#### CHAPTER FIVE ####


In evaluating outings, Dogon has found different connections from energies, while being Bob, which will influence happenings within some outings. For instance, if Dogon, while being Bob, feels stressed by restrictions in the Earth reality, the so called majority rules of allowances, the restrictions will bleed through to a projected outing.

Many of these have been encounters where Dogon will find the feet, of the projected body, tangled somewhat. Sometimes the blankets on the bed will come along during the roll out, when instead, the body rolling out usually goes right through the blanket. Other times the body will be standing and as it begins to walk away from the bed, it trips over a bunch of hoses and then the legs are found to be tangled.

Staying calm will usually allow the outing to move past these minor delays. If however, there is a quick reaction, the outing may end up with a continuous removal of an ever returning tangled mess. This is the effect of thoughts which, during the out of Bob body type reality, has almost instant results, influenced from the thoughts, which have roots from Bob’s life.

The word, illusion, has been used continuously through out this writing and it can suggest a missed understanding. An illusion is an illusion, since, for a creation, all that is, or the collective group of all collected consciousnesses, is supporting the production of a reality, through separation from within the containment field, THE NOTHING. Meaning, reality comes from nothing and is related to the separation producing the identity position or the turned on electron, where a vast collection of electrons are perceived. A story about THE NOTHING, which came several years ago, has been part of several discussions for Dogon, while being Bob. This story may assist in understanding how an illusion, or a physical Earth type of reality, can seem so convincingly solid.

As a continual generated structure, thoughts contribute to many facets of our ability to perceive the created realities, even though we call them illusions. Dogon has felt, there is a potential rooting from beginnings, which would be simply within the idea of what feelings represent.

If we look at what beginnings might suggest, from an understanding of the containment field, THE NOTHING, the story begins in THE NOTHING. If we wanted to, THE NOTHING could also be defined as a great void. But why bother, THE NOTHING, our containment field, suggests both simplicity, as well as, complexity.

Time can be another way of describing, THE NOTHING, because there is no such thing as time, and yet we all revolve around it. In saying this, it may seem to be contradictory. Time, as we use it, is a simple format for giving substance, while describing our experiences. Dogon meets a girl, they kiss for a minute, and then talk for an hour. This is easy to relate to, since the time increments are known to most. To enjoy both the kiss and the conversation did not require any knowledge of what a minute is, or what an hour is. In fact, under certain conditions, the enjoyment of both the kiss and conversation could be from memories and the memories might alter the metering of time. The kiss may have a greater impact and memories for this might last a half hour, where the memories of the conversation may only cover the key points and only involve minutes worth of memory.

Going further, connecting to outings, an outing may seem to cover hours worth of activity, while, after returning to the resting body, only a few minutes, or so, may be apparent, when looking at a clock. Time, still being an invented concept for expressing, will be a relative point of perspective, oriented towards the body being within a given experience. We have illustrated the idea, identity through separation from within THE NOTHING, which is a basic understanding for an illusion, so the invention of a function of time fits right in. Time is only real as it fits with any given, illusioned, projected reality.

Simply speaking, THE NOTHING has no need for definition. THE NOTHING also has no beginning or ending, and therefore, THE NOTHING represents an infinite root for eternity, as well as, the containment for all that eternity might suggest. Extending to the present moment, we have an infinite number of dimensionalized universes contained within THE NOTHING. Using consciously produced activity, defined for Dogon as out of the Bob body, we find experience suggesting many other worlds. Each of these worlds will have a relative time orientation, but only recognizable while in the particular world.

Complexity for THE NOTHING is given birth, by way of the SECRET, which allows an apparent existence, coming from within our containment field, THE NOTHING. The initial perception of THE NOTHING, would only be a potential oneness. Presently, in this moment, THE NOTHING could be defined as a oneness containing an infinite number of projected extensions of itself, which allows for, all that is.

Dogon took a considerable amount of time, to realize how the experiences from many realities, could be explained as a creation of existence within THE NOTHING. This is because most of the awareness is distracted by the connection with, all that is. Summarily, God was invented, by the majorities, as a solution to explain the happening. Religions came into existence to solidify the idea of a God, as a creator, but each religion attempts to claim to have the only real truth.

THE NOTHING has no beginning, simply by definition, and therefore becomes easier to understand, when we consider consciousness, in it’s most simple state, as being our first awareness of existing. The question: How could THE NOTHING become conscious?, is a SECRET. A true SECRET, by definition, will always be a SECRET. The essence of mystery!

We each can know of the essence of consciousness, as it relates to THE NOTHING, through meditation, which will give us a subjectively defined feeling, with no identity within, all that is. Meditation, being, THE ART OF DOING NOTHING, will always give the potential for this recognition, but THE NOTHING is a difficult function to interpret while within the THING, and becomes even more difficult to explain with words.

This feeling, with no identity, represents multiple beginnings from the origins of existential nothingness. We each can therefore, be the SECRET, but we will never be able to talk about the SECRET, with an assured truth!

Logic has no existence in an existential void. THE NOTHING is illogical. A word Dogon made up, ING$, which is an influential factor within, all that is, is for now, defined as dimensionalized geometrical physics, or the illogic’s of progression. This means there are always STRING$ attached to all functions when separated from within THE NOTHING suggesting a reality. A simple example in mathematics would suggest a formula: THE NOTHING equals a progressive formula, ultimately equaling ZERO.

We could simplify the progressive formula, for ease of time and space. as follows: The progressive formula would begin with the first number, one, multiplied by zero. The next step in the progressive formula would begin with the number, two. Now we multiply two times one. The product of this would then be multiplied by zero. Each subsequent increase, for instance going to three then four and so on, would begin with the multiplication of the current high number by the next highest number. Each product from multiplication would then be multiplied by the next highest number and then the next, until the final multiplication by zero.

We can jump to a bigger number to start the process of multiplication, five billion for instance, and the resulting product, before we multiply by zero, could seem like infinity. Of course, the word infinity will always win at being a larger number, but the formula will always expand to higher numbers, seemingly chasing infinity.

Simple ratios suggest, computation time for the numbers higher than zero, would continually outweigh the time to multiply this total times zero. Using the number five billion brings a large number, when extended by multiplication starting with the highest number going to the number one, and this would represent the, ON, part of an on — off cycle for the containment field, THE NOTHING. The, OFF, part of this on — off cycle would occur when this previous total is multiplied by zero and we return to a zero.

In the current moments we might assume a number substantially larger than five billion. The duration of the, OFF, cycle will remain constant and will probably be invisible to our consciousness. The, ON, cycle, ever increasing in duration, gives the basic support for the ultimate illusion, using the above formula to suggest simple beginnings. As awareness, through any collective consciousness, will be more in recognition of all the, ON, parts, the established understanding will always keep up with the most current duration of the, ON, part and what it means to our awareness at any given moment.

At this stage we are speaking about inherent, subjective, beginnings. The basic progressive formula would be a self contained function, within subjectivity, which ultimately turns into an automatic pulse structure. This being a base for all pretense to follow!

The on — off cycle will be an important part, to the ultimate significance, of how we consciously bring THE NOTHING to such an illusioned reality. Continuity is one by product of consciously controlled on — off cycles. This gives such conviction and support to the concept of a real universe, it creates a strong hold on the majority of intelligent thought. We see over five billion people on the planet Earth, each with a fairly individualized consciousness, but each part is still a oneness of the total of what THE NOTHING, as a containment field, represents. The basic idea presented, resulting in the on — off cycles, leads to the question: Can the entire humanoid population of planet Earth each, individually, have their own vibrational rate for producing their version of on — off cycles? This is where the understanding of the identity position, which has some ten trillion potential positions, will help expand the allowance for so many people, within a given reality. Of course, the example given which illustrated the significance of the electron identity position, and how the potential unidentified positions total approximately ten trillion, was considered a simple example.

The progressive formula is far more complicated, since ING$ represents the function of ALL numbers higher than zero. There are the potential for an infinite number of probability functions. PROBABILITY FUNCTIONS ARE REPRESENTED WITHIN ALL PHASES OF OUR GROWING CONSCIOUSNESS EXTENDED FOREVER, MULTI — DIMENSIONALLY. Multi — dimensionally refers to an infinite function. The example reflecting the number of possible positions, for the production of the turned on electron, being approximately ten trillion, can be expanded to include variations relative to size.

During the discussion involving memory containment, it was suggested, the number ten trillion would define a quantum ratio. For memory, the fractionated partition is ten trillion parts inside a part, ten trillion times smaller than what an electron suggests. The age of the Earth has been suggested between four and five billion years. There are sub atomic particles, the neutrino as one such suggested particle, which move at about the speed of light. Some of these particles have been traveling away from the Earth, since near the birth of the Earth. The distance light is recognized to travel, during the Earth’s rotation around the sun, a year, is just under six trillion miles or about ten trillion kilometers. The combination of the age of the Earth and the distance of light movement, each of these years, will bring a number with twenty two zeros following it. The numbers being given are not important for knowledge, as they are for representing great distances, which is not quite infinity, or will ever reach infinity.

ING$, in a three dimensional sphere, would have a potential reaching for infinity raised to the power of infinity. We consider zero in the middle, so the total possible directions outward, can easily justify a very big number, as well as, being able to have each of these outward flowing directions extend to infinity. This description would also represent EACH individual, relative to an alternate status of reality, entity structure. Since we EACH have a function representing the status of THE NOTHING, as in, our very own piece of THE NOTHING, any information to illustrate our existence from within THE NOTHING, would also be true for EACH individual, seeing themselves as an equal qualification for existence.

In a conscious beginning, our first feeling through our consciousness, MIGHT be emptiness, where the initial response is UN certainty. We remind ourselves, using words to describe a beginning, within the UN known of a function called THE NOTHING, is a challenge, to say the least.

The concept of god, from THE NOTHING, as a point of view, would be represented by all we perceive through the ability of consciousness. The suggested feeling of emptiness then becomes the first god. We will want to remind ourselves, the concept god is something more defined in current moments, by heavily rooted influences from the more advanced intellectual qualities, and therefore will continue to update itself. The concept of god has no need for existence until intelligence begins to inquire. With current loose definitions of god, the assignment of emptiness being perhaps the first god, we will always be in a position to add compliment to whatever concept we individually hold, as consciousness grows.

Considering the expressed beginning, feeling emptiness, we continue to grow through consciousness in determining what we are. This is like UN refined imagination. The happening, at this point, is a highly subjective existence. From this perception, we know we are, but what we are is a mystery. Continually growing more conscious, increases what is felt as emptiness, which enhances attentiveness. Attentiveness, skipping ahead, leads to need. Emptiness requires little attention as a simple existence. This is also a notime type function, since we have yet to create a separation for objectification.

Dogon, through the understanding of experienced realities, can only imagine early beginnings, where emptiness is the dominating feeling. This expression of the beginnings is again, the idea of using words, within an objectified status, to describe what would represent the roots of subjectivity. Attempting, through our consciousness, to satisfy this need derived from an increasing conscious ability to be attentive, we create an imagined oneness of self definition, we will call, turbulence, which is within our growing consciousness of the containment field, THE NOTHING.

When we remember there is only emptiness, even though we can have a pretense of turbulence, time and space are only hidden potentials. Extending the concept of god, to include a creation, would subjectively be described as, emptiness pretends to be full. The imagined turbulence becomes the more evident and an easier noticed happening. Now, we consciously have more than one feeling to be conscious of. We are a oneness, THE NOTHING, so to speak, but we are also conscious of an imagined turbulence filling up our feeling of emptiness, within THE NOTHING. Subsequently, a new feeling is given birth, suggesting a simple satisfaction rising within our consciousness.

The feeling of satisfaction brings on the death of our imagined turbulence. Our total of consciousness, representing beginnings, has reacted to an imagined experience and created an identity of simple SELF awareness. The feeling, this time, is one that directly enhances our consciousness with a new ability. We now have a simple memory pattern being formed, which compliments our growth potential. The SELF, being expressed here, would refer to the memory of ourselves as an existing turbulence. Remember these feelings, we are conscious of, are highly subjective, but this new memory pattern has a slightly different variation, which increases the idea of a, SELF. Our consciousness, as a function within THE NOTHING, is back to a feeling of emptiness, with a slight twist. The simple memory pattern reminds us of our newly identified, SELF, an imagined turbulence, filling our emptiness. Naturally, since we are able to fill our feeling of emptiness, we could now state, we consciously have the ability to create.

A cycle begins. One moment, our feeling of emptiness is there, and in the next moment, the emptiness is filled with an imagined turbulence. This would represent a beginning of the progressing formula, for the established base on — off cycle, but only as subjective feeling. The result of this cycle brings many new feelings of potential happening. Each new cycle enhances the feeling of emptiness and makes the turbulence more pronounced, which brings an early pretense, as the root of solidity functioning. All feelings in our consciousness have an influence on the total happening. One great advantage from the happening, so far, is a growing ability to improve what we imagine. We now have become quite proficient at this cycle of creating an imagined happening, within ourselves, or the total of what THE NOTHING suggests. We could even say, we have a pulse which is basically running itself. Seems we are addicted to this ability and a feeling, closely resembling motivation, suggests we can always do more. The latest desires bring a strong feeling of delight, for we can feel what it means to have potential. The pulse is a strong motivater for our growing consciousness to become more active, through our ability to imagine.

Thus we have an established cycle representing an automatic pulse which influences a greater expansion. From current times, an example, using some tiny furry creatures, we find an obsessive behavior stimulated through nerve experimentation. The animal can push a button for extreme pleasure, where ultimately through obsessive type response the animal will pass out for good. But, boy what a ride. Within a beginning from THE NOTHING we are producing an automatic pulse which is creating realities, based on the current understandings from an Earth point. We could say it is obsessive from are roots, extending outward so the Earth demonstrates enormous variation in how people types respond to each other, also somewhat leaning to obsessions.

Each newly created turbulence slowly adds to the development of, feelings of motion. This feeling of motion is only a suggestion of movement, which is felt as, IN and OUT. This means, one moment we are in a seeming reality, and the next we are NOT in a seeming reality, or we are out. Though we only imagine this motion, the consciousness can accept it as a happening. The conscious awareness of this newness in feeling, the pretended idea of motion, is highly stimulating and creates a new function which can be expanded upon. While we are adding more to our abilities, a union between our memory, our ability to imagine turbulence, and the resulting apparent motion, brings a feeling of potential, which is now exposed.

Our consciousness now begins a new phase. The new phase is involved with the discovered feeling of motion and how to enhance the motion. The pulse now becomes a happening with four distinct parts, which our growing consciousness can continually track. First our consciousness feels emptiness. We then detect a movement going IN before the imagined turbulence is felt. Then there is an imagined turbulence to be aware of. Finally, another movement going OUT, before we begin a new cycle with the feeling of emptiness. We also note, during the IN motion, as well as, the imagined feeling of turbulence, and then of course the OUT motion, our consciousness has a much greater ability to sense these feelings, as compared with just a feeling of emptiness. The ancient feeling of simple emptiness becomes the most subjective root, at the bases of all extensions within our feeling nature. The question: How shall we fill in the basic feeling of emptiness?, can be extendible forever. Individually, Dogon, as Bob, for instance, we can each tell our life stories by way of our drive to be doing.

This newness of enhanced consciousness is much easier to work with during the span between the IN and OUT motions, encompassing our imagined turbulence. We now, consciously, begin feeling more attached to the imagined turbulence and it’s motion. This allows our consciousness to have an illusion, as described through these beginnings of subjectivity. A root for the development of space — time continuity is born. Remember our emphases on the idea of space — time continuums, and how they support the needed objectification. Space — time continuums become a significant enhancement to our current phase. They support the complexity of needed continuity for the conviction of an illusioned reality. Consciousness is able to more easily detect the concept of motion, and this allows us to consciously control the movement of the imagined turbulence, by regulating the speed of the IN and OUT motion. Growing along with this ability, to regulate the speed of the IN and OUT motion, is a new type of feeling. The new feeling is quite different from other feelings, since it incorporates motion in a new way.

The imagined turbulence, during the IN motion, has a detectable center point to expand out from, while filling in the feeling of emptiness and then the imagined turbulence contracts back to this center point, before the final OUT motion. We will call this center point the INITIAL ROOT. Our consciousness becomes aware of this happening, after we enhance our ability to regulate the IN and OUT motion’s speed.

Slowing the pulse down, we notice the slower IN and OUT motion affects the way the imagined turbulence feels. This discovery creates a startling realization. We, through our consciousness, have developed new types of control on the production of the imagined turbulence. This includes the IN and OUT speed and how much we want filled in, this is from a subjective view. This brings in the relativity of consciousness as it relates to size, non-dimensionally speaking. The idea of consciousness, within a containment field, THE NOTHING, which has no determined boundaries, is now able to virtually control the imagined turbulence, in such a way, as to have the turbulence expand forever, relatively speaking. This discovery of virtual control, comes after more experimentation with our pulse cycle.

The more we, as a growing consciousness, experiment with different combinations of speed and size, the greater our hidden potential grows. This hidden potential grows through the continually expanding memory portion, of our consciousness. An explosive charge is actually being created within our consciousness. The explosive charge is primarily being built, as our consciousness increases the speed of the production of the imagined turbulence. Continually reducing the size of the imagined turbulence, compounds the accelerating speed. What we are about to produce, is an imagined turbulence which is felt to be smaller then, what we found as the INITIAL ROOT, which we expanded from or contracted back to.

The explosive charge, SEEMINGLY, ignites within our consciousness, when we find a portion of our consciousness has SHRUNK INSIDE OF ITSELF, as defined within feelings. The concept of a BIG — BANG will be given birth from this happening, but not for awhile. This happening is the initial stage that will be discussed later as, THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS.

We now have a part of our growing consciousness, seemingly INSIDE of what is defined as the total of all consciousness. The part of consciousness that shrunk inside, when the size of the produced imagined turbulence became smaller then the first established INITIAL ROOT, can be said to still be shrinking the size of itself, with each new pulse cycle it is producing. The other part of the consciousness, which we will refer to as the outer most part of consciousness, has memory of the original INITIAL ROOT, and starts the pulse cycle as it was happening before the idea of a shrinking part of consciousness.

We now come to a very interesting happening. What we have discovered, do to this apparent consciousness within consciousness, is that our consciousness has a quality which can be compared to a hologram. We are THE NOTHING, in our original state as a simple definition, which is like a holographic plate, which contains a record of all happenings by way of our consciousness. This function of consciousness then becomes the connecting force, to allow the record of our continually expanding awareness of SELF, to both be imprinted in THE NOTHING and retrieved from THE NOTHING.

This can be related to an Earth type reality, where we are using computer comparisons to suggest particle structures which would allow permanent memory storage, for ever. The access to this is an imagined process, and since it is imagined, means we create an imagined fishing pole, of sorts, which allows us to retrieve information through thought and experience. These areas expand to express speeds in extreme excess of the speed of light. As the most subjective areas will always have contact, producing awareness of the potential of all parts, the speeds are then imagined, and supported, within our subjective roots. This will always assist holding continuity for whatever we, as individual consciousnesses, require for stability.

We may feel an ability to measure the speed of light, but this represents the closest resemblance of objectivity and therefore, is strongly influenced by relative viewing. Dimensional viewing would be the only potential to have a chance to measure the speeds in excess of the speed of light.

Continuing the comparison, relative to the idea of a hologram, we also know that any part of THE NOTHING, big or small, will contain the whole of all the happening. This is a compliment to similarities to holographic plates, which can be broken into smaller bits, each still holding a basic record of the whole. Again, from an Earth view, using particle structures, each part of consciousness, relative to the connection as THE NOTHING, would have an individual, self contained, system for memory storage, as well as, other organizational allowances. This means, both parts of the above described consciousness, both being rooted in THE NOTHING, have potential knowledge, by way of feelings, of the total of the happening.

Dogon, in research, using all available sources, which include experiences in excess of thousands of different outings, with varying degrees of Bob awareness present, has felt as totally physical, while exploring these alternate realities, as he does when being Bob. In these projected outings, Dogon is aware of a body, laying dormant on a bed, while through consciousness he can produce another body, to accommodate whatever universe he may enter, as a dimensional shift. This is an ability which can be described as having simple beginnings, which have blossomed for, all that is, and what, all that is, represents.

We can consider how large a number infinity could express, and this number would collectively be called a Coalision Of Energy, where each piece represents, separately, identity potential. This identity potential would always have great numbers available in certain forms, which we call invisable, plus a small portion of some of these parts, which then extend through thought becoming an Earth type entity, identity. This is a shared reality, which is also great numbers. Simply stated, EACH of us can have their very own piece of THE NOTHING, where the entire existence is accessible to EACH!!!

There is much more explanation, and details, which is available from these, as well as other paranormal experiences. We are also aware of many books which also draw similar conclusions, to suggest support for THE NOTHING. Words are still the most restrictive influence, when making attempts to explain the UN known.

Now we will move on to another shift in our developing illusion. We have a shrinking part of our consciousness, which we will refer to as the center of consciousness, and we have the outer consciousness. This is a temporary happening though. After the first shrinking within, to produce the center of consciousness, the next time the center of consciousness shrinks, it will leave a gap of sorts. This, seeming gap, would be between the new center, and the outer most surface of the identified INITIAL ROOT, which establishes the beginning of the outer part of consciousness. This new center of consciousness would have been just established by consciousness, which will be even smaller than before, as well as being smaller than the INITIAL ROOT.

Now, another shift occurs, where a third part of consciousness will produce an imagined turbulence. This will expand from the second most current center, identified as the position the center of consciousness left behind, the last time it shrunk. This new, middle part of consciousness, which will move into the center, one position of centering behind the current center of consciousness, will be producing imagined turbulence in two directions. A wave will go towards both the center of consciousness and the outer consciousness.

Remembering our comparison with holographic abilities and noting three parts of consciousness producing imagined turbulence, we see the growth factor of our total of consciousness has significantly increased. All the parts of our consciousness will always have the potential to be aware of what each is contributing. This awareness gives birth to an initial synchronization between the three parts, using the speed of the center of consciousness as a reference. This means, the outer part of consciousness will produce waves, which will move at speeds equal to the center of consciousness’ speed, and cover a distance in radius equal to the current radius of the size being produced by the center of consciousness. The outer part of consciousness will fill in, closing towards the meeting with the wave expanding out from the middle part of consciousness. Each new pulse cycle, originating in the outer part of consciousness, will then begin with a radius contracting from an outer point, going inward. The distance and speed ratio is established at the beginning of the on — off cycle and continues in control until the start of the next cycle.

The middle part of consciousness, at the beginning of each new cycle, establishes the current radius — speed ratio and, starting from it’s current center, sends waves both outward and inward. The wave sent towards the center of consciousness would potentially repeat many times, before the wave going TOWARDS the outer consciousness, meets the wave coming FROM the outer consciousness. Speed and radial distance of movement would be the same for these two waves, which originate between the outer and middle parts of consciousness. Waves going toward the center consciousness, would proportionately increase in speed to always succeed in meeting the center of consciousness’ current center, which will have moved in one cycle during each one of these more frequent inward moving waves.

In essence, we have four distinct dimensions, contained within THE NOTHING. THE NOTHING, being this stories suggested beginning, represents a simple progressive formula, functioning through multiplication, which expands after every zeroing to add one to the previous total, as a starting point. In essense this would represent the invisable space for these four dimension of aware consciousness.

The gap of, On, THE NOTHING between the zeroing Off points, allows Each part of consciousness to indulge itself, creating a womb, which, for now, represents something invisable to an Earth type reality. So, THE NOTHING, in relativeness becomes twice removed, invisibly speaking. Even though a representation of invisibility seems distance, this is only established through observation, of NON objective structures and moves into an area of sub — sensual data detection. Particle structures allow much flex ability for a system, collective, individual, or any combination, where each establishes a motive for continuance within shared boundaries, where the boundaries will never really exist.

Outer consciousness would continually expand outwards always establishing a new start to the outer edge. This marks the start, before filling in towards the meeting with the wave coming from the middle consciousness. The imagined size of the wave of turbulence would vary, according to the start of each cycle for the outer and middle parts of consciousness. This starting point, as an outer edge, is established through consciousness pretending with size relevance, but the actual size suggested for THE NOTHING, considered invisable to our four dimensions of consciousness, will have a size representing invisable space, with no way to measure using consciousness, which is in a different pretense than the simple progressive formula for THE NOTHING.

The wave coming from the middle consciousness would have the same variable to its size, but will move from a current center outwards. We now have two dimensions of potentialized space — time continuums, represented by an imagined turbulence. Within this, womb, a splitting consciousness function, which for the purposes of this story would be a single reality view, to accommodate a future progression to an Earth type reality, we will have infinity represented. In this instance, infinity would be a hidden function, simply stated as THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS.

This is an attempt to describe a subjective function expounding the progressive formula. Looking back in this writing, concerning our electron flash, which cycles on — off per second a number, with twenty four zeros after it, Dogon is able to see the electron is just one more variation of what a space — time continuum produces. The space — time continuums are memory bits, within our ultimate computer, Dogon for example, which we described in the shape of a sphere. There is no sphere, but it helps for visual pretense. In furthering the definition of a space — time continuum, relative to the identity position called an electron time moment, flashing to an on — off cycle, the electron can have approximately ten trillion probable positions. Each one of these positions have approximately ten trillion hidden variables, alternate realities, which are individually accessible. The alternate realities are what is left, when an identity position is recognized, as the function for the parts created in the resulting reality. All alternate realities are a shared function just as the electron has its own way of being shared. These alternate realities represent the dreaming function, which includes these described outings. Each of these alternate realities exist, but not necessarily being, On, for conscious awareness, individualized. The alternate realities are always, ON, for some part of consciousness, but the experience personalized, produces variations in how the soup mixes, so to speak. This is a difficult area to describe, in short, and there is an analogy to assist with an understanding.

We will need to remember the simple structure, relative to higher complexities, that the electron represents. The flash cycle, for the electron, is beyond description, so we continue to say the number of on — off flashes per second is a number with twenty four zeros following it. Even the cycle which would approximate the completion of each average atom, so to speak, is eighty billion per second. This is an eight with ten zeros after it. The approximate ten trillion potential electron identity positions, is a one with thirteen zeros after it. The identity position is the turned on electrons, moving in an orbit producing the illusion of a created reality, which is only truth for the parts that are represented by the turned on electrons. All the remaining potential positions are comparatively, OFF, relative to the current flash of the, On, position, for the electrons, and the resulting universe.

Alternate realities, from an individualized perception, are interchangeable. They can be stabilized, through projections of consciousness, Dogon, being out of the Bob body, can seem just as real as the world seemingly surrounding the Bob body. This intelligent structure of being, will center within what we will call the first Earth’s universe. An individualized consciousness, projecting an objectified — subjectivity type body, is also a collectively defined consciousness, connected to every inner dimensionalized universe’s projection of this consciousness. Meaning, we are the sum of the parts, time and notime. With the alternate realities being hidden within the notime side, relative to the time side, and with alternate realities being interchangeable, we are actually more then the sum of the parts. Each of these connections contribute to all the other connections. An individualized consciousness, centered within any given dimension, with all the resultant strings attached, on the surface, appears to have an explainable projected body. Inside, the sub space functions connected like strings of light, is a complexity of magnetic wave forms.

These magnetic wave forms are the representation of the ING$ factor, for an individualized consciousness. The magnetic wave forms are also the significant influence for moving consciousness to experiences which, in a sense, are a part of an ON LINE movement. The individualized consciousness, within the objectified — subjectivity at whatever dimension, is unique through vibration, representing the individualized on — off cycle. The question; Can over five billion individualized consciousnesses each have a different on — off cycle?, will now have the potential for understanding. For the purpose of understanding, we will name three individualized consciousnesses, AAA, BBB and CCC. All three have a multitude of connections throughout all the Earths, for this story, we will say there is one hundred Earths. This means, there is a total of three hundred individualized centers of consciousness, but we will only discuss the named ones.

AAA decides to visit a friend. The primary center of consciousness, for now, will be AAA. AAA is sitting in a chair across a table from BBB. The on — off cycle for AAA is in control, and the entire universe needed for continuity of flow, is projected by the total of collective consciousness, individually perceived by AAA. BBB is only a projected role from AAA’s influence, on the total of collected consciousness. The roll played by BBB is self contained for purposes of continuity flow, giving AAA somebody to have experience with. BBB’s center of individualized consciousness is NOT, ON, at this particular location, and the projection of BBB and resulting interaction with AAA is only an apparent hallucination for AAA.

The experience contributed for BBB’s part will be played out by BBB, during an on — off cycle within BBB’s control. BBB might perform the actual role in the past or in the future, from a linear point of view, represented by a string of, ON, parts of BBB’s on — off cycle. When BBB’s on — off cycle is in control, AAA is only an apparent hallucination for BBB.

Both of these hallucinations, one for AAA and one for BBB, are part of the seeming holographic function, sustained within THE NOTHING and projected accurately through the functions of consciousness, including both the total of collected consciousness, and any individualized influences. The hallucinations are always perceived, as expected, by whoever is in the control, through cycles.

We can further this story by allowing CCC into the experience. The house where AAA and BBB are, has two main areas connected by a door. There is also a entry door in the front area. AAA and BBB are currently seated in the back area. While these two are apparently together, their individual first hand experience happens during the on — off cycle’s string of, ON, parts, for each. They each have this experience on the same day of a given year, but in this story, the moment in time for this given day in a given year is only common to AAA. If we extend on the electron flashing, sharing function, we could say BBB flashed first and has heard AAA’s upcoming moment, as a sound, as an example. Or, BBB flashes after AAA and hears the moment just completed by AAA. As stated earlier, BBB may have already past this moment or has yet to arrive.

CCC rings the doorbell. BBB rises, exits the back area, closing the door. AAA is now projecting a minimal universe in the back area. This is current time. BBB is projecting by way of consciousness without actually being centered in the front area in current time.

If BBB’s role ends with a short opening and closing of the entry door, then CCC can be centered at the door in projection control by CCC’s on — off cycle, which would also be current, like AAA’s cycles. If CCC becomes an additional guest, then CCC’s center of consciousness will project the first hand experience in a similar fashion, as the initial visit in the back area. The center of individualized consciousness, for CCC, might be currently in the past or future, relative to an electron sharing function.

The walk through the front area and encounter at the entry door will be experienced individually by BBB and CCC. Each will arrive to the current moment, with the other absent, resulting in an apparent hallucination for each. When all three are together in the back section, still currently under the control of AAA’s on — off cycles, BBB and CCC will actually be either in their individual past or future for the moment, relative to an electron sharing function for three parts. BBB and CCC will each arrive, to the current moment, relative to their relationship in the front area experiences.

It should also be noted, when BBB and CCC are having their experience in the front area, there is only slight hallucinations for AAA’s projected universe. The universe from AAA’s projection of, ON, parts, has limited needs for areas outside of the back area. These needs will be sounds and some lighting effects. AAA might here the footsteps, but there is no need for the hallucination of the entire body, so only the noise is created, through the total of collected consciousness, to always hold continuity.

Remembering the other connections, other Earths, which expand our total of individualized centers of consciousness to one hundred, Dogon, through out of the Bob body experience, has found that other connections can represent alternate reality probabilities, for this same visit. The two variations, when CCC entered the experience, would be separate probabilities, each being encountered by two different sets of our three named consciousnesses, within different Earths.

If we consider the Coalision Of Energy as an enhanced version of THE NOTHING to represent our collective growth giving us an association, so, EACH can be aware of the total happenings. In other words, the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, as would the left hand be aware of the right hand doings. We have all experienced the other stupidity potential. Seems to be highly contagious among politicians, maybe we need a study to find a cure!!! Our doctors, who can’t understand why a sickness developed without a doctor first imagining it into reality, are looking at their records.

Our story about AAA, BBB and CCC is a simple story, covering a very minuscule period of time, as compared to eternity. The complexity suggested for eternity, if we only needed to encompass just three individualized sets of stringed light connections, is only a misperception.

Eternity is a collection of an individualized influence of, ON, parts of the individualized on — off cycle. Each, ON, part would represent a MOMENT and, in the MOMENT, needs are met individually through perception. The idea construct, hallucination, is far more prevalent than may be understood. We see the Earth as a planet with many inhabitants, but the actualized first hand experience, which is identified through on — off cycles, is always from a singular perception. When an experience includes more than one center of consciousness, only one of those consciousnesses will actually be present.

This is relative to an electron sharing function, influenced by who is, where, and with who. The balance of the participants will have either past the experience or are yet to arrive to the experience. In these examples we are discussing the moment, which represents ONE electron flash. This one part, from a total number of electron flashes in a second, represented by a number with about twenty four zeroes following it, gives us a suggestion of something very very tiny, for each individual electron flash. As people we would find little motivation to attempt to be aware, let’s say through a diary, where entries are made for each electron flash with a minimum of five sentences. In fact, motivations suggest, two to five lines for each day seems very liberal. This time frame will generate a frequency rate of about a nine with twenty eight zeroes following it, for the total number of electron flashes in a day.

Relative to a Coalision Of Energy, INFINITY STATUS, we each would have an imagined part to represent rooting within the total Coalision Of Energy, and from this center we extend to all other parts of the Coalision. From a single point of view, NON Earthly, it would be like a star sending continuous strings of photons in infinite direction potentials. From an Earth type view, still singular, we see our life, through the collision of each part’s greeting. This would be the, out going, photon, passing the, in coming, photon, saying a friendly hello, if we want.

So, remembering multiple Earths, one hundred for this analogy, we know that AAA, BBB, and CCC each will be present within their Earth, so the strings, which are the connections, will supply the needed support for creating the hallucination parts, with personalized flexibility.

Collective consciousness, in total, and the holographic insinuations from a containment, within the function called THE NOTHING, is a very synchronized flow. Being more aware of happenings, like Dogon being out of the Bob body, will present a greater understanding of this synchronized flow. Memory is a significant by product of the, ON, parts of an individual’s, on — off cycles, in a given universe. If we enter a conscious shift, consciously, we will be aware of a projected universe, which can have similarities to the one just shifted from. Dogon has had some experiences where the shift is felt, but the experience is complicated, sometimes this shift can feel like a shimmy, or a spinning effect, or feel like moving through a long containment area. When the experience begins, with conscious awareness, like Dogon having Bob awareness along for the ride, upon arrival in the other universe, one can become totally caught up in the activity, but still the outing ends with fairly accurate memories. During the encounter, one of the previously interpreted outings, which may only last a few minutes, the activity can distract attention, so quickly, that the memory functions for the projected body, in this alternate universe, will be in potential control.

Some of these encounters, for Dogon, when remembered upon return to the Bob body, will often be confusing. The confusion arises when the awareness of memory influences, in the alternative reality, are not revealed in total, since entering consciously brings other memories along for the ride, those from the Bob body, for instance. These incoming memories can change the encounter, within the reality for the body being used, while in the outing, for Dogon. One experience Dogon entered, the projected verbal response to a conversation in process, was from a none aligned point of view. If there is a conversation, which may have already been activated before arrival, two distinct conversation subjects may become apparent.

Usually, the awareness happens after returning with full memory reference. These memories, without conscious awareness, would be contained subconsciously. When the memories come in, as additions pertaining to an alternate source of beingness, projected by way of an individual collective consciousness, a new file of experiences begins to build. This area will contain those experiences encountered to be in alternate existence’s, whether entered totally conscious or added from the other extreme, as remnant memories of dreams. This writing, which includes the concept of THE NOTHING, has much of it’s influence from the, strings attached, influenced experiences.

The view through awareness, while within objectified — subjectivity, can easily suggest much confusion, just from a singular point of Earth. Adding the multiple alternative connections, for instance one hundred given in the example for AAA, BBB and CCC, will only compound the potential for confusion, so most individualized centers stay conscious of only one linearly illusioned life suggestion. This appears to assist an individual in holding sanity, or continuity of flow, but ultimately we each will be exposed to all our other connections, either through our individual efforts towards self discovery, or the greater collective consciousness expansions, which have their own timers for progression.

An example of this greater, more outwardly influenced push for progression, would consist of what would be termed, a dimensional overlap. We can transpose our wave functions within consciousness, from subjectively, fairly easily, to an objectified — subjectivity, as described for our three identified parts, AAA, BBB and CCC. The control for waves of energies will be in an area termed subjective — objectivity, the overlaps then become important for bringing the needed understanding within objectified — subjectivity. This is because, subjective — objectivity will begin to feel limited within it’s progression, if objectified — subjectivity stays too much in the UN knowing of it’s roots.

Dogon, in his established feeling of the containment field, THE NOTHING, has also felt the concept of a trinity, of sorts. The roots from beginnings, represented by subjectivity, will give THE NOTHING its most basic identity. The central control for imagination, including the function of no — thing, full of notime, which is supported and actualized by subjectivity, will be subjective — objectivity. Subjective — objectivity could also be termed the Coalition Of Energy. The subjective — objectivity, in essence, and using a Earth based word structure, will be the containment field for the objectified — subjectivity. This is represented by this analogy about AAA, BBB and CCC.

Some might describe the dimensional overlap as a forced decision gate. This means that each individualized collection of consciousness, Dogon for instance, will be exposed to the greater part of their total of consciousness. The additional knowing will either be expected, and already prepared for, allowing a person to feel at ease with the greater connections of existing realities, or, with less expectancy, or preparedness, could potentially lead to madness or some form of short circuit. In this, a short circuit would refer to the act of being UN conscious from objectified — subjectivity, and the returning closer to the roots of pure subjectivity. While in a subjective form, still being a collected individualized consciousness, there is notime and memory for objectified — subjectivity basically goes into a holding pattern. The greater memory, represented by subjective — objectivity, would be available, which allows, when allowed, a piecing together of the objectified — subjectivity memory functions. The individual nature of the consciousness, which exited from objectified — subjectivity, will still have it’s uniqueness supported, and when the return to objectified — subjectivity occurs, the completeness could appear without knowledge of the gap, of notime.

The individualized consciousness, referred above as being UN conscious to objectified — subjectivity, is only one center of perception, which is closely connected to many other centers of perception. This collection of centers of perception make up what would be seen, in objectified — subjectivity, as alternate realities for movement through a generalized flow of experience. The decision gate, mentioned earlier, is met by all the individual centers. Most of these individual centers could be UN aware of the other centers, making up the total of all probabilities, and therefore, there will probably be insufficient numbers to allow the abilities to hold a strong enough collected center.

Although, with sufficient numbers aware of others, the partially collected centering ability will get a foot in the door, so to speak. This allows all the connected parts to be ultimately drawn together, as a whole, within a higher, more diversified dimension of collected variables. This, then allowing for experience to lead to needed stability, for handling the greater expansiveness. This is much more complicated to express, since words are linearly oriented, and the future expansiveness is more described as, all time, as compared to notime.

We will return to the more subjective areas, since this is where the support is, for both subjective — objectivity and objectified — subjectivity. W have an outer consciousness and an outward part of middle consciousness being two dimensions of space — time continuums.

The wave from the middle consciousness, moving toward the center consciousness, can be a radius as small as from the current center to the next center inward. This center will have just been established by the center of consciousness. With the possibility of this wave being repeated numerous times, before the outer and middle waves meet, the distance, between the middle and center parts of consciousness, could expand considerably, relative to the most current size of the center of consciousness. Speeds, from the middle to center consciousness, increase to allow each wave to meet the newest center of consciousness. This dimension could get quite interesting, almost suggesting a slightly delirious on — off activity.

Remember, each wave goes one direction to be fully, ON, and then reverses to be completely, OFF, but the, OFF, function is a quantum affinity, as compared to the wave turning, ON. The, ON, side would still be representing speeds extremely complex, comparative to the speed of light. This is our third dimension of potentialized space — time continuums. The center of consciousness would represent the final dimension in a disguise of simplicity.

Waves from the middle consciousness, going towards the center consciousness, would always start, at the beginning of a cycle, just one center out from the center of consciousness. The wave expands randomly with each new cycle. We could consider expanding the number of dimensions. When waves meet, a production of interference will occur. Even though we are parts of a whole, always connected, each part will produce a different flavor within it’s current wave, relating to size and speed ratios. This influences the ING$ factor, dimensionalized geometrical physics or simply, progression. Defusing and spacing would be potential functions, probably intangible in the early beginnings. As these words come forth, we are moving towards a overlap of dimensions. All feelings suggesting a happening, being very noticeable.

We can add more dimensionalization, by remembering how the holographic structure suggests that each part of consciousness, whatever the number, is the whole. Each part, in some moment, has the potential to realize, that the whole, representing all, is within. Still, each part can remember itself as a conscious part of a larger consciousness. Ego represents the former where our individualized root within THE NOTHING represents the smallest identity. EVERY potential in between is what presents the structure for MISSED UNDERSTANDINGS.

Each pulse cycle, for both the outer consciousness and the outward moving wave of the middle part of consciousness, will move holding to the same speed — radius proportions, until they meet and have returned to the initial start positions for the current cycle. Then a new speed — radius begins a new cycle. They both will use a newly established speed — radius proportion, based on the most current reading from the center of consciousness.

These early stages of our total of conscious awareness, by way of consciousness, already give a definable essence. The outer consciousness will be fairly uniform and stable, as will the center of consciousness. Always starting a new cycle reaching outward, the outer part of consciousness will always look outwards. Being centered is very easy to establish in the center of consciousness, so looking in becomes like a smooth flow. The middle part of consciousness, as previously described, has a suggestion of an INSIDE and an OUTSIDE realm. We might compare this to an existence of random happening. The outward moving wave, OUTSIDE, is very similar to the happening of the outer and center areas of consciousness. The inward moving wave, INSIDE, happens more frequently than the outward moving wave. Near the end of a cycle, speeds attained by the inward moving wave will far exceed the current speed, in the center of consciousness. All parts of consciousness will always be connected in the essence of THE NOTHING. The total collectivity of all parts will always be increasing. This is the result of each new meeting of imagined turbulence in all parts of consciousness.

Early happenings are very subjective, but still leave an imprint, which will always be a part of the influences for, all that is. The middle part of consciousness will have a random number of collisions, which occur between the inward moving wave and the current center of consciousness. This is allowed during each on — off cycle, of the outward moving wave. These collisions will have an affect on all parts of consciousness. Complexity within THE NOTHING has some major contributions. We want to remember, we are still in a state which is highly subjective, although we can begin to sense the beginning of space, which would also contribute a basis for time.

The middle part of consciousness, which extends outward and inward, could be identified as the SEED OF ORIGINS. We need to emphasize ORIGINS as being, many productions of space — time continuums. Space and time play a strong role in this writing, so we will skip ahead to the next major expansion of our collectively growing consciousness, still in a more relatively, combined form.

Through a long period of both, expanding our consciousness, and establishing an ever shrinking center, we have developed a new ability in how to feel motion. The feelings and memories, of our total of consciousness, were basically expanded upon, by reproducing similar activity. Compared to the excitement created, when consciousness split into three parts, current moments were very dull. This, we know, can create stimulus for change. The center of consciousness opened the realization of a new potential in movement. The movement currently being felt, by the center of consciousness, was still similar to the original feelings, imagined as motion. Relatively speaking, we see the current feelings are more concentrated, since the center of consciousness has such a tiny part of consciousness to be aware of. This allowed the center of consciousness to imagine a new motion, the spin, or let’s turn in a circle.

All parts are spinning now, and each portion uses a speed — size proportion based on the circumferencial movement, of the center of consciousness. This meant, the outer part of consciousness created a wave of imagined turbulence which felt very much the same, since the movement was so slow. The center of consciousness, by comparison, was spinning so fast, that each wave of imagined turbulence started to become UN stable. The center of consciousness needed to imagine a way, to contain each wave of imagined turbulence, so the expanding and contracting movement of the turbulence, would stay uniform. Each new pulse cycle, now would have an outer ring of a stationary imagined turbulence, to contain a spinning center.

This worked very well for the outer part of consciousness. The center and especially the middle parts of consciousness, found this format would begin weakening, as the speeds continually increased. The total of consciousness, within memory, had a feeling which supported the idea, that what was being imagined was just a simple turbulence. A new awareness began emerging that suggested there were two sides to the imagined turbulence. For the center of consciousness, it was easy to produce additional stationary waves, of imagined turbulence, to contain the central core in a spherical shape.

The middle part of consciousness simply exploded, being aided by the increased instability and a newly developed influence from the idea of two sides, to the imagined turbulence. There was no chance to contain the enormous amount of apparent space, fast enough, to prevent the initial spacing effect, caused by the faster spinning. By itself, the spacing effect would have only created a small explosion, where apparent pieces, of the wave of imagined turbulence, began breaking away from the main body. The new influence, from the awareness of two sides to the turbulence, gives birth of positive and negative, or the early stage of magnetics. Repulsion and attraction activity, between the pieces, snowballed into a grand explosion. This explosion was just the jolt our semi-dormant consciousness needed.

Our total of collective consciousness expanded in a multi directional format to quickly encompass it’s newness. THE NOTHING, having the greatest potential, still contains the newly established, imagined space. After this last explosion, we have an infinitely randomized influence, for potential consciousness in progression. Middle consciousness is presenting the infinity portion, since the outer and inner parts of consciousness are still very stable, as compared to what has occurred in the middle part.

These two parts, of the middle consciousness, we will consider the primary function, accepted in disguise, as living consciousness. This produces an ever expanding movement of energy, which is ultimately affected by all parts. Realism has it’s first burp.

The outer part of consciousness very easily surrounded the inner parts, with a gigantic sphere, as defined using a three dimensional view. The new explosion created a new ability, based on magnetics. This allowing a new and more solidified substance, which we will call FORCED ENERGY. FORCED ENERGY will compliment the original imagined turbulence. The creation is still a subjectively controlled imagination, but, we could say we get almost instant recognition of the imagined happening, coming relatively close behind the desire at the root, before production. We have now moved into the happening of subjective — objectivity, with an ever expanding potential, factored by the originally expanding root, ING$ factor.

While the imagined FORCED ENERGY is in a created form, it feels very solid, speaking with subjective — objectivity. After it is withdrawn, there still remains a residual feeling of the FORCED ENERGY’s presence. The stage we call subjective — objectivity, gives us a variational theme for measuring time, which is what notime would represent. From this moment forward, the outer sphere would spin, forming a central core of stationary FORCED ENERGY, to act as an axis, while the spinning wave of imagined turbulence is contained by forming an inner and outer shell of stationary FORCED ENERGY.

The most subjective realm will still have the most significant influence, during the adjusting and alignment of the more individualized parts, within the middle part of consciousness, both INSIDE and OUTSIDE. The outer part of consciousness, extended within subjective — objectivity, would be a finished projection of the completed, ON, cycle. This coming from within the roots of the initial four parts of consciousness, at the most subjective level. The total of all individualized consciousness parts, being sustained within the middle parts of subjectivity, would be the first developing intelligent beingness, with a very translucent body as compared to a more objectified existence. They would reside in, what appears to be, a subjective — objectivity based planet, being rooted as the outer part of consciousness.

The most centered part of consciousness, forever shrinking within the basic roots of subjectivity, will play a very dormant roll. It will appear as a symbol for potential growth, through allowance. This means, since this initial quality of shrinking is an infinite procedure, we will have an inherent base for rooting. The projection for the center of consciousness, from within the subjective level, would do basically the same as the outer consciousness, extended from subjectivity. Except, this center of consciousness would only need an outer shell of stationary FORCED ENERGY. The projection into subjective — objectivity, for the center of consciousness, would be hidden, dimensionally shrunk, inside the most inner center of the, so called, planet.

The real excitement would now be focused in the central part of consciousness. Here we can duplicate the end result, caused by the recent explosion, since our memory contains the happening and THE NOTHING has an imprint, that can assist in design. The new awareness and excitement generated in our conscious feelings, set the stage for a very rapid number of changes, utilizing the FORCED ENERGY in a variety of new ways. The new feeling, that began with the birth of FORCED ENERGY, is expanding and moving our consciousness to the point of the initial production of objectified — subjectivity.

Objectified — subjectivity is initially a surprise production, coming through influences building inside this subjective — objectivity. Subjective — objectivity presents our first growth of understanding, giving ideas for suggesting discoveries. We will expand on this later, for now, we want to jump a bit. The potential presented by FORCED ENERGY leads us to a PRE BIG BANG PARTICLE, which is a function within subjective — objectivity. With considerations for relativity, we know big bangs come with many variables for potential exposure.

We know, since this will always be an imagined happening, there will never be a totally objectified world. Even in the current moment, as words flow out, we know this is a consciously produced, holographic illusion. We’ll skip to the concept of THE BIG BANG, which was really an explosion of consciousness, through mirrorography of super advanced proportions, happening within a micronized containment of worlds, within each other, from a certain point of view. This phase we will call objectified — subjectivity.

Consider a function probability, existing simultaneously in all parts of consciousness, but highly individualized in the middle part of consciousness, which is now casting shadows. The first strong suggestion, from the concept of shadows, is related to how the current defined physical world is controlled. We know all our roots will still be connected and therefore will influence our total of progression. The resultant happening being supported in many ways. The happening, extended in a more time oriented phase, has most of the control within the confines of the dimension expressed. When Dogon is out of the Bob body, experiences, produced within a functioning universe, are more individually controlled. Where as, the outer reaches of our universe will have a proportionately higher influence coming from the more subjective areas of consciousness. From an Earth oriented explanation, this outer portion of the universe will be subjective — objectivity, which is stabilizing what grows to become, objectified — subjectivity.

Shadows refer to what is expressed in the post BIG BANG. This we know will be like a reverse action, holographically, to produce a universe. This production is relative to all influences presented at the moment of each beginning, in the current moment of the subjective — objectivity. Subjective — objectivity is a collection of existence, no — thing, full of notime. We are, in our most objectified state, a shadow energy held together by a sub atomic and atomic system of ENERGY FORCES. There are many books referring to this area of physics. Looking through the concept of reverse mirror imaging, the FORCED ENERGY, being most prominent in our established root, at the subjective — objectivity phase, becomes many ENERGY FORCES. But each of these energies are very hard to detect, or understand, from within an electron time oriented illusion.

This area is closely supported within subjective roots, since FORCED ENERGY has the strongest subjective root for solidity. ENERGY FORCES have a strong connection to establish the formation of solidity in objectified — subjectivity. Consciousness is still the primary influence, which is forever expanding it’s own computerness, in a manner of speaking, comparatively. ENERGY FORCES will extend to act as an agent for solidity, without solidity. The turbulence becomes very prominent in objectified — subjectivity and this gives infinite potential, which leads all the way to a biological life, pretense.

The first power struggle, which ultimately allows for our current evolutionary position, the key word being POSITION, has some significant increases, as we start progressing within the objectified — subjectivity. When we consider how many times the individualized ING$ factor, factors, on — off cycles begin to be the most significant stimulant for expanding consciousness and creativity. We each, ultimately, by way of this on — off cycle, contribute our individual – TWO CENTS WORTH – to the total of the happening. An on — off cycle, for any given part of individualized consciousness, will be consistent with all associated extensions, be they dreams of various intensity, or the illusioned reality, or the potential dimensionalization, or any other paranormal activity.

Our ability to handle time and each current moment, plays as a factor to allow a steady growth, when allowed. ENERGY FORCES would naturally begin to have an immediate affect on the objectified — subjectivity’s production of turbulence, or the makings of MATTER, making a big deal out of nothing. Meaning, there is a focused reality, forced out of desires.

Many are hooked on the FEAR factor, which becomes a less detectable ENERGY FORCE, bringing greater potential influence on consciousness, but shows itself as highly individualized. All emotions then become the next factor for push, and are defined as very ILLUSIVE. Emotion, in an elevated format, represents E(nergy)MOTION. This must be considered, as emotions are also influenced by the ING$ factor.

Since energy, of all types, has motion as a common function, sooner or later energy will mix, producing functional creations, extended progressively, forever. OK, so we have a variable GODDOM, partially filled with a hodgepodge of Gods. We might see this, suggesting a magnetic polarization, very complicated at the roots, parts prior to big bang, but restrictively verbalized as a two sided struggle between good and evil. These are simple missed understandings. THE NOTHING, containing this, is still receiving a continual imprint, to give stability to consciousness for projecting an impulse, which seemingly brings order out of turbulence. This is a simple continuity. All this because we felt empty.

All parts, of the created individualized consciousness, receive an extension of energy during the, ON, part of the on — off cycle. We can experience this through awareness of our breath, as it parallels our body’s energy movement’s, direction. Dramatics are eventually potent, since we could see, within this system of ours, something like an electrical spike. (e.g. If we had every light switch in a fair sized, or larger, motel, in a ready to switch on position and, it is timed properly so all lights turn on together, the potential spike, in the electrical system, could blow out every bulb). We can only imagine the potential numerical strength from strong overlaps of energy on — off cycles, which occur. Adding in the, OFF to ON, portion of one of the collected areas, which brings an impact of pulses containing numerous slower pulses, gives much support to the concept of energy spikes. There are also root, prior to big bang, OFF to ON, moments that would have an infinite potential towards varying amounts of influence.

All parts of the roots are expressed in objectified — subjectivity, relatively proportionate to their production within subjective — objectivity. For instance, one time unit, the electron, and approximately ten trillion notime units. The more focused area, in our roots, is now mostly hidden from the new formation, progressing within objectified — subjectivity. This will be understood more clearly when we expand upon subjective — objectivity. The area in subjective — objectivity, identified as the INSIDE part of the middle part of consciousness, is now interpreted slowly, as what would ultimately present the function called life, at its most physical potential. From the viewpoint established as a life-form, within objectified — subjectivity, we can easily be accepting this as a real, or solid, happening. This will slow advancing technologies proportionately based on, what else, the combined function of all ING$.

To remember the roots, will assist in advancing technology more progressively, as well as, stimulate a more positive subjective response, which can quickly turn problems into their own individualized solution. ING$ is far from being a simple equation, but using a simple counting method, with understanding of hidden potentials, can quickly suggest the importance of our roots, however they are felt.

Some energies become stimulated to cross boundaries, the overlapping effect, appearing to be in our conscious state of attention. The happening, allowing this apparentcy, is accomplished by impacts of energy and the variable energy spikes, frequently occurring. Meaning, we may have a large collectivity of individualized consciousnesses, seeing the same activity, momentarily appear out of a projection pulled from the UN conscious into our conscious portion of the illusion. Quite frequently, the percentage of individualized projections greatly out number the collective sightings.

“Why lookie there, it’s a PARTICLE. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I didn’t SEE it, I believe it’s a wave.”

THE NOTHING gives birth to THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS. This presents an interesting simplicity, which actually hides a humorous complexity. Using technology, we improve are ability to credit each discovery with a conclusion of either: A recently discovered particle breaks down into nothing, or a particle is found to be one of the current primordial building blocks. What is hidden inside each smaller nothing, awaits technical advances in measuring micropically. Technical advances in strobe — time measurement will catch the phenomena happening, during the tiny time span between a DEATH and REBIRTH of these, so called, base building blocks. The period between DEATH and REBIRTH will be detected. Again advancement technically will assist.

The discovery of a smaller nothing will eventually come, unless the root happening of this DEATH and REBIRTH cycle is discovered first. Ultimately, improved technological measuring allows for much potential stimulation to our appetite for expanding our consciousness, in abilities as yet UN known to the most conscious part we represent. The humor is the complexity of THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS. A part of THE NOTHING will always be the inner potential. Our center of consciousness is continually shrinking in size, subjectively, as well as having continual expression within all. This means, there will always be a little bit of THE NOTHING, everywhere. This is truly the definition of a totality of containment, when expanded upon dimensionally.

Now one step beyond! Dimensionalizing all it contains, THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS virtually controls the theory of relativity. The infinity suggested, by THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS, was already a virtual forever happening, long before we added our objectified — subjectivity. We could evolve forever and never find the smallest center of THE NOTHING, considering the speed of the pulse cycle, at the inner most root. Interestingly enough, we find, holographically, there is an extension within memory, for the steady concentration of focused awareness, in our most centered position, which continues through simple allowing.

We are the most centered part, of an almost automatic calculating biological computer, with access to an inexhaustible source of energy. Limited controllability exists in proportion to a collective allowance, within the total of all dimensions of the illusion. We individually gain a projectable universe, controllable to the extent that we touch any dimension with full conscious awareness. The consciousness, in an individualized state of being, factored by ING$ of an individualized nature, will produce variables that influence the projected universe, proportionate to the allowable understood by individual feelings.

Fears have played a significant role when considering what we feel we are, relative to existence. Considering a containment field, THE NOTHING, which allows for all subsequent illustrations of realities, FEAR is a manufactured, but invisable misconception.

THE NOTHING will always be, so, understanding the greater depth of connections and the resulting experiences, with practiced awareness to influences developed through thinking, can bring any to a more centered status, for allowing a greater enjoyment of activities encountered. This means there will always be a potential to ZERO between each thought, allowing freshness to future THINK INGS.