#### CHAPTER ONE ####


Recently many outings of significant influence have occurred as observed from a Dogon point if view. These will be presented as a wrap around series of perceived interpretations, starting with the most recent outing, relative to this now moment. Within the flow of data, concerning these outings, will be spontaneous data flow from various levels of understanding.

Currently, the most recent outing has a common prelude. This begins with Dogon’s awareness of being conscious, awaiting a sign of transiting out of Bob’s body. Bob’s body has already been in bed for several

hours. Dogon has already expressed many projections of consciousness, with little Bob awareness, so no first hand memories are established. These are usually called dreams. Next, Dogon is then alert, without projection, within a resting Bob body, for slightly over three hours, before a detected energy is presented. This is very common for there to be an extended period of waiting and watching, from a Dogon point of view. Dogon, through consciousness, begins to reveal an expanding awareness, while holding Bob awareness. This has always proved to be the most exciting type of outing, and is usually a very eye opening way of going out of the Bob body. The idea of having Bob awareness deals with Dogon projecting into an alternate reality, knowing there is a resting body, Bob, and, in addition, memories of Bob’s life become more influential for the outing.

The outing was fairly general in activities with one significant strength not generally present in this type of outing. This type of outing begins by rolling out of a bed, immediately after an energy surge has shifted consciousness. There have been over twelve hundred such outings, varying in the type of energy surge, but all begin with Bob awareness going along for the ride.

Most of these, roll out of bed type, would be intermittent, where consciousness would be pulled back to the resting body, after a few minutes. After any return to the resting body, Dogon, still aware of the shifting of consciousness, will roll out into another system, or body, and continue to explore. There have been an average of three to four additional roll outs, after the first return to the resting body. What made this outing stronger, was a focusing technique, to hold pattern. This enhanced the outing so minor shifts, which occur, will not succeed in the returning to the resting body, but instead, Dogon remains out, with Bob awareness, waiting for more activity.

In addition to the more than twelve hundred of these type of out of Bob’s body, there are literally tens of thousands of other, Dogon — Bob awareness type, conscious outings. These would be more defined as a discovered outing. They can vary from being, just simple memory interpretation of what is more often called dreams, to a total awareness of being in the dream.

When consciousness recognizes the added Bob awareness, the dream basically is known now to be out of Bob’s body. The potential, from this established position of take over, can extend in excess of an hour. There are many variations to produce extensions, in length of time, and the build up in holding a body, other then Bob, seems to make it feel as if Dogon is further from Bob’s body. This usually suspends the potential for returning to Bob’s body, extending the amount of time before Dogon notices any return to the resting body. This type of entry, of Bob awareness, for an outing, has extended the averaged duration, before a noted return, to about twenty minutes. Naturally, the returning to Bob’s body is more dominantly displayed when Dogon has Bob awareness.

This brings us to the importance of awareness. We consider, the progression of consciousness, with awareness, establishes a focus for identity, not necessarily needing to be named, but just simply, being. This state of being, awareness, aids in being conscious of the eternal self, which is continually building while always, in essence, being the ALL or THE NOTHING.

For the purpose of translation, we remember that pure, subjectivity, holds, and is therefore larger than any of it’s holdings. These holdings would represent what becomes perceived as a so called reality, whether from Bob’s body experience, or not. Other Dogon produced bodies, within there own variation of a reality, would also have a perceived reality, held within subjectivity. This is simplified for now. So at best, the words being used are only supportive of the suggestions presented by NON — Bob body oriented experience, which happens within the reality for any of the other bodies, Dogon projects.

The total of we consciousness, in this case Dogon, from the total of all collective consciousnesses, existence, includes much exposure, which is accessible through the Bob system. A greater identity, relative to the word existence, could be more inclusive, stated as, Coalision Of Energy. This would, for now, be a simple way to encompass a enormous collective which represents both sides, so to speak. We will say one side represents the Earth, with all expansions of defining life, existing with the Earth. The other side would represent, for us on Earth, the invisable support. This will be expanded upon later. But this area, as noted, is very hidden in terms of memories of experiencing outings, when occurring without Bob awareness. This area is like an invisible functioning contributor, to the flow of data through the Bob system, which is for translating what Dogon would interpret, from the broader spectrum of outings.

Most of the data being presented, so far, as well as all that follows, is very influenced by the areas which are more rooted within the greater part of Dogon, without Bob awareness. In other words, it’s a realllllly BIG, Coalision O Energy. In away, this would give rise to an understanding for various, so called, psychic abilities, but still, we are THE NOTHING pretending beingness through DREAMED separation.

The search for eternal individual existence, has remained a steady part of our so called history, for these past ten, or so, millennia. Bob has been an existence, within this Earth perspective, slightly less then five decades. Exposure to the numbers of belief variations, to the more modern forms of religious groupings, is a few hundred, or so. This number would need to be added to all those which are either, very secret types, or no longer followed. This suggests people of the Earth are somewhat interested in what happens, after what has been called, death.

All experience considered, which includes Bob and the other extensions which make up the current Dogon unit, THERE IS NO DEATH! After all, how can THE NOTHING die? The idea of the falseness of death, however, can be better understood from a Dogon point of view, though. Within a physical existence, such as Earth, where Bob currently resides, death is only seen from the inside of the physicality. Dogon would still have Bob awareness and would see no death, since being also on the other side, so to speak. In essense, we each have a connection within the invisable side of the Coalision Of Energy, which is like our invisable home, a place to rest from our adventures, until we think ourselves some where for the fun of it. This is established, since Dogon would have awareness of a current projected body, of some type, even though in one projected reality, Bob, would seem diminished. Bob, from a Dogon understanding, could have other probable realities, plus the reality where on the inside, a body, projected as one version of Bob, has died. This would remain as a continuing awareness within what Dogon represents.

The following is not meant to be a conclusion or a derogatory statement to any. To only be aware of the Bob system, or any other singular system point of view, which is looked upon as being all there is, would suggest potential fear of death. This fear of death has great influence. Many have reflected on memories of what has been recently expressed as, near death experiences. This seems to have an affect on the immediate experiencer, somewhat relieving themselves of the strong influences from the fear of death.

The interpretation, given by many, suggests something beyond death. Those who are friends with people, who have had the near death experience, are also affected. Even those who are exposed by reading a published book are, in their own way, affected. The reference was made to suggest the tie between near death experiences and these out of Bob’s body experiences.

The outing being discussed was very new and exciting, as a change of pace. With remembering to use the focusing technique, Dogon found, even though the outing changed format, the Bob awareness stayed influential and there was very little drifting back to the resting body. The total outing lasted about an hour. Having the outing be more spaced, with continuing Bob awareness, other memories of things to explore, were more easy to recall. While zipping around in what can be described as a very wild area of potential realities, it is easy to become absorbed by the activity encountered.

With the accumulation of awareness, consciously acquired, and, based on exposure over the decades relative to Bob’s existence, Bob is not only unconcerned about death, but has no relevance other than being the name of one of Dogon’s projected systems. This is weighted heavily with experience, while in numerous bodies, other than Bob’s, which makes death seem very distant, as a concern. What this says is, Dogon is the one directing the show and while the Bob body is up in the world of Earth reality, it is predominantly a Dogon adventure.

More succinctly, Dogon would represent a collected consciousness, collectively expanding relative to the total of all collected consciousnesses, which is always expanding through continual change. Expansion is more like a NON definable containment field. Dogon uses, as stated earlier, THE NOTHING, as the beginning, which would represent the containment field for any illusioned reality, including physical types, like Earth. The outing described, being the most recent, and all previous variations of outings, especially the ones exposed to Dogon while holding Bob awareness, have all contributed to a basic understanding of beginnings.

The use of the word nothing, to describe this containment field, THE NOTHING, comes before any, Thing. When the first, Thing, becomes a reality within existence, this is contained within THE NOTHING, along with all areas collectively known as subjective, which are also part of existence. The word, nothing, takes on a new style to denote a before and after position. The true use of the word, nothing, is only valid for existence before the first, Thing. We will further define the word, thing, as reflected by this previous statement. The true use of the word, thing, belongs only when a perceived observation, by an individual projected system, like a body, has recognition which identifies, SEPARATION. Meaning, “I am in my body, here, looking at a, Thing, there”!

There are realities which have entities that see all as One, without any separation. In these realities there is, no —- thing, but this will still be a containment within THE NOTHING. No — thing, as the after style of, nothing, represents subjectivity, both as its purity suggests and as a more expressed position, called subjective —- objectivity. From these areas come the allowance for the birth of all, Things, which would then represent objectified — subjectivity.

To assist understanding, it is appropriate for a Bob point of view. This activity, of typing, is being allowed through the use of the Bob system, using a keyboard, inputting to a computer. Within the computers system, we are utilizing a word processing software program. The planet is called Earth. The location is in northwest U.S.A. and the apartment is in a small city.

From a, Thing, point of view, which represents the type of reality the Earth denotes, Bob projects through the identified sense of sight. When Bob identifies the computer, the keyboard, a wall, or any other, Thing, the resulting projection, for visual purposes, is actually accomplished through consciousness. This includes the total of what consciousness represents in whatever form consciousness exposes itself to be. This is accomplished by separating the, no — thing, so Bob only sees parts of it, as conscious awareness would allow. The parts, which are identified to represent a, Thing, the computer for instance, still exist as a part of a united, no — thing, being always connected. Bob, because he is in a physical existence which identifies, has a natural need to separate, so, Things, which are within what appears as a physical world, are seemingly spaced out with air or an atmosphere.

For the purpose of simplification we will say that the size of THE NOTHING, our containment field, is only big enough to hold the Earth’s solar system and all so called stars, visually perceived. THE NOTHING will always have its unique position of being the ultimate containment field. All consciousness is forever tied to THE NOTHING. Consciousness, through a Bob existence, sees, Things, identification through separation, so Bob calls the whole contained physical existence, a universe. Bob can further define this universe by naming parts, such as stars, planets, asteroids, and a lot of life forms on the Earth, as well as man made structures.

For now, we will say that all of these identified, Things, have a limited time span, within existence. The computer’s outside case will appear, over time, to wear. Actually, consciousness, as related to the collected acceptance of the Earth’s type of physical existence, continually updates all projected versions of the computer, by the same separation from, no — thing, so expected appearances are justified. This suggests a root assumption, for the Earth type physical reality, giving us a so called, scientific law of acceptance.

If Bob could travel physically, in time, he could go back to when the computer was new, and then return to see the comparison. “My computer’s wearing out!” From a limited Bob type view, this would appear true, except as Dogon, we understand how misleading such a limited focus can be.

Let’s say one of Dogon’s friends, who has only a nonphysical type existence, comes to visit, while Dogon is in the Bob body, looking at the poor computer. As stated, Dogon understands, no matter what is being observed, that the computer only seems to be wearing on the case. This wearing out process, of course, is for the purpose of physical continuity, keeping people stable, when expectations are conditional.

We will call Dogon’s friend, NO — BODY. When, NO — BODY, looks out in Bob’s world, the, no — thing, is still a oneness. For, NO — BODY, it will seem, for it’s focus, as strings of tiny lights going in multiple directions, all over. From, NO — BODY’s, perception, without a body, we get a different type of identity. From this expressed position, which would be represented as the entire focus of strings of lights, or any portion of that total, we could only attempt to perceive a measurable size. This area is actually much more complex and limitations do prevail, so using words from a physical existence point of view, would ultimately be misleading.

In the Earth reality, with the exception of shopping or other Earth type activity, most Bob body time gives way to Dogon and all potentiated connections are open for reception. This would be like a receptor dial, which can seemingly be adjusted to receive different movements of energy. These energy movements can then be translated through the Bob system. Sometimes visual data will appear, either with eyes closed or sometimes open. Dogon spends time, while waiting on incoming data, inputting from Earth published data. The overall effect is grand indeed and much is understood, even though beyond verbal expression. This does, however, give a vast reservoir to draw upon. For instance, when these words flow for typing, Dogon just allows, and the system translates in the most appropriate manner for needed clarity, when possible.

As a discussible example, taken from this outing already mentioned, Dogon, after indulging sexual influences, remembered to project into another system. The projection resulted in a switch to a body being cared for in a hospital. Sitting up, Dogon found a nurse, getting closer, holding a needle in her hand. Confirming the current body as being the target, by asking the nurse a straight forward question, Dogon, with strong influence from the Bob awareness, decided to leave. Bob, who has had sufficient experience feeling needles poked into the Bob body, had assuredly given good reason for needless attention to another needle.

Since the nurse was basically ready to make her move, with the needle, Dogon quickly had the head of this body shake. This is the general technique which has always returned Dogon to the resting Bob body. This was a purposeful return, well into ten or so minutes of the total outing, but Dogon just rolled out of bed and continued having the outing, with Bob awareness.

Any of the previous energy feelings, which signal the beginning of a return to the resting body, were detected and somewhat controlled. The potential return to the resting body was suspended by directing the eyes to focus on something within the outing. Once the energy wave subsided, Dogon would continue with the adventure. During the energy wave, while being focused on something, the current projected body would basically become another projected body, without first going back to the resting body. The focused item would still be strongly in focus but when the outing continued with the body moving again, Dogon would find a new experience to continue with.

Again there was some variable indulging and then Dogon remembered to attempt another projection. The method Dogon uses, is to stop and focus mentally and then almost instantly, another body. This practice has been very sparse, so far, so there is much to understand as it relates to where one might end up.

In this outing, for these two attempts of projecting, the result was the same. This time, there was no nurse, with a needle, and as soon as Dogon sat upright, the body was directed to start looking at things around the bed, which increases awareness within the outing. One piece of paper had an address which showed the hospital to be in Chicago. Some newspapers, close by, revealed the year as nineteen hundred fifty. Another nurse had also brought that days current paper and as she handed the paper to Dogon’s current body, a name was used. It sounded like “Here’s today’s paper Dr. Wade”.

It should also be noted that this is NOT an example, referenced earlier, suggesting movement backwards or forwards in time, although it is a variation of this process, which is easier to recognize. Since, while in an outing, we can ask people encountered, or look at things, to identify the year, which will usually be different than what we know to be current for the Earth, where Bob resides. When being Bob, the recognition of being displaced in a time frame going reverse of what is considered standard, takes greater awareness of EACH moment and what is occurring, relative to what may have been previously encountered. Meaning we can have an experience, representing the current moment, which gives evidence of a repeat or reestablishment of a prior experience, which seems to suddenly appear without an identifiable cause. Again, this became known after several recognized anomalies were detected, over many years of paying attention.

Relative to this described outing, the next energy wave, which will shift consciousness, being controlled by using the focusing technique with the eyes of the current projected body, resulted with Dogon being in a walking body. This body was moving within a hallway on the way to a distant room, which could be seen up ahead. There were several people sitting or standing. The body, which was just left behind, was in some way restricted, as well as, connected to some medical devices. This current body, now in a walking motion, was free of restrictions.

When arriving in the distant room, Dogon saw that one of the men had also been seen, while having the encounter as the named, doctor Wade. A quick question established, for this man, his visit was nineteen hundred sixty five and he did remember seeing Dogon, as a patient. It was subsequently discovered, that this individual recognized Dogon’s current body as a person named Bob. This brought a Bob awareness response which basically held a short conversation with this man. He had been given the advise, since having out of body experiences, to go see Bob. The response, Bob influenced, said, “I suggest you should catch me when I’m in”. Then there was a short break to laugh before concluding, “I’m in my dreaming body now”. Dogon turned to continue exploring for the balance of the outing, before finally returning to the resting body.

The overview of our story, about a computer case wearing out, says that a physical world, like the Earth, is actually performing as a hologram. This certainly requires a stretch of traditionally accepted beliefs. We can recall the outing, where Dogon is out projecting bodies in other realities, while holding Bob awareness, noting many shifts of consciousness. When the shift is complete, Dogon has a different body and the surrounding areas will change to accommodate, what will be needed for this current body’s experience.

Let’s consider the shift, which occurred when Dogon remembered to project. At the point, prior to the projection, Dogon is alone and aware of being in a standing body, within a room with very few objects. After completing the projection, Dogon is now aware of being in a body, lying in hospital bed, which is in a large ward with many other people. Many people, beds, tables and other items are now present. Dogon also has Bob’s body resting in a bed, within a studio apartment. All three of these settings are still existing, basically overlapping, but each projected body establishes the setting from a holographic vibration, which is only detectable by viewing from that particular body. Each setting would need their own particular body, in form, so visualization is possible. The, no — thing, would be in varied separation for each of the settings, uniquely controlled by consciousness, which allows focus through any body, when needed. There will be more on this later.

Dogon, through a vast expanse of connected experience, still has a main focus through the Bob body. If we consider the computer from a different variation, the loading of a software program for instance, there are comparisons to express. While a software program, for most situations, is being input to the computer, the screen will reveal instructions and directions. Gee! How interesting. Dogon also seems to be continually feeling an instruction format, which assists in understanding needed direction.

Back to the computer. Some of the instructions, presented on the screen, will ask questions for the purpose of proper setup. If the person working the computer chooses, the inputting program will read the computer and the connected peripherals and select the best setup. This is usually referred to, as the default settings. Bob would, in away, represent the current default setting for Dogon. As in the computer program, a person can rearrange the setup, for temporary needs, and then return to the default settings. Seems like there may be some copy infringement, but of course, existence doesn’t mind.

Another way to understand the term, default setting, will help, since some might consider this to have a negative connotation. We can use a television program to further illustrate the point of returning to a default setting. Consider you are watching one of your favorite weekly programs, of course, most will include commercials. With the advent of the remote control, which adds greater ease for changing channels, a person is NOT locked in to watching things they would rather NOT watch. Let’s say the program is on channel five and about five minutes into the show a commercial is running. You decide to change to another station, temporarily, until you figure the commercials are done. Then you can return to the channel you were watching, by simply pushing a button, and see the continuance of your desired viewing. Each time a commercial begins, you temporarily switch and then return. In this instance, channel five, being where your program is running, would be like a default setting. You can switch for awhile and then return to continue with the more preferable programming. In a similar way, going out of the Bob body, would be like switching channels, momentarily, and then when the outing has ended, a return to the Bob body would occur. Of course, there is no need to push any buttons, because it will automatically be taken care of, since we each are the collective consciousness, that is running all the parts.

In another view, from a body point of awareness, controlled by consciousness, the needed selection for objectification is discovered and projected, similar to how the inputting program reads the available computer connections, available. Once the program has completed installation, into the computer, then a working program is available to the user. This is a simple way of saying that, when each of the projected bodies for Dogon is activated, an actual existence, corresponding to the memories and needs of this projected body, is now available for exploration in the desired manner, based on the Dogon overview.

Let’s consider, a graphically oriented adventure game is running on the computer, revealing itself to the user by way of the monitor or screen. The user has control of our hero, a magician, who is to save a mate from a rival, played by the computer, by way of the program. The user will see the happening on the screen and react with responses through keyboard input.

When Bob is in his childhood years, Dogon is more a distant memory and influences from family and friends are more dominant in how Bob perceives the world of Earth existence. Within Bob’s imagination, he is the hero and is UN aware of where he is heading or why he is even existing. If he pays too much attention to others, he will drift slowly towards an ultimately limited life and forget about being the hero. This is more an established conclusion, looking back from Dogon’s current position. But Bob’s youthful conclusions see through the limitations used by most people, he is exposed to from day to day. He is able to sustain an outer facade while maintaining an inner freedom.

The program, on the outside, for the purpose of existing within a tolerable life, within the Earth framework, has some flexibility, but is still quite limiting. Can you imagine being born into existence and then finding out, you got to pay for it as well.

On the inside, Bob is building his own program. This program allows him to interface with those who share the Earth with him, while on the inside a program is developed to better understand the why, and adjustments are made, accordingly. Most of the adjustments are sensed as fantasy pretenses, to add pleasure for offsetting what is more structured and restrictive on the outside. The program playing out for Bob, on the outside, is holographic in nature, like viewing a monitor when playing a computer program. This outside program variation becomes a default mode, for Dogon, where, as Bob, CO existence with others, is an Earth physical reality. In these early years, dreams are just dreams, but memories are strong and contribute much variation as compared to the Earth existence, which Dogon ultimately returns to, as Bob.

In our computer game, our user will be focused on a main screen, covering an overview. In these games, when an encounter with a computer programmed character occurs, often the screen will change, offering a new selection of choices, for the user. Once the encounter is ended, then the program will return the user to the main screen. All data to draw the screen and appropriate statistics are saved, within the program, for the continual progression of our main character. The main screen will carry through, until the end game. Once the conclusion has arrived, the game ends, but the user can restart and, will generally find a completely new adventure, following a similar agenda.

Dogon, through Bob, has been entertained by many such programs. The operations of the computer, show a very significant similarity to how existence works, while producing a physical reality. Even to the point of being in a position to start a new life after the ending of one life.

Dogon is well established currently, even though during early years it seemed to just represent Bob. Evaluating the functions within this Bob existence, reflect various potential levels of understanding. Adding Dogon’s other connections, some known sources and some unknown sources, Dogon is determining reasons for existence, as it relates to location. In other words, why have a Bob reality when there are other areas of existence, which often exhibit greater flexibility for projected bodies.

This has promoted much thought for much of Bob’s time on Earth. If we consider the outing, previously accounted, even with as little detail given, Dogon is very impressed and desirous for more, in a similar energy framework. Bob’s current position, on the Earth, is very slightly resembling an Earth type lifestyle. Although, it is still representing the default body, identified for Dogon, while expressing on Earth. Summarily, all exposed experience from NON Earth perspective, if experienced without the opportunity to sit as Bob, would probably be much more difficult to understand. This could suggest that a reason for existing within an Earth type reality, gives Dogon a greater chance to establish a supportive foothold for progressing to other realities, or, even joining in a CO – creation of an entirely new version of a reality. Dogon sees the Earth now, as a secondary existence, as compared to that which occurs out of the Bob body. Expectations suggest, after completing Bob’s life, Dogon will move on to a reality more similar to a style, like the described outing. In approximately one hour of outing, more than ten different bodies, with accompanying realities, were experienced, each presenting a different excitement. If we use this to expand on, within Bob’s Earth existence, we could suggest a story with commentary.

To begin this analogy, we will use Bob as the central character. Bob starts on a Monday. He meets the girl of his dreams. Ha! They instantly love each other and spend the day having fun. They eat together, go dancing, see a couple of movies and end up at a superb dinner, with comic entertainment. As night approaches, Bob invites her for an overnighter. We will skip the details of the evening encounter, since it is not a secret to most what can occur between two lovers. Tuesday arrives and again Bob is ready to begin the day. Of course, the girl is gone, since she was only the Monday experience.

Now we will speak of probabilities, for Bob. If there is no awareness, by way of Dogon, then Bob might end up crying, all day Tuesday, for the loss of his recent lover. Or, he could decide to spend the day searching for her, in fact he could spend years searching, and, he may even find her. There are obviously many varieties to potential directions Bob could take, but that’s not why the analogy was started. Based on an awareness of Dogon and all other connected realities, Bob knows and expects the UN expected. Tuesday begins and wow!, Bob encounters another girl of his dreams and proceeds to have another adventure, completely fresh and new. The girl from Monday is no longer considered as anything but a memory.

Question: Are you ready for this type of existence? The, YOU, can refer to anyone who might read this. From Dogon’s view, most people, of the Earth, encountered through Bob, would have to answer, no! This will bring in a potential reason why Dogon still exists on the Earth, as Bob. Awareness of other experiences, collectively contributed through the Dogon totality, gives this type of experience, which is an experiencing of a seemingly UN expected moment to moment happening. Dogon is very well aquatinted with the UN expected, and through Bob, would be in a position to contribute understanding, NOT yet encountered by most fellow Earthlings.

Something mentioned earlier, about the importance of awareness, seems to stand out, quite predominantly, and has a contributory area for needed understanding. Dogon, from Bob’s point of existence, would NOT be either understood or recognized without the expanding awareness. If we expand the definition of Dogon, collective consciousness projecting varying types of existence, to include some other words common to most, we might call it THE SOUL or THE ETERNAL SELF, or that which survives the illusioned deaths. Ultimately each individualized part of existence will arrive at their own personal variation of existence, but the needed awareness is a major key.

There are other areas, besides awareness, but for now it a good point of reference. Preparing for the next advancement within the Earth type reality, is what we are building towards, as a species. Based on a vast amount of experience as Dogon, and then relating it to the Bob existence, suggests that Dogon will be projecting, spontaneously, into a variety of bodies, for greater expansion of experience. There won’t be time to sit and wonder, where the rent money will come from, or, who we will play with, just for the fun of it. This part of existence, we are currently moving towards, like all of existence, takes care of itself. To be in acceptance of this is what awareness will bring to any who are adventurous and daring.

On the Earth, if one becomes acutely aware, people may discover that all things fit and each person could exist in peace as well as pursue their desires, without concern for yesterday or tomorrow. The current moment would always present the ultimate in desired experience, but without awareness we tend to fall for misunderstandings. Sounds sad!

From the vast experience as Bob or expanding to include outings for Dogon, there could be an entire book written about this area which creates such sadness. With the addition of experiences, encountered with awareness, Dogon has discovered that all is a CO creation. In the existence, while being Bob, looking through memories from what is called past, it is very evident how even simple thoughts have contributed to the weaving of Bob’s life. This brings out a very important point and in away is a needed understanding, if one wants to progress to this next stage, and, actually enjoy their experiences. Outings, including the one described already, reflect how different thought patterns can influence an outing into changing it’s format. For instance, when the nurse moved in close, with the needle, a quick thought, creating the shaking of the head, moved Dogon to another more pleasant situation. This is a simple example, since there is greater complexity to thought patterns, within any particular system or body. The Earth, by comparison, is within a reality which often reveals long expanses in time before most thoughts, show their influence, but influence they will, no matter if one understands or not. People can play in whatever game they wish, religious, cult, materialism, poverty or whatever, but the ultimate progression of existence will continue it’s onward push. This may sound like a restriction but only because most are UN aware of their greater connections. Bob is well aware of what Dogon represents, in fact, as stated earlier, Bob has really turned into what Dogon represents. This is a truth uniquely developed and intended through progression in becoming what Dogon is.

There is no rule saying that all must move forward. Many will be at the door of decision, standing at the threshold of a new and exciting reality, whether they are ready or not. There will be advisor potential, but no other can make the decision for each system of consciousness. Each will know, as they peer out, if they should go forward or return to an Earth style existence to become more prepared. This is for those who are determined to understand and allow the decision to be in a forward direction. Going back to an Earth type reality can still represent a forward progression, but then an individual is again subjected to many expressed false HOODS, held within a physical Earth type world. We reach for an encompassing ability to ZERO ourselves to allow a newness to SENSE INGS!!!