varying intensities, the complexities of motion are highly sensitive to thoughts. What those thoughts are rooted within, relative to the nature of an individual’s beliefs, will have a significant influence on how well the outing stays in control, as an easy flowing reality. As Dogon is a more dominant feeling, it is easy to consider that everyone must know this by now.

When discussing with others, for similarities in experiences, a jerking motion, where sometimes the entire body will be involved, has been a common familiar sign of coming back to the body. It brings memories of a variety of tests, of sorts. Doing self hypnosis, at one period of experience seeking, had some interesting effects. There were other, more altered variations, where ultimately, all of them contributed to establishing the ability to identify, when a dimensional shift actually occurs. This ability to identify is easy, as compared to actually succeeding in reaching the outing with full available Bob awareness. These thousand plus outings, defined as out of the Bob body, with Bob awareness, represent less than one third of the total identified shifts, which actually were detected. This also covers only the most recent decade for Dogon, experienced with Bob perspective.

The roll out of bed style have a considerable variation in types of energy presented, but they usually extend into quick and close proximity outings, with Bob awareness. The learning process for rolling out of bed, took several attempts before an understanding was accomplished. These energy surges would also represent a stepped up vibration, allowing Dogon to skip into a different body, within the resulting actualized reality. The first attempt to roll out of the bed occurs only if the detected shift feels successful. Meaning, both Bob awareness and an alternate reality are recognized.

The Bob awareness part can easily fool the consciousness into accepting that, we are still in the bedroom, in the Earth reality. Sometimes, a specifically recognized test will be performed, while still lying in the bed, to help with the conviction of knowing it is an alternate reality. Every time a shift is detected, it is first only accepted as a potential for being in an alternate reality. The test is to insure the shift has occurred, since the feeling of nudity, when leaving the apartment, is easy to correct, within alternate realities. The neighbors, in the Earth reality, would have some potential reactions, if a nude body came walking down the hall of the apartment building. This has never happened, so the test seems to be working. Any success in instantly changing a status of nudity to a clothed body, within the Bob world of Earth, is unknown, at least at this time.

When the small test is performed and designates that it is an alternate reality, then the present body rolls out of bed and we are off. This occurs about one in three, detected shifts. There are even points when Dogon will be approaching the final door, before exiting the apartment, and because of the feeling of such strong Bob awareness, a short duration of flying into the air, becomes necessary. When awareness of a shift occurs, the most difficult areas to be actualized into a Bob awareness type outing, usually fall into an area considered as a more rare type of detected surge, at least from Dogon’s total experience. The tunnel movement type and spinning type are two such areas and usually these will have an ultimate outing, where Bob awareness disappears within less than five minutes. These are felt to be real strange and probably beyond interpretation, which is why the Bob awareness would seem to be, only during the initial minutes. From a consciousness point of view, there will be an awareness of an experience, which seems to be beyond words.

The first discovered surges, occurred for Dogon, while sitting in meditation using the Bob body. Approximately ten years ago, the first detected vibration was experienced. The sitting position type, as compared to the lying down type, were recognized with much more intensity. In addition, the created outing would have an extended time duration, being very noticeable, compared to those which occur while lying down.

The first recognition of an outing, as such, occurred after returning to the Bob body. This was basically a surprise, ultimately turning to obsessive curiosity, “What the hell was that?” Several of these occurred without recognition of what was happening.

When allowed to be, the energy surges feel quite entertaining from a sexually oriented evaluation. These first several detection’s would always end with Bob sitting and watching various activities occurring in the area around the occupied chair. One time, Bob just sat and watched people entering the locked house, seemingly as if they were invited.

Once the connection was made, as to what the surges represented, an out of Bob’s body function became common. Shortly after this period of discovery, the roll out of bed type of outing began.

The vibration variance being described, might be easier to understand with the use of the older type of television, which still used a dial for changing channels. For this example, we will pretend we have a dial with sixty positions. We will also say that the Bob universe starts with identity position one. To continue seeing the universe on the screen, running with continuity, the channel selector must be advanced one position per second. In thirty seconds the channel selector will have switched to thirty one and will still be reflective of the universe which began at position one.

The variety of the different described, stepped up vibrations, would suggest, rather than the dial moving one position per second, maybe the dial moves four positions per second. Starting at position one and considering the four positions the dial moves, with eight seconds of surge duration time, will have the dial at thirty three. After the surge concludes, a different universe would be apparent, as in this television example, reverting back to turning of the dial, the one position per second to hold within this alternate reality. The visions on the screen, during this speeded up turning cycle, would skip at a rate of four positions per second, each position showing the universe for the position jumped into, momentarily. This would change one universe or reality, per second, until the surge has ended.

Without the visions, the difference in the feeling of the energy would be more felt by the hand, when turning the dial on the television. Turning at the rate of one position per second would be the expected feeling. When speeding up to four per second, the fingers would feel a variation vibration due to the notches on the dial. In addition, the ears would be aware of greater noise per second. This area is more mysterious so no attempt at any simple descriptions, for now. The dial, with sixty positions, would need to expand to approximately ten trillion to allow for what existence has to offer, from a simplified view.

Much of the activity defined as out of Bob’s body, whether occurring with Bob awareness or not, contributes many levels of understanding. And this occurs for Dogon no matter where a body is being projected. But determining how far one shifts, is still a mystery. The main theme of practice, in recent times, has evolved around recognizing what it feels like to be conscious. Bob’s world is easy to handle, compared to holding this same status while being Dogon, out somewhere, turning notime, into time.

The two outings growing from a series of changing visions is easy to hold Bob awareness. While the visions are occurring, before full focus, the resting body is still totally felt but the eyes are closed. The breathing is felt and even some of the variations in body energy flows are still noticed, pains being felt for instance. Even noises from the autos, passing in the street, can be heard. Seeing the visions has been a common occurrence, but actually becoming focused out somewhere is less numbered. When these two outings occurred, with Bob awareness, memories were abundant to help remind of the need of watching to become focused. This was an established suggestion for practice.

Many of these vision type, will result in a playful artistic endeavor. This means, the visions continue for Dogon, more as an observer influenced, moving picture, of sorts. Very different from a movie, though. The opportunity to just project into any of the scenes is always present. The practice to both remember a shift has occurred and to have a routine which is set through reminders, ready to activate, to allow the projected body to get up and move, are areas being worked on.

The people encountered while Dogon is doing Bob things, has allowed for many conversations in comparing notes, so to speak. Friends often told of similar descriptive surges. These generally were felt just before sleep prevailed.

With attentive awareness as a continual practice, discovering varying surges, denoting a shift, has become second nature. While Dogon is out of the Bob body, remembering to do simple things, which establish specific details for comparing identity, is rare. When Bob awareness is present, while within close proximity to the beginning of the outing, an increased activity is generated, which is developed from plans made while being Bob. Looking in the closest mirror, or feeling the body, or asking pertinent identifying questions, would be three variations. This type of activity dominated the main theme of these visualization type of out of Bob’s body.

Visualization is a common function, recognized by most, even if they are only focused within the Earth reality. If we consider visualization as a two part process, it would include perceiving and projection. Electron time is basically a sub space activity giving birth to the atomic time structure. If we were just a conscious electron, then our conscious perception would allow for the projection, of the visualization of the electrons, all over. Or, if we were a conscious atom, then atoms would be the resultant visions.

The body we project into the Earth existence is more closely defined as clusters of molecules. Molecules are friendly groupings of atoms with a more elaborate expressive definition. These expressive definitions are what we perceive, to allow the appropriate projected vision.

Each of the over one hundred different types of atoms have their own unique identity. When they combine with either the same type of atoms or other compatible atoms, molecules are formed. To see either the atom or a molecule requires extreme magnification. When the molecules cluster in great numbers, the visual systems for a typical Earth body are now able to interpret for projection.

We say, we see something. This is a common misconception. Consciousness, both the collective and individual, actually allows for the concept of sight or visualization. More recent discoveries suggest that particles, such as photons, through their interaction with the electron, aids with what we can actually see.

Staying with the idea of sight within our Earth reality, we actually receive identification of objects by way of the movement of photons, or sometimes considered light producing units. It would be more appropriate to say that, a photon is encountered by our body’s eye and a transmission through the optic nerve structure, establishes identity. Then the body responds by projecting the idea of the identity on to the corneas of the eyes. This gives the appearance of objects being seen somewhere away from the body. Now, that is an illusion which has recently been UnEarthed, so to speak. Sure, we can walk to the object and feel it, but the actual sight is self contained within the body. The actual feeling, of touching an object, is an entirely different process we can discuss later.

There is a way to better understand this illusion which allows for visualization. Start by looking at an object with both eyes, while extending a finger upright, a few inches in front of the nose. If you alternately close one eye then the other, a few times, it will appear as if the finger changes position. This action is only slightly revealing the projection onto the cornea. Now, keep both eyes open. Then take this same extended finger and gently push the skin just below one eye, in an upward direction. As you push upwards, while looking at this same object, it will appear as if the object is moving downward, as seen through this one eye. The other eye will still show the object, stationary. The cornea of the one eye is actually shifting position and the projection of the object, on the cornea, makes it appear as if the object has changed its position and the other eye will still see the object where it had been, so to speak.

The interaction between photon and electron has also been suggested. This is a function where the electron appears to absorb the photon, momentarily. This causes the electron to change its orbit size until it releases a photon. The photon, being released, will also determine color for the object being viewed. A given electron will attract a certain type of photon, to allow it to release the appropriate established color. Seems the electron is quite intelligent. This is a different form of intelligence, however.

The photon and electron are very tiny and, bodies, which are created with clusters of molecules, do not have the makeup to allow for visual detection. However, since these clusters of molecules are based on the electrons, with their quick movement, we actually detect what is needed for the produced visualization. This means the electrons, in our individual bodies, take care of much of this area of needed identity determination. If we were an electron we would better understand, but as clusters of molecules, we are limited to the function of seeing clusters of molecules.

This area of sensing, by way of electrons, is beyond the understood physical senses. It would fall into the category of sub — sensual data detection. Remember, we are using the electron for expressing examples for understanding areas, which are considered unknown. The idea of seeing is much more complex, both from a Bob body point of view or a Dogon projected body, in an alternate reality, point of view.

The outings being discussed, besides representing other realities of existence, are happening in the same context. The collective consciousness we exist as, Dogon in this case, is the controlling factor. We could suggest that when consciousness produces a projected body, wherever, it also produces limitations. These limitations are what allows an individual to only encounter those things common to the projected reality. If Dogon projects out of the Bob body, the objects available may or may not be similar to what is being projected, while being Bob.

While Dogon is represented within the Bob body, during the two outings which started through quick changing visions, the bed is well defined. Of course, the body is laying down on the bed. When the visions end and a focused reality is encountered, Dogon finds a projected body standing in a room, with no bed being present. Not needing the bed, the missing bed is easy to explain.

The body being projected is standing instead of laying down and this presents a suggestion of a world turned ninety degrees. Remember the overlap mentioned earlier, where a body is standing momentarily wearing the blanket from Bob’s bed. Staying focused on standing in the body, will allow the outing to continue. If Dogon has the projected body walk forward, it actually would suggest that the body is going up in the air, relative to the resting Bob body. In fact, the entire outing would have the projected body apparently moving similarly to this upward motion. Consciousness controls how the reality becomes what it is, without restrictions to direction. The produced world will feel just fine, but upon return to the resting body, we can be aware of this ninety degree switch.

This brings us to another important understanding. Using Dogon’s established beginning, of a containment field, THE NOTHING, will suggest how this seeming shift of ninety degrees will still seem normal. First of all, we need to consider that within the containment field, THE NOTHING, every reality, where Dogon will project a body, is done by separation for needed identity. The separation being the identity position for the electron, being turned on through consciousness, producing a reality viewed only while within the reality. The idea of moving is an illusion within the illusion.

In essence, all individuals begin and always remain one. They also never move from the concept representing beginnings. This means we are, ALL, still in the same point, whether in a physical time oriented reality or, a no — thing, notime, oriented reality. The idea of encountering another, for example Bob visits a friend, is done by consciousness through the concept of holography.

Remember Dogon is the collective consciousness. Dogon projects Bob, being in the Earth world of reality. Through the past decade many phone calls, with people encountered during this time, has allowed a recognition of the togetherness status, as related to the point of, ALL, still being a basic unity. The first few attempts at this were done while Dogon was in person, with a friend, this being a woman who was also fairly sensitive, but it has also worked with males of less sensitivity. During eighty five and early eighty six, many successful experiments were completed with different people. What is being referenced here, is the ability for another to feel a specific feeling, directed at a given part of their body, which is being directed towards them, from Dogon. The woman was easy, since it was a intimate relating between her and Dogon, while being Bob, of course. We won’t mention the particular part of the body, but when the attempt was made, with success, the woman giggled a lot, before giving out a sensual purring sound. This first attempt was done in person, but subsequent attempts were made, with additional success, during phone calls. Using the same area of her body, since it had worked while together, in person, a similar response was given, while on the phone.

Others, who were involved with phone calls, mainly being passing friends, revolved around moving the hand and arm in certain ways, which would be identified by the other person for verification. This entire area of transferring feelings is, for Dogon, away of seeing the relativeness of, ALL, beings, being united, without any separation, in essence.

Considering the idea of Bob taking a trip to visit a friend, the beginning of the day finds each in their own homes. We will start at Bob’s place. The body identified as Bob will be in the center of the no — thing, separating a projected reality outward in all directions from this center. This will be happening during each, On, part of an on — off cycle for Bob’s produced version of the Earth reality.

The friend would also have a body projected in the center of the no — thing, with a projected reality going outward in all directions, relatively oriented. The production would be happening during the, On, part of a uniquely personal on — off cycle, for the friend.

Since they each begin at their individual homes, the actual time expression is common for each, only for what they each are aware of. Also, the function represented by the term, no — thing, has many centers. This statement is only so, because of the use of words, from a Earth oriented reality, trying to define a unknown area of reality.

Bob thinks he leaves his residence and drives to a friend’s residence. These are consciously produced objectification’s, which are actually suggesting an apparent movement. We remember the movement of the identity position is what allows for the idea of movement. This seeming movement of the electron, as it is turned on, happens so fast that the atom appears to encompass a vast area, comparatively. The movement that would suggest Bob leaving his home and driving, would happen more within atomic time, supported by electron time.

This becomes difficult to explain, considering the number of potential positions which the electron can appear to be in, when creating the idea of the atom. If we go back to our computer analogy, using the rectangles, we can simplify the story. In that analogy, there is an electron moving, as the identity position, through a cycle of six positions. When the electron completes a shift through all six positions, one during each electron time, an atom is fulfilled. We want this to be simple to assist with an ease of understanding. When the moment, the electron arrives back to the first position occurs, which will establish the current identity position, the atom will not just disappear, so it can be created again. We can say that when the electron went from position one through to position six that we now have an atom. In addition to this statement, we could also say that when the electron moves from position two through to position six and then into position one again, we also have an atom. In other words, the atom will be completed as long as the electron has covered six positions no matter the order taken to arrive at the total of six positions.

The movement of Bob, let’s say he rises from a sitting position, is an illusion being produced by the electron turning on to produce the appropriate situation, so the atoms appear to be in a progressive change. This is allowed since the atom can have eighty billion cycles of individual completion, within a second. The progressive change would be for the entire related reality for Bob’s body, as well as those objects within the room where the chair is located. From Bob’s point of view, it appears that he is rising to a standing position and all objects, within view, are projected onto the corneas of the eyes to give the impression that movement has occurred.

We previously have described an outing where Bob is resting and Dogon focuses, after much visualization, ultimately arriving in a body, which is standing basically ninety degrees relative to the resting body. This apparentcy is accomplished by the electron on — off cycle producing atoms, which seem to be moving. This standing body, made from atoms based on a shifted identity position, will still be occupying the same basic position as the resting body. This means, for the purpose of describing the outing, that the surrounding objects will actually be continually displaced for the needed effects for continuity. This would also hold true for the idea of Bob rising as he prepares to go and visit the friend.

Another way to help understand what is being said, can be seen through computer graphics. Many computer graphics games will have the main character held basically in the center of the screen. The surrounding landscape will actually be changing to suggest the needed appearance of movement. The main character may show some body movement, but will remain basically centered on the screen.

This entire area, describing the illusion for suggested movement, can be difficult to understand. Dogon’s understanding is supported more by experiences generated during projections, while out of the Bob body. If the focus of reality is only accomplished through the Bob body, the discovery of the illusion will be illusive. When Dogon rolls out of bed, into a projected reality, out of Bob’s body, the experience can extend out a few blocks from the home, where the bed was. When the outing ends or a momentary energy surge shifts Dogon to the resting body, it happens without Dogon’s projected body going through the motions, to reverse the process which allowed the body to move out a few blocks.

The traditional assumptions, by the so called experts, say that all of these type of occurrences are in the mind, but they have no way of stating where the mind is, or what the boundaries of the mind are. In addition, most of these experts never actually have any of their own consciously produced outings, for allowing these types of experiences. They usually work with subjects, who have volunteered, and then the experts make unjustified conclusions. These conclusions will generally fall into an area of their own personal, biased, expectations. Dogon, as stated, has thousands of varying outings all with established conscious recognition. In these outings, many different remembered tasks have been instituted, to feel the reality of the outing. This would be in relation to the body, exposed to an object or another being, while being out of the Bob body.

As an example of extremes, there was an outing several years earlier, where questions were asked of other beings encountered. This was a setting, on a battle field, with bullets flying from both sides. The year was established as nineteen hundred forty two and these were English speaking people. The location was in Europe, suggesting world war two. Bob’s body is resting in his bed, in an apartment, in a small town, in the western part of Washington state. This means, Dogon has two projected bodies, with the actualized realities several thousand miles apart, with several decades of time difference. But, when the outing ended, Dogon is instantly back in the resting Bob body.

Dogon, at the time he is asking the questions, while out, is aware of the resting body. While out with Bob awareness, planned questions were fulfilled and the established date and the location recognized. Being fully conscious, while in the outing, creates an experience fully real with physical interaction. The energy surge, which pulls Dogon back to the resting body, is well defined. In this instance, there is a back and forth movement, so the outing has intermittent returns to feel the resting body and then return to the war zone.

An important note for clarity of origins may help. Bob was never in world war two and in addition, was not born into this current reality until several years after the ending of the war. This is also NOT suggesting a status of reincarnation, which is a somewhat misunderstood structure. For now, we will say that reincarnation is a status brought about by an individuals personal desires, relative to how they may feel they are progressing through realities, seemingly chasing enlightenment.

The collected consciousness, Dogon, being part of the whole or oneness of all, coordinates the needed structure, so no matter where or when the projected body is, the surroundings will provide the expected continuity. This is done through the turning on and off of electron time units, seemingly moving, producing the atoms, to allow an actual reality.

So, for Bob’s trip to visit his friend, all needed scenery, while in motion, is only an apparent movement of scenery. This would NOT be a good area to debate with someone else, who has never had any conscious outings. There are reasons why a person would feel like they are moving, rather than being stationary. It falls into the area, where conscious support will allow for stability within a physical reality, like the Earth area. But ultimately, the future progression of any individual entity will gravitate to the understanding of eternity, and how it works. Multiple realities exist basically invisible to any who are absorbed by the illusion of a single focus, within a physical reality.

When we are focused in a particular reality, the experience is governed by the activity encountered. The idea defined as dreams is very misunderstood, let’s limit this area to only dreams which are recognized after a person wakes. Upon waking, the memories, for the dream, will be translated to fit into the expectations defined within the default reality, in this case, we are talking about the Earth and how it is defined as a reality. The actual memories, more than likely, will only cover the final moments of the dream or outing. Without having conscious awareness or partial conscious awareness, much is missed for expanding an individual’s understanding. Moving into what is defined as lucid dreaming, will bring more recognition of the flexibility of the changing environment, while in an outing. Meaning the dream may bounce around somewhat chaotically. These type can change ones opinion of the activity defined as dreaming, since conscious awareness is what allows a dream to become a lucid dream. But the actual detection of an energy surge, where ultimately one rises out of bed and leaves the area on an experience, brings the greatest realizations. Being out with total conscious awareness one moment and then being in the resting body the next moment, gives support for altered thought variations. The idea of the illusion becomes easier to understand.

The use of the word illusion can also be difficult to understand. Many have heard, mainly through many eastern ways, that life is but a dream. Of course this is true but very simplified and misses much of the actual contribution by way of consciousness. The idea of an illusion is given birth and will always be nothing, since the beginnings are within a containment field, THE NOTHING. Identity is accomplished through separation. Separation is a function of electrons seemingly turning on and off. When a reality becomes known it is only known to the parts which are within the reality. The containment field, THE NOTHING, still is basically a no — thing, full of notime. The little parts, electrons, seemingly move so fast that all seems filled in, as a reality. As our previous illustration stated, the electron during an, On, part of the on — off cycle is but one part of ten trillion total parts, representing the surface area of the orbit, giving the illusion of a solid particle, called an atom.

A comparative expression, discovered while Dogon was reading information, concerning matter verses empty space, stated the following. If all the supposed solidity within the atoms of the approximate five billion people of the Earth, could be compressed into one totally solid object, its size would be slightly bigger than a grain of rice. Sounds kind of astounding. It has also been suggested that if the Earth were to encounter a black hole, that the compression potential, would shrink the Earth down to the size of a golf ball. Both of these statements suggest the enormous amount of, so called, empty space, relative to the actual identified matter. The definition of matter would go something like this: To make a big deal out of nothing.

Scientists have been confused for a long time, as to what causes a universe to exist. Under limited assumptions, they have created, through their imaginations, the idea of matter and the resulting world is being explained, but only to a point. From most recent information, it appears they are chasing a unified theory without acceptance of what they are, themselves. Someday they will grow up and see what others have seen. Consciousness is the unifying principle, at least for an Earth type physical reality. We, as individuals, each respond to our unique desires, by producing realities which allow us to experience more and more, for the purpose of continual change and growth. The idea that energy can not be created or destroyed is very misleading, but understandable, when restrictively viewed, while inside a given reality.

When we consider the point involving, what a reality is, and, that it is only a reality for the parts making it a reality, it’s no wonder why scientists are confused. Dogon has had encounters with some, who claim to be experts in their chosen field, and they generally will not accept anything which they can’t prove physically. Of course, we need a little clarity for understanding their insanity. Each, for the most part, have tunnel vision. In fact, most so called experts or professionals, we should include doctors and such, actually know very little about the other fields, foreign to their own. This means they are basing their entire world on a very limited view. It’s quite clear to most people, who are not within these self proclaimed experts’ fields, meaning the remaining masses, that listening to the experts is somewhat a waste of time. People, in general, can be somewhat confused as to why the different experts seem to never totally agree, about most things they think they know. We know about this dilemma and sometime, perhaps, these, so called, experts will drop their arrogant ways to ask a person with experience, what’s happening? Or, they may have to wait until they pass on to another area of existence, in other words, die, before they will have the opportunity to discover truths.

The ideas presented so far, are meant to stimulate questions, so each will find their own way to discover their desired answers. Dogon’s position is well established and information just flows. Outings of varying conscious awareness are very supportive to allow much peace within. Death, as previously stated, is basically an established falsehood, again by way of our, so called, experts, because of their tunnel vision. Existence is an eternity and each of us is an eternal, consciously projecting entity, however we may define the word, us.

Dogon has also had the opportunity to help others attain an out of body status. Recently an individual, we will pretend his name is John Doe, was assisted in being out in another system of probability. This occurred in this same area of western Washington state. John Doe was laying on a bed, while Dogon conversed with him, after he projected into another reality. While John is out, he is aware of an entire reality, different than the one occupied by Dogon and the resting John Doe body. Dogon establishes much information through asking questions. The person Dogon is talking to, has no recognition of the body, John Doe, laying on the bed. We will call this other person, Joe Blow, the one representing an alternate position of reality.

Questions asked established the year as eighteen hundred seventy two and the location is in Ireland. This time, the two bodies being referenced are thousands of miles apart and over a century of time apart. For Joe Blow, Dogon is a person who is there, in Ireland, asking questions. The questions seemed somewhat unusual for Joe Blow, but Dogon advises Joe Blow, that he has been involved in many recent trips and has temporarily become confused, as to where and when.

So, in this situation, both the person laying on the bed, John Doe, and Dogon, who is asking the questions, are together in the outing, but they are in bodies common to the alternate reality. Joe Blow identifies Dogon’s voice as coming from an individual standing close by. This situation has, in the one reality, a body lying on a bed and another sitting in a chair, John and Dogon. In the other reality the collected consciousness, which is responsible for projecting John Doe, is creating the needed bodies for Joe Blow, as well as, the body representing Dogon’s voice. This, of course, is done so Joe Blow’s sanity remains in tact, since voices coming from invisible people would be somewhat alarming. Dogon, in this case, is not projecting out into Joe Blows world, since this is a resultant projection of John Doe’s collected consciousness.

Other questions establish the surrounding area to be a farming community, with the two individuals standing close to a creek. Evidently, the body, representing Dogon’s voice, recently bought a farm and a discussion of water rites, ensued. This outing lasted about ten minutes, before Joe turns back into John. Near the end of the outing, Dogon is running out of ideas to continue a balanced discussion, since Joe Blow is the only one who is aware of why they are together in conversation, standing by a creek. For the sake of curiosity, Dogon decides to attempt an introduction to Joe Blow, to inform of the actual occurrence, based on two realities. Dogon restates the question as to the year and Joe returns the answer, “To the best of my recollection it’s eighteen hundred seventy two.” After reconfirming the year, Dogon advises Joe Blow, that Joe has an extension in another body, called John Doe, who is lying on a bed, as a resting body. Other information is passed about Dogon sitting in a chair, asking the questions, as well as, including the fact that for Dogon the year is nineteen hundred ninety five. Then a final question is ask by Dogon, “How do you feel about this information?” A considerable pause occurs before an answer is received. Joe Blow is not ready to accept this kind of information and states, “They should not of sold the land to you”.

Shortly after this final statement the outing ends and there is no, time, delay for John’s collective consciousness, to return to being focused within the resting body, returning from a location so displaced. Some people, well maybe more like most people, will have trouble with either of these experiences, as suggestions of the illusion of movement, but the proof is only something which can be established by the person, during their own individual experiences.

After the consciousness returns to become John doe, a question establishes that there is a memory of dreaming for John Doe. John’s subsequent story, describing his remembered dream, has no resemblance to the outing, as Joe Blow. Since the outing was recorded, John gets to listen to the unknown happening, for his own reaction.

The activity occurring with John doe, relative to shifting consciousness to other realities, has grown to establish contact with an entity, who has consistently appeared, sometime, during each actual session for outings. This entity would be considered, the central being status, for John’s collective consciousness, who claimed, after the first exposed recognition, that he was dreaming John into a physical status. This center of John’s collective consciousness also claimed to be dreaming the body, Bob, Dogon’s Earth body, as an additional function from John’s collective center.

Currently, ninety six, we have established contact with an entity, known through John’s collective, connected to John Doe, where the newest entity represents someone without a current Earth body, as well as, being an entity who has never been in the Earth reality. This entity is called Basil, which has been identified, by this entity, Basil, as the name used by John Doe’s collective. In addition, the center of John’s collective, who first claimed the status, as the creater for the Earth bodies, John and Bob, has, more recently, acknowledged recognition for Bob’s center, as we have named, Dogon. This happened just before we made contact with Basil, and suggests that John’s center may have been so disassociated from the current status of reality, that it was UN aware of other current centers of being, in this case, Dogon and Basil.

The named collective consciousness, Dogon, was a developed structure through understanding, while Bob was progressing, and would have a similar status, with no physical form, but this becomes more complicated, when brought to the current status, and will be discussed much later. Both of these entities, the center for John’s collective and Basil, represent a part, existing in a reality without physical form, where one is directly connected to the function of projecting John Doe, and the other, Basil, being a friend of sorts. The friendship allows Basil to converse with Dogon, while John Doe is resting. This has produced some interesting conversations, which may expand into another writing sometime.

Continuing with experiences involving others, who Dogon has assisted in projecting out of body, we can add more examples to the potential understanding in displacement potentials. Again we should remember that ultimately each individual will, more than likely, require their own experiences. This experience is another recent occurrence, this one involving a lady who has had her own experiences, in going out of body. We will call this lady Thunderwind, since this is a name discovered, while she was out.

The actual outing, in this instance, involved greater expansion. Thunderwind was also aware of the encounter, to a point, meaning she knew she was out, as well as resting on a bed. Thunderwind and Dogon had discussed an idea, before the outing, and went into this experience with the idea of having an encounter with an entity, connected through Thunderwind. This would be like talking with a guide, of sorts.

These assisted outings are stimulated by Dogon touching the area of the forehead, centered over the third eye. As soon as the touch occurs, a question will be ask to establish the beginning of the outing, which is usually an instant occurrence. In this situation, Thunderwind responded quickly, advising that she was immediately enveloped by a spherical shaped object and felt herself propelled into a spatial movement. Several moments passed before she arrived at a location, but Thunderwind had to break out of the object, before she could identify with anything. It was discovered that in the distance, from where she stopped, was the appearance of a pillar of light.

Dogon suggested she get closer and ask a question to determine if this pillar of light was some kind of being. A quick interchange occurred, with a final question suggested for Thunderwind, to determine if this being could speak with Dogon, through the resting body. Before the question from Dogon concluded, the being created a connection, and responded directly to the question, in the affirmative.

The next twenty to thirty minutes involved a conversation between Dogon and the pillar of light, being, who was talking through the resting body of Thunderwind. It was established that this being represented, what is termed a fifth density being, and in essence represented, to stay simplified, the God for Thunderwind. The fifth density being informed Dogon that its name for the lady was Thunderwind, she is a native American Indian. The being also stated that Thunderwind was routed into a classroom of sorts, where she was receiving information pertinent to her own, individual growth. For most of the outing, Dogon asked various questions, which were answered, as well as, receiving other comments concerning information clarity.

About three quarters of the way into the outing, Dogon asked the fifth density being if there was a need to allow the return of the control of the resting body, to Thunderwind. The answer informed, that when she had concluded with her class, the exchange of control would occur automatically.

It seemed that the class for Thunderwind was expected and the conversation Dogon was having was also a part of expected experience. When Thunderwind returned to the control position, she was still out and able to see the fifth density being. Dogon then asked if she needed to return to the resting body or whether she wanted to continue exploring. Thunderwind detected a needed bodily function and suggested she needed to return. The outing from Thunderwind’s current feeling was apparently so distant from the body that Dogon needed to touch the resting body, to aid in Thunderwind’s ability to return, quickly. As soon as the touch occurred, Thunderwind was back and sat up.

Her first response was one of an apologetic nature. Since she had been in the class for most of the duration of the outing, she felt Dogon was probably bored, waiting on the return. Thunderwind did get to listen to most of the conversation between Dogon and the fifth density being, since it was taped. But it was still a surprise for Thunderwind to discover the occurrence of the conversation, since she was involved in a class and unaware of this conversation.

This incident suggests three realities. The Earth reality with a resting body and Dogon sitting as Bob, being one reality. The area where the fifth density being exists, is the second reality, which by the way included a projected body, which Thunderwind used to arrive at the location, ultimately allowing the conversation with the fifth density being. Then Thunderwind was temporarily shifted to another body, where she was in a class, this being the third reality.

This class was described, by Thunderwind, to be similar to a ritual circle of elders, telling stories. The reality, where the fifth density being was encountered, was basically an area void of any physical structure.

All three of these realities are within basically the same space, so to speak, where different identity positions are allowing the individual locations which are only common for the parts within the reality. The idea of movement to some other location, in this case shifting realities, is an illusion remarkably controlled through collective consciousnesses.

For Dogon, it is easy to accept the understanding for these since there is much established experience. The collective consciousness for Thunderwind allowed for both her movement out to meet with the fifth density being, as well as, her subsequent movement to the class situation, with a circle of elders. The fifth density being also has a collective consciousness, which allowed for the conversation, by way of a body at two locations, one laying on the bed and the other out in the reality of the fifth density being.

Consciousness, from all potential identities, seems to have this vibration selection, practiced well, as we would find ourselves in a ZERO status, between each separated VIBRATE INGS!!