There is a main theme which can be discussed, relative to a Bob point of view and recognized as the significance of imagination. Bob is imagined, through Dogon, a collected consciousness, imagining inside a total imagining structure, shared!!

Dogon imagines Bob as one of many projected systems, this one a physical body, and, there could be situations where we can be in an outing, which allows us to replay an experience, from what is termed the Earth reality. These replayed experiences, whether remembered or not, either from a dream or some other type of outing, will generate a satisfaction which may have been missed during the first time encountered. These could represent other versions of probable Bobs or some could be other identities entirely, where the reality is more flexible, relative to energy moving.

As described, Dogon represents a collective consciousness. All the various connections are very complex, even if we say that this is simply put. This then contributes to allow a function called Dogon, to have such incoming stimulus, in total, however defined, all contributing to what the imagination suggests. The stories presented to this point are an overview for the total, so called, all that is, some people also call it god. This is where the word, imagination, can say so much more. After all, the perspective of a containment field, THE NOTHING, containing a multi layered illusion, interwoven as reflective perceptions, can bend traditions, significantly. The word, imagination, is short and oh so sweet.

Imagination blossoms the potential of all variables, giving greater openness to definition. Considering connections, whether known or UN known, the number ten trillion becomes the simple focus for how many realities one could actualize. The idea of probable realities is vastly increased, exponentially, relative to this ten trillion figure. This would be a number with tens of trillions of zeros following it, but still less than infinity. We keep referencing the electron as an example for understanding the identity position, so the ten trillion number is large and ominous, but still represents restriction, numerically.

Numbers have played an important part to display how this existence is suggesting vastness. Money is also somewhat well recognized within the world of Bob, which is where this translation comes in. It has been stated, remindedly, that this is a translation from subjectively based routing, explained in objectified — subjectivity type observation. Dogon is the function which allows the projection of many systems, bodies, into a variety of realities, where Bob is what has been termed the default mode. Meaning, Dogon returns to a strong identity function, for however long, through understanding the need to understand. Bob makes it possible to write this by way of a software, word processor program, loaded into a computer.

If one considers, the main thrust of view, from the writing, influenced by the Dogon input, a jump will result. The obvious, suggests Dogon is still a character being watched by another part of the total individual collective. In a simple point, this is IMAGINATION telling the story which influences the input, from a Dogon view, described as Bob.

An input using numbers, to represent amounts of money, may help understand the great diversity of just one tiny segment of existence, called Earth, and the so called universe the Earth is located within. We will consider that a million, may still mean a lot of one dollar bills. Of course, in today’s time, almost ninety six, a billion dollars is common for some. With the USA government, a trillion dollars is well known.

We are closing in on having six billion people on the Earth. One trillion dollars is enough for about one hundred sixty six dollars for each person, of a total of six billion people. Not that big of a deal. The potential positions for the electron, in completing a spherical type orbit, for the production of the atom, is about ten trillion. In dollars, we now have over sixteen hundred each, still no big deal. The electron flash, or electron vibrational frequency, the number of times we blink on — off within a second, is a number with twenty four zeros, following it. Making the number, a one, with all those zeros, EACH of the Earth’s people would have in the area of a quadrillion dollars. A quadrillion is a thousand trillions. Oh well, enough for numbers.

If one has ever used layover techniques, it can assist with understanding the greater potential of, what it means to be more than the sum of the parts. A layover structure could be defined, where we have a main picture, with pages of additional add ON’s, which are able to be laid over and seemingly change the main picture. There are areas in computer programming which draw portraits, which build by adding different parts, where a nose may have a hundred potential styles.

To better understand the potential of projecting bodies, we will remember the space — time continuum. Dogon would be an established space — time continuum. Bob would also represent a space — time continuum. With the exception of a few noticeable differences, both Bob and any other similar beings, sharing the Earth, would have many similar space — time continuums working as a team to make the actual body, what it is. These would be things like the heart, spleen, lungs, brain, legs, bones, cells, nerve endings, proteins… Well we could go on and on if we felt we wanted to test the potential of naming. Each space — time continuum is both a part of the total of what we represent as a oneness, as well as, each being an individualized focus. These are both discussed as consciousness. Within the idea of one space — time continuum, a heart or the complete body, Bob for instance, we can have an infinite number of possible styles. A Dogon position, a space — time continuum identity, will have the total of the potential intermix, of all variables available for each space — time continuum, before assembly of a particular body is completed, for a projected focus. All this is to suggest a minimal view of the high numbers involved.

The key word still reverts to imagination. We can restate the three areas referred to, within other earlier parts of this writing. The subjective phase, being imagination through a feeling nature. This is, in essence, the birth of what we feel, we consciously feel ourselves to be. Imagination is the description for the technique of being a SECRET. This root for both types of objectivity, would be imaging, by pretending to feel something beyond just feeling.

Subjective — objectivity would be imagination’s first realization of pretending to be an object, both observing itself with connections, as well as, knowing itself as a pretense. The surprise production of objectified — subjectivity, had an affect on the other two phases, but the intelligent beingness, within objectified — subjectivity, grew without knowing of the imagination, pretending. In the production of objectified — subjectivity, the influence of the desires of subjective — objectivity, were the main factors. This would be more emphasized in the area concerning the awareness of what feelings, could produce, to seem as real, within the created reality version phase, subjective — objectivity.

The area called subjective — objectivity will have objectified influenced descriptions. These will be in addition to the variables suggested from a status of purely subjective — objectivity, where there is no strong influence from any objectified — subjectivity. If we are within an objectified — subjectivity, the apparent view of a purely subjective, or a subjective — objectivity, oriented experience, will have its ultimate expression, for the experience, from strong, objectively based, feelings.

Sitting, with eyes closed and with attentive awareness, we can glimpse fleeting visions, or even stronger, actual physical contact, these representing short duration overlaps with subjective — objectivity. The TV story, earlier, using a TV which still had a channel dial, was illustrating the stepping up in vibrational frequency for switching realities. The experiences, which can occur with duration’s within small fractions of a second, are doing similar shifts, but usually going so quick as to be ignored, for the most part.

The resulting expression, if we do catch the experience, will vary from a simple acknowledgment of noticing a strange occurrence, all the way to being a life changing explosion. This area of discovery, as compared to the main thrust of input concerning outings, was more in practice prior to the recent decade or so. It’s very entertaining, but the conscious movement into an alternate reality, moving into minutes worth or longer, has an affect which can only be experienced, for understanding the greater impact.

When we speak of objectified — subjectivity, it only refers to the current identity position for producing the electron flash. This is viewed by the parts made in the particular reality. These other trillions of unaware positions, potential electron identity positions, the parts considered empty space, will represent the adjoining part connected through and inner woven throughout subjective — objectivity. This part of subjective — objectivity, is representing this, only relative to the objectified — subjectivity we are discussing. Since any of these trillions of positions ultimately could represent an objectified — subjectivity, the part being assigned to subjective — objectivity is transitional.

The part of subjective — objectivity, that is transitional, will only be thus relative to subjective — objectivity. Any view from objectified — subjectivity sees it as dreamland, without any experience of a conscious format. The difficulty in agreements, concerning reality, has a major disturbance from the roots of what imagination is, and what it ultimately allows itself to be. The trick to understanding imagination, comes through the acceptance of the I’m OK, your OK, referring to the imagination. We will find many who are in a battle against their imagination, which doesn’t matter, since imagination still works.

This type of situation is strange indeed. Imagination is at our roots and everywhere in between. The whole of what we consider real, can only be real, IF WE IMAGINE, so to battle the imagination is like attempting to stop eternity, so you can get Off. The only thing in, Off, is waiting to turn On again. Face it, as an existence, we have to exist, every part, no matter. To have no existence is NOT within the ability to imagine existence.

Since imagination is at the root of this writing, it might be interesting to reflect on a pre felt observation, which connects experiences, to suggest a story of destiny. The discoveries through a Dogon type overview, is self observing as much of itself, as possible, as compared to a single reality point of view.

If we were to consider the ocean as our containment for an analogy, it would build as follows. We are now capable of existing in the ocean. As we expand our knowing, we realize we are both a person, individualized by thought, and an expansion beyond thought. The expansion establishes the feel that we are indeed the ocean that contains us. Once this becomes understood and felt through the accompanying experiences, we recognize that, if we are the ocean, then the ocean is us. Then we, as the ocean, are also all the other things individually expressed within the ocean, like fishes and such.

Just because, we can see so clearly from a person point of view, does not mean that imagination has disconnected parts of itself, from itself. The story about to follow, will incorporate some recent discoveries and connect to previously mentioned areas.

As we have previously discussed, the earlier parts of this writing are covering the connections with the concept of imagination, which allows the illusion to seem real. It may even pop a cork of sorts, allowing explosions of understanding. To define this mysterious subject is difficult, since it will always be expanding. To further complicate, each individual has their own view, where all these views are one of a kind. If it appears two individuals have similar views, then more time will expose where the uniqueness dwells.

This Dogon function was defined as the collective consciousness of an individualized entity consciousness. It also represents a spherical shaped ultimate computer. That was for the purpose of simple computer comparisons. When we consider the exposure to such a variety of peoples claims, to what existence is, Dogon represents influence for many variations. This means, when something comes in, as an understanding, it usually can suggest a channeling of sorts, and there can be many variations understood by the potential expansion of the ability to understand.

Some of the writing is filtered as a “we” styled delivery always attempting to UN conclude. UN conclusions become an important awareness. This allows one to see how all is an imagined conclusion. We are an imagined happening.

The first part of this will be an overview description. Most of the support for the influence, from the Dogon function, is heavily measured through understanding, how to be conscious. This is a function, which can only be described as NOT being a function. Much more NON Earthly areas of existence, with or without our total Earthly awareness, are available in the files, so to speak.

Many may have been exposed to the idea of third density and fourth density. Third density would be a single universe construct, centered somewhere and individualized, with other variations, collectively sharing, together, on Earth for instance. Fourth density would encompass worlds which are written off as dreams of the mind or something similar. Contributions to the area considered fourth density, come from being aware of how many activities go on, out of memory, for various reasons. Quite often these areas will be influenced by how translatable a dream is, as compared relative to how consciousness, the total collective an individual is expressing, allows itself to be present. These details are more related to the Earth oriented parts, as they intersect with the other parts, NON Earth based, like dream areas or out of body activity.

For now, a reminder of the previously mentioned outings, of ninety four. These are the alien type which have been included in another area of this writing. There is also reference to the continual energy work, present in the area of the temporal lobes. The area of feelings, which give Bob a bases for establishing a footing of sorts, deals with the input from prolonged exposure to books. They presented such a variety of so called conclusions, some very contradictory to others, that the ultimate conclusion for Dogon is, this is all just variations of our collective imagination, imaginating itself.

The idea, is to suggest how the imagination would assist a run of words, to identify a secret mission. It may seem that a parody, to mock the recent trends, discovered in many so called channeled materials, is about to unfold. The best understanding, for appropriate response says, that’s imagination! OR!! A bear cast double edged, frightening groans, horrendously into jumping knives, lumbering momentously numbered, over precociously quilted, ranting, solicitors, tastelessly using voluptuous woolens, Xeroxing your zoos.

The key to following the imagination, telling an imagined tale, of how the imagination will imagine a destiny, from various inputs of imagined experiences, using a Dogon type view, is to allow your own imagination to show you. This writing, as a version, will tell the tale with open format. This means, commentary will be given along with the points supporting the actual story.

As Bob, on Earth, relative to the common feeling of understanding the exposure to those who have claimed to be here, doing some special mission, has established this input. The imagined story will be about an alien pretending to be an Earthling, through being born into an Earth body. In addition, there are specific cycles, which can be discovered, which assist to direct the unfolding of the awareness of the details. This includes remembering who we were and what we already know. To save time, we will understand that much of the intricate details are inherent, so the high lighted parts of the story of destiny, only cover the more intense input areas.

The outing, involving a conscious shift to a space ship and the alien contact, would represent the source point of focus. Meaning, the plan was set forth while Dogon was still projecting consciousness, centered at this body, on the space ship. There could be a much longer version, if inclusions of other associated, spiritually related, subjects were laced through out the story telling, but we will stay in short form. This evolving plan, involved using advanced abilities, this mentioned alien contact has identified itself as the future, and these advancements allow Dogon to project consciousness into Bob, to be born in the Earth reality. All the while, Dogon still has a main focused body, being in a trance status, connected to the Bob body, by way of the Dogon function.

Sounds like a good story for sci-fi. In addition to the basic plan, set up, already covered, we have the ability to stay in an on going communication’s link. Of course it is similar to the idea of the so called, voice from within! This communications link will allow question and answer sessions, originating from either end. There will also be a one directional flow, for information directives, also originating from either end. The actual mission for the Earth projection, this being Bob, can evolve around any of the concepts which suggest the assisting of the Earth’s progress, since this is the newest popular influence.

When we speak of Dogon, being Bob, it may suggest that Bob is a single idea, again there are more variations. There was Bob, the guy who worked for a major steel company. There was also a Bob who quit the traditional education system. Bob has many other segments, some have recently known him as an astrologer. There was a training consultant which also included management subjects. Even the point of Bob being considered a psychic, for some. In summary, these would represent the planned education, while first growing to understand the Earth, which of course, helps the secret mission move along, with greater ease.

The area involving the study of astrology, for a relatively short time, was also understood to assist with the concept of cycles. Before arriving at an understanding of cycles, many curiosities needed resolve. The people who were available and were given readings, for the most part, seemed impressed. This provided a quick input of data to expand what the attraction was, towards astrology. It also gave ways to compare experiences, based on what was known of the life of Bob, which helped establish recognition of the influence of cycles.

There is a separation to reveal functions of parts, termed third density and fourth density. Bob representing the third and Dogon representing the fourth.

Another point, extending from astrology, concerns numbers. Many different structures of revelational design, are permeating all the structures. The rhythms of the psyche, or the overview of imagination, is what keeps the intricacies of organization in tact. Extending to the planets, ten main ones are the usual focus for astrology, each planet will represent a number. All numbers from one to any number higher, will be reduced, appropriately, to end with a number one through nine. Zero only happens in the assumed containment of all numbers. This happens before a first number becomes apparent. The planet Pluto is the representative for zero, and this planet is the latest, so called, discovered planet. Pluto has been a significant Earthly stand out, and Dogon has seen that it represents a timer, designating the data for establishing the initial calculation for the correct time, relative to an area designating a chapter in history, so to speak. This will synchronize all sources, with their individual plans, around the moment for the great penetration. All this, instigated by the plan, while Dogon was being the body on the space ship. Meaning the Earth has discovered Pluto, which represents, Zero hour.

The fourth dimension, which includes the area commonly known as dreamland, also is the home of the gods, for the third dimension or the Earth. This fourth dimension, however created, is a problem. We need a little more on expanding how the problem exists, at least from the limited view of Earth reality. This is a reminder to how translations work.

The idea of creating a god and waiting for the god to save a person, is common. This would represent a great amount of beingness within the fourth dimension. Include variations on how we would define, what praying to a god might suggest, can add quite a variety of other people. This still would not create that big a deal. Consider every person has a represented point, extending to all dimensions. Consider this from within the fourth dimension and what could be caused by false unification’s given, while pretending unification on Earth. This would indeed set up strange energy waves. As these outings, within this writing, have suggested, the area where outings are projected is much, much, more hectic than the Earth, in general, so the influence toward the collectives, representing god functions, could be quite disruptive.

For instance, a religion with the pope at the top, in essence, would represent a collection of energy supporting the idea of an Earthly link to god. This is a very complicated area, since we could describe a book full of just religious gods, who by now, even with just a million followers, can seem very powerful within the fourth dimension. To stay simple, consider the above acts like a filter, so what might be represented within the, so called, higher realms, is very unevenly distorted before it reaches us, the third dimension. The pope would be the judge and jury, as an example of what actually gets through, so to speak.

This concept has weaved in and out of the main part of existence for the Earth, since it was first detected. God is just an excuse for third dimension’s, missed understanding of higher realms. This could be considered the main theme and thrust of the secret mission, we are building, by imaginatively connecting some parts.

One of these, so called, connections to the self, the one which refers to the alien encounter of ninety four, suggests an expansion on whether Dogon’s most rooted body, is here on Earth, as Bob, or in the future, on a space ship somewhere. Covering the point that if a tree falls will there be noise without someone present, to here the noise, suggests a comparative point of reference. The same reflection is transferable to a reality and what would constitute the validity of the reality. We say that Bob exists. There are many who have met him. Dogon, while reviewing as Bob, has had recognition of many thousands of outings, over the past ten years, where a couple thousand fall into the category of out of the Bob body. The most charged outing, as relating to intensity of feeling, both while out and also upon return to the resting body, was this alien encounter. It took many years of increasing exposure before the first successful conscious penetration occurred, which resulted in a few short conversations.

Since the last outing to the alien encounter, many thoughts have rolled through, as to what this encounter opened up. The main idea growing from this encounter suggests, that in the future, Dogon has a body, alien in nature, comparative to the Bob body. Also this body seems to be in a situation where it is watched over and worked on for the purpose of a controlled connection. The suggestion of a controllable connection would supply a substantial justification for why Dogon and the resulting Bob connection is, where it is, relative to what comes into the total system for translation. There is a vast experience, so far, with the dreamland, which is being considered the fourth dimension.

The declarations being given so far, represents a suggested potential, of telling tales of the future. It could also represent the natural order in progression, based on moving into the fourth dimension which has been typically something skipped over to get right into fifth. The fifth dimension represents the idea of being an individual, as well as, being inherently connected to the total of a species collective.

The suggestions for the fourth dimension are saying that the third is only allowed, because the fourth exists and projects the third into physical representation of itself, individually and selectively focused. The focus becomes the, so called, default mode, or the third dimension, and the fourth dimension becomes dreamland, so to speak. This dreamland also contains our so called gods.

Now if we extend from the alien encounters of ninety four, relating it to one area of conversation, there is more we will add to what this would further represent. From a simple third dimensional view, this could represent Bob pulling an overview dream, closer to his individual understanding, and maybe that is what one does to occupy time while in third density. The points, which allow the feelings to move this writing forward, cover a forty plus number of years, in the so called life of Bob. To be clear on, which came first, the chicken or the egg, would be just as easy, as being clear on where an actual origin focus, might be. Is Bob dreaming about a future connection, with the idea of supporting a venture into the notime area of existence? Or, is Dogon’s represented future body, a future being, in trance, projecting consciousness into a third dimensional body, named Bob. Where Bob, in turn, is slowly being fed an entire story overview, with the objective of some kind of mission to assist the past in connecting more clearly with the future.

Well this is meant to be a mystery, at least it appears so. Many of the interpretations which began this writing, are of recent times, as well as, some occurrences for Bob, connected through the Dogon collective. The writing has stimulated some potential connections. The plans, from Dogon’s time on the ship, are being activated from the more powerful position within the fourth dimension. These set up new and evolving connections which will reveal both new information, for direction flow, as well as, stimulus to determine any needed alterations in directed thought flow.

There are a couple of recent outings to discuss, which will add to how imagination builds variables. These outings happened during the current writing, about the middle of December ninety five. First, though, it feels necessary to mention the mood, upon retiring, for down time. Different life styles, will produce variables in how we react to the waiting game. That’s the universe, in many ways, very organized, but one needs to see with greater eyes. In this situation, in a certain way, there was anger, wanting more clarity.

This is a method of releasing energy which has occurred often, very demanding and forceful. The results allow Dogon to get varying happenings, either while being up as Bob, or down as Dogon, projecting elsewhere. When being up as Bob, something will move through, in energy form, from within, resulting in a translation into words. The responses, also varying in intensities, will be mostly a passive format, instead of just a more direct answer. More like filling in or joining some pieces. This down time started with some dreaming type activity which resulted with good recall. This recall got overshadowed, though. New activity grabbed all attention, while laying in the bed, being relaxed and recalling the, just returned from, dream.

The next series of events has happened many times before, some going in similar directions. This involves, being shifted and having Bob awareness, without being aware of the shift. This is probably a shift, left over from the dreaming, where Dogon returns to a resting body, but it is somewhere else. Dogon only thinks it is the apartment where Bob resides. Things will happen, weird as comparative to Bob’s life, like the blanket being pulled off, or, visions of a misty nature, floating in the air, and, of course, people, all of a sudden, are in the bed with the current body. The outings, which turn into something like a probable reality, connected to a wife of sorts, just stay feeling as if that’s what Dogon was supposed to be involved within. Many of these turn into dreams within dreams.

This encounter began with the bed, suddenly moving, with a water wave effect. Like someone just climbed into bed. This caught Dogon’s attention and a quick look around, saw nothing that would represent a being. Quite often, this type will be somewhat alarming, creating a feeling of fear, as an influence. This morning, the feeling of fear was minimal and staying centered, allowed the outing to progress, with calm. Following the experience forward, Dogon still was NOT picking up on the thought of, already being shifted. Then at least two more ripples of significant magnitude and still no visual exposure. It was definite, Dogon knew there was some other beings in that bed, somewhere. The outing may have started with a feeling of an alien encounter potential, but the recall has knowing of more than one instance of suspicion. After a few moments of really scanning things, at least two, probably three, beings, were felt touching parts of the current body.

The energy felt female, and as with others of this type, somebody grabbed the balls. This is usually where Dogon’s energy increases in intensity, becoming real aggressive and protecting of the area. For now we will go with the outing as it progressed. Any needed comments will be added, which originate from later that same evening, while up being Bob, reviewing the outings.

When this part of the anatomy becomes the center of someone else’s attention, the outings usually end as a struggle of sorts, and then things drift into a typical dreaming nature. In this instance, there was less struggling and Dogon was very much in control. One of the bodies felt by the current body, was grabbed and Dogon had hold of an arm and was able to look at it. This is one of those areas where it confirmed of alien origins. The arm and hand was thin and lengthy and was translucent to a certain degree. The color seemed pinkish in color towards a dark orange. It was not a totally lit room, and the color of the arm and hand was only viewed in small areas, where the rest of the surface was variable in being transparent, so to speak. It was all the way to almost being totally a see through type area.

The excitement, with this outing, was that this was a prelude activity, to a visit into a further extension to the outing. It was still to be known that they were alien, even after we met in other bodies in an Earth type house. They also appeared as three females, looking like they were Earthlings. Some music was playing, fairly loudly, and the loudness of the music needed to be turned down. It was still felt that, who Dogon represented was the visitor, even though there was knowledge of exactly where to find the stereo. The remembered movement to turn down the music also had one memory of one of them stating the purpose of the visit.

It sounded like they wanted advise about, and then the end of their statement faded. It almost felt they were going to say, mission. After returning from the other room, where the stereo was located, Dogon began to talk more. It was also noticed there were now at least three children, sitting on the carpeted floor. The alien recognition, from the beginning of the outing, was stated to the women, as a fact, that there had been evidence seen as to what they were, before we arrived in this current living room. This was accomplished without suggesting fear or aggression. Then they were told of some details of the previous encounter in the space ship, from ninety four, and one of them reacted by saying, “She didn’t tell us that!”

They were not expecting the information about another alien contact and the outing basically ended. Immediately, Dogon was back in the bed with one of them seemingly playing with the genitals area, with no pain being felt. Then they were gone. There was a period of waiting, to see if the outing was over or if it was just a break. Nothing more occurred, so attention focused on reviewing what that was all about. The final statement involving the word, she, stimulated potential sources with no concluding feeling. Dogon stayed silent, resting, centered on what might come in concerning this outing. This covered probably an hour or more. There may have been some drifting in and out, without recall, or Dogon just moved on and went into what became the next outing, with Bob awareness.

Arriving, after only being conscious of typical dreaming activity, the Bob awareness identified this next outing as also being alien in origin. Both of these outings felt friendly, but the second flowed easier and longer, having greater touching and sexual overtones. This was possibly a stepped up continuance of the earlier happening.

The scene was in a fairly large home, possibly three females but there was a more focused attraction toward, two of them, like instant love type feelings. Touching these two, produced considerable friendly type feelings. There was also a male present, who seemed to be trying to reveal, that the women were alien in nature. To finish with this male part of the encounter, twice more, he made himself the center of attention. In the second of these additional episodes, he stated something about anomalies, connected with the function of the beating heart, and, he had included Dogon’s current projected body as being in the stated report. There was a theme revolving around the idea of being discovered and perhaps involved a couple more other people.

We will go back to the more, first hand experience, since there was much secondary activity being viewed, intermittently. Through much of the beginning of this outing, there was evidence of the distraction, by the energy feelings from two of the females. This is were most energy was spent, most of the time, which involved being close with either of the two mentioned females. During a short time, the revelation of an alien encounter was even more apparent, even though everyone looked Earthly. They were not denying this alienship or trying to hide it, at least from who Dogon represented. They were also, NOT concerned with the potential interference from this male, or others who were snooping, even though they preferred to remain NON exposed and did NOT give anything away, while these others were present. Although, for Dogon, there was allowances giving freedom of knowing, almost like a secret sign language, so the others, so called snoops, so to speak, wouldn’t detect anything unusual.

Later, in the outing, the third female became more noticed and her and Dogon started a conversation of sorts. She was doing some strange things and the way she was moving her hand caught some curious attention. Since it was similar to something which has been experimented with, while being Bob, for the past ten years, interest was elevated. This hand movement concerned connecting energy with other things, like trees and animals. There was a strong desire which directed energy toward finding out what she had to say, but we could not get to that kind of a conversation, since other things seemed to always be distracting us.

At one time, within the outing, it was like, one of them would be talking and suddenly a buzzer of sorts or a horn sound, would go off. During the actual event, while in the outing, it had the feeling it represented a control signal, from a mother ship, of sorts, denoting that it was time to skip to another subject. A little while later, some kind of sentence was heard, which was felt as a remark, about some form of superior, who was about to show up. The so called superior showed herself, another female, and she did a couple things, before ending her short visit by taking pictures, at least this is what it appeared to be.

This encounter lasted much longer than the first of these two mentioned outings and it also felt much more friendlier, with feelings suggesting, Dogon was the guest of honor or something. Of course, this fits into our imagination, expanding the secret mission. These outings represent needed connections to other sources to enlist their aid. Now the mission’s success has substantially increased. The new connections had been in contact for some time and, with the recent success in making the connection, which extended the first outing out from the bed, the next step in the contact was opened. They were waiting for the acknowledgment of an alien source, for Dogon, and, were interested in the plan for the mission. This would assist them, so they could have stimulus for the direction needed to be taken, to insure a smooth joining of forces.

Of course we could add, whatever, to further expand what the connection potential might suggest, but the importance of what imagination represents, is the exposed clarity for this area of writing. Also there are two views being exposed. This is an added interpretation of these two outings. For Dogon, there have been many outings, frequently occurring, but each will leave it’s unique impression, usually based on the intensity of feelings upon return to Bob. These both left strong impressions. It is assured, that the actual happenings were a response to the latest buildup of energy and the expressed aggressive need, looking for more fill in. The first outing is a repeated type situation. The connection between the bed activity, which is usually startling and creates strong reactions, and, an immediate outing, was a new discovery. This is something which words are only limiting, for attempting greater understanding. To say this is exciting, as a new discovery, is lame, to be blunt. The energy which supports any words, which become an attempt to express the intensity of these types of discoveries, is always greater than can ever be expressed with words.

When the first full conscious outing occurred, some ten years ago, it represented a strong understanding of the lacks, presented within the Earth reality, as a limiting view structure. As stated earlier, this new discovery, just occurred, as this writing has proceeded. This is very interesting! Almost as if it was needed to help with the current focus about imagination. Basically, what has come in, as we look back to earlier in the day, when these outing happened, involves the focus on the genitals. The grabbing of the genital area may deal with some kind of stimulation, to force an extension, to further extend the depth of the outing. This feels very much on target, since, when Dogon, as Bob, is helping someone go out of body, a simple touch of the person, in the area of the third eye, and people go out. So, if we consider this to be an advanced alien, as an encounter, they may be doing something similar, but in a different center or chakra. Also, having the return from the house, from within the extended portion of the total outing, where, when back in bed, the balls are still being fondled, at least this is what it felt like, helps support this idea of chakra stimulation. After all, during two person sex, if a women is stimulated appropriately, they can have an out of body, and even some men have had this experience.

Having the first outing end, such as it did, leaves a lot of potential supposition. It could represent an alien connection through a referral of sorts, not necessarily knowing the Earth source. There was consideration given for someone, of recent acquaintance, since she is a strong believer in being on an alien mission and she has referred to knowing others, who also have this alien mission relativeness.

The first outing, by itself, may have been written off as being, NOT that significant, but followed with another, with a good hour, or so, between the two, sure invited more attention. The second outing, as seen later in this same evening, could represent a next step to the first outing, type. It is possible that many of these type outings, where Dogon will be conscious of talking with someone concerning the Earth and what gives, could represent a moving of information to another alien connection. This area is more uncertain, since Dogon has recently been putting pieces together, without knowing how they seem to fit, when putting the connections together.

Having the aliens be mainly female, even though there was a couple of males, who were involved in the latter part of the outing and were part of the group, so to speak, feels in line with what many are considering, current times to represent. This is suggesting this to be more a female oriented shift, if we call the current feelings of change, an upcoming shift. Many writings Dogon has been exposed to, have spoken of the needed rise of the goddess in each of us, and this could have some influence on the abundance of female projections, representing alien sources, at least from Dogon’s involvement.

The following reference, to an outing, is an insert, since the outing occurred nearer the time, when later parts of the writing were done. This is at the end of January, ninety six. Since it is also alien in nature, it seemed appropriate to add it to the imagined story of destiny.

This newer outing began with someone, a being, with body, suddenly appearing in the bed. Since Dogon has recently been involved with this new discovery, recognition of the type of potential encounter, allowed a calmness to remain, so the flow, and centeredness, is almost instant. This outing was also a type where Dogon had shifted, without being aware of a shift, but still, Bob awareness was strong. Dogon was very much in a meditative state. When the being and Dogon, were in the same reality together, we were able to feel body to body. There also seemed to be a prelude feeling, as a more general feeling, that we were not alone, though there was no other body present, during these feelings. Even a couple hours earlier, when Dogon was preparing to lay down, it was felt, that tonight had something unusual, yet to occur.

Through out the duration of this encounter, about twenty to thirty minutes worth, there was intermittent contact. Each time we found ourselves in another reality, where we were alone, there was still a feeling, suggesting the presence of other beings. The initial discovery, revealing to Bob awareness, that Dogon was out some where, started with a very relaxed status when someone grabbed for the genitals area. There were several, seeming restarts, where the same activity would be noticed, but Dogon did NOT get answers within any of the conversations, that could clarify, what gives?

The first moments, after Dogon discovered the actual body, in the bed with the current projected body, had an entity grabbing the genital area, which, as previously stated, also occurred with each subsequent restart. This activity, being repeated so many times, so close together, time wise, assisted in clarity and it became more clear, as to the actual activity. The being was grabbing the scrotum, like two fingers pinching an area of thick skin. The only response Dogon had, at first, was some questions. Very quickly though, Dogon was in a very alert state and able to have the outing move, with it being more controlled.

The first thoughts rolled, and Dogon grabbed the two arms, of the alien being. The arms were easy to surround, with one hand of Dogon’s current body, where the actual position, being grabbed, was close to the hands of the alien being’s body. This body was really small, as compared to the body Dogon projected into. We did this, even though there was no pain being felt, but there was strong motivations resulting from curiosity. Dogon was NOT hurting the being, although, the being, having such a small body, seemed very delicate. During the outing, there was no sign to suggest that the outing was a danger for Dogon, relative to how the alien being seemed to be presenting itself.

This basic activity dominated several intermittent encounters, in the same reality, with the alien, as far as Dogon could define it. It seemed Dogon would be there, with a being, there may have been a couple different ones, and then as soon as we would have the being in a position, face to face, we would exchange a few sentences of conversation and then we would shift to another reality. This was accomplished by grabbing the arms with one hand and using the other arm to surround the aliens entire body, like hugging. Then the alien was moved and turned, so a face to face status would allow a greater focus for conversation. As a guess, comparing to the current projected body for Dogon, this being seemed about four foot tall.

With the end of each resulting encounter ending, with Dogon being in another reality, in a bed, alone, a few seconds would pass, then again the need to grab the little being and go for some more conversation. The reason it was felt there were potentially two, is, the first, and several subsequent contacts, produced a grayish, baldish, male, when being face to face. At least once, however, Dogon could see the back of a being, which had long, dark hair, tied up slightly, similar to a pony tail, and, this one felt female. When this body seemingly disappeared, Dogon figured, maybe the being could change itself. But later, during another session of conversation, the question brought a negative answer, with an inclusion that the being traveled in time.

The overall encounter didn’t seem like it was establishing any basic reason for the encounter, but we continued with inquiries as soon as each opportunity presented itself. Dogon could tell, this was different than the type of encounter previously stated, which started similar to this outing, except in this current outing, there was no projection into a more Earthly type reality. It seemed that there was a mischievous nature to the beings, though.

Feelings suggest, the reason this outing didn’t shift into a further extension, had to do with recognition and calmness. Meaning, since Dogon was calm, and recognized the alien, without feeling fear, that the outing could continue with the activity, as stated. In other situations, the reason for the extension to the outing into an Earth type surroundings, where the aliens would appear as Earth bodies, would probably be for keeping fear of seeing an alien, from interfering with the potential conversations. Since Dogon was calm and collected, for this current referenced alien encounter, there was no need to insure against any feelings of fear, resulting from seeing an alien.

The last encounter with this being was strange. Most of the conversation, for all parts to this outing, really didn’t seem like we were talking about the same things, only close to the same things. Near the last part, of the series of short conversations, Dogon was attempting to find out why they were always grabbing the area of the genitals, like they did. The responses seemed truthful but hard to understand, this may mean we will need to wait for that to cook for longer.

The final moments were somewhat a mystery. Dogon saw this long, black looking, rubbery thing, being held close to the mouth and it was not apart of any body. The outing didn’t last much past this point. When this rubbery thing was in the mouth, of the projected into body, it felt, very rubbery and seemed to be injecting a very light feeling substance. Then Dogon was back as Bob and stayed still, just in case there would be more.

Just before Dogon started this writing, about this encounter, there was some information suggesting an overview for the recent alien encounters, as well as, other strange outings. It is suggested that the frequency and higher impressions are away of keeping us reminded of the connections available, off Earth worldly, so to speak. We have talked about how the activity from this type of experience has a great affect on allowing a person to stay calm about the waiting, and this was definitely felt to be an important understanding, going beyond trying to evaluate the, WHY, of the outings. Of course, obviously, for the purposes of this imagined story of destiny, we could simply say that this was another needed alien connection.

Remembering the former statement of where and who, we will add a variation to have fun, since out of trillions, the many stories being told won’t compare as any big deal, against trillions. From the Earth, related through Bob’s feelings, the connections which seem to draw the greatest attention, will also be influenced from the concept of, individually we each create our own reality. Bob is living in a world presenting a certain collective structure, resulting from the input of all who exist as representation on the Earth. The experiences of existence, no matter the source, Earth, or NON Earth, will have influence extending outward from a centering effect. The centering effect is an intersection of consciousness with consciousness.

The intersection of consciousness with seeming parts, other consciousnesses, has to be extended to infinity plus, since the imagination grows more real, if consciousness is both being conscious and playing consciously with itself. The playing with itself allows the greater diversity of types of consciousness, including the idea of an individually willful personage, in biological pretense, like Dogon being Bob.

Any of these discussed outings, so far, can be interpreted in many directions. These outings, being used to suggest the impact of a little release through imagination, proposing a mission, can all be tagged as something connected to how feelings produce ideals. The ideals become extensions in tension, between the individual beingness, Bob, with the world he exists within, Earth reality. Imagination is both, in itself, a source for the idealization and, is assisting in creating the filled in reality, to see if it will work. So far, the Earth seems to be in difficulty, mainly, as suggested, by misunderstanding what a reality is or isn’t.

Imagination will continue, even if the parts created, wherever, are imagining something different. This is, of course, the way imagination continues to expand.

In another view, we could liken the imagination to being the ultimate actor, or, actress. Actually both would be contained within the total of all. Give the information to the appropriate person, with the inclusion of desired outcome and the person will play the role, expressing the necessary stimulus for those viewing. With the imagination, we would need to expand the expectation, dramatically. The simpleness expressed through playing a role, within a play, can easily explain, as has been said before, the worlds a stage and so forth, and, as we each ZERO, we then await our next set of IMAGINATE INGS.