#### CHAPTER ZERO ####


To better assist with any potential experience, resulting from input influenced by the following chapters, I will tell of what contributes to this presentation. When I refer to “I”, from earlier times, it can be defined as a body named Bob, mind included. The body is a limited description, which I consider to be the mind, in the form of a body. The mind would, for the purposes of simplicity, be a physical extension of forever. Of course, all of this is expandable.

This writing will turn from an “I” to a “we”, since I feel, what I represent is more accurately described, as such. This writing originated as a conversation, but the individual contributing one source of input, is going in another direction. Both contributions were complementary to the other, as well as, able to stand on their own words. So, what follows is still flowing. When we say conversation, we are referring to many years worth of discussion, relative to Earth and it’s pretended status as a world full of people, and such. This idea of a conversation was, for the most part, based on the two people, in conversation, which brought many humorous moments, within a discovering understanding, of a growing sadness, towards how many define themselves, to cover their missed relevance towards origins.

An important defining is necessary, for simplification. We, as a collective consciousness, refers to extensions to the self, with or without awareness of same. This means, through simply allowing the current system, being a physical unit, to do it’s natural thing, then all sources of reality, which we are connected to, will be in contribution potential. Some have called this channeling, as if it is something special and significant. As usual, many natural functions, being part of our connections with existence, in total, become over emphasized, as some kind of gift. Gift is a word to use if one attempts to make themselves seem more important. We all have these abilities, which begin through acceptance. This is an area which will take more discussion, however, and will be referenced when appropriate.

We begin as many pretended parts, within many functions, relative to a defined status of being in TIME. Time, in this reference, is a simple understanding for measuring the NON measurable. The writing, however, begins within what we recognize, as our source, or origins, THE NOTHING!

THE NOTHING is the only real NON structured status to define reality, or the INFINITY of potential, as our understood status, relevant to both current moments, as well as, looking backwards in time, from our birth as a pretense, sticking out of the middle of someone else’s declaration of existence. Of course, the someone else, was an earlier version of our recognition as THE NOTHING.

The earlier recognition proclamations were insisting there to be this god who created our existence. We are now aware that this status was just a pretense developed by others, less aware of how to accept themselves as an individual, in equal status, CO creating a pretense, for having fun, while attempting to determine exactly what it is we have CO created, which ultimately becomes a never ending story of identity searching!!!

Enlightenment then becomes the continuing FARCE, as a missed understanding of origins, THE NOTHING, pretended into a continuous status of structured enlighten — INGS. This, as recognized through hundreds of books, developed by others, claiming enlightenment, without actually stating the fact, leads to greater humor, as we see EACH wanting others to see they have discovered something. To discover something suggests we are finding a structure which is presumed to be lost or new. Existence is always new, each moment, therefore Each declared discovery becomes old and NON relevant as soon as we declare the finding. THE NOTHING can NOT be found or lost, or, be separated or broken apart, or, be new or old. In essense, THE NOTHING is always our status, even though using words would contradict this point while suggesting a pretended reality false HOOD, or disguise. As a status, THE NOTHING is the ultimate SECRET, or mystery, for identity purposes.

Now we have a purpose without needing a purpose, which is where we come to the point of circles without end, since a purpose is what most declare they wish to discover, but THE NOTHING has no need for purpose until we pretend a separation into THINGS!!!

Therefore, this means that all data written, or promoted in some other format, in our world, called Earth, is merely someone’s BULL SHIT about what they feel they exist as, within an individualized DREAMING function, as a contributing pretender, CO creating a world full of pretenders, perceptively viewed, both, individually and collectively. This also says, EACH of us can have our own version of BULL SHIT, telling tales of our perception of existence, for others to be amused by, through the experience of reading. We then offer the following as our version, since most of the hundreds of books, we have read, written by many, so called, accredited experts, mostly self proclaimed, weren’t quite as funny as we know they could have been.

Further defining of the, we consciousness, for naming sake, will be suggested, since THE NOTHING would represent the illusion of oneness, meaning all together, without separation or a way of knowing of separate identity structure. The name, Dogon, would represent the total of all connections, creating a collective consciousness, where Bob is the Earth reality, projected body. There are many other names we could use for structuring our identity clarity, but for now we will hold with just the two names.

Creating a flow of words from the Dogon center of consciousness, is easy. The introduction or any statements for clarity, since this is being translated from subjectivity, of THE NOTHING, into Earth words, will be the responsibility of the Bob sub-center of consciousness. Dogon will function as, both the source of all material, which suggests incoming data, as well as, the name of the collective consciousness for Bob and any other connected projections into various realities.

We started out as Bob, as stated earlier. Bob, soon after pretending to be born, had an aversion toward traditional education and moved into a more specialized nature, before completing high school. This specialized nature involved pursuing what ever felt interesting. From the parents side, and others who were around, Bob was an underachiever. From Bob’s point, he was doing what he felt he wanted to do, within the tested boundaries of those times. School was a joke, for the most part. To be told you must learn things, which have no interest, or relevance, from within ourselves, seems useless. The standard, you will need this when you grow up, is total bullshit. When one explores their individualized experience, from what they feel most naturally is theirs, the outcome will always be individually acceptable.

From early times, and still continuing today, Bob has always been noticeably different. This has been accepted by family, since Bob is a view from Dogon’s more collective view, and the relatives seem distant, with occasional friendly hellos. In late teens, for Bob, working became important, so finding a job, rose to the top of the priority list, of course, there was influence from the first partner, marriage type. But the pursuit of what felt interesting was still allowed.

Forty plus years on Earth, with approximately thirty years focused on following our nose, so to speak, has led to a few curiosities. Mostly these evolve around the idea of the question, why? Many books, which have been read, as well as, other sources of input, mostly generated by conversations with other pretenders, lead to many experiences, producing understandings. The most significant involves the falseness of death.

For simple purposes, we will say, currently, there is one major, recognized death, occurring at age thirty three, where by the new age of three, we had, again, begun a greater understanding for who we could declare ourselves to be, rather than being concerned with all falseness recognized by others who came before. This includes a greater understanding of the falseness of time, to include the illusion of moving linearly in time. For now, we will simply say, we move in time, both forward and backward, slowly gaining a ZERO point for beginning where and when. So, for additional naming sake, each chapter could be called chapter ZERO, named ZERO INGS, except we will use different names suggesting an order. In essense, though, each chapter could represent a jumping off point.

The discovery of how we bounce around in time, going in both directions, is only individually attainable, since the consensus, of the masses, will always contend, we are moving forward, at least from our current Earth status, with the current time being late in the year nineteen hundred ninety five.

We will be using reference to current time for parts of the book. It would take too much time to attempt to describe our personal, individualized moments of discovering the backward and forward evidence of time illusions, since to explain to any other person, would require them to have had some experience for centered understanding.

Although, using an astrological reference, retrogrades, relative to our Earth view of planetary motions, we can become aware of moments of moving backward in time. Since this area has yet to be referenced by any, at least that we are currently aware of, we will discuss in another chapter.

Currently we, as DOGON, are in our fourteenth year, and, the past thirteen years have offered the greatest freedom and has allowed much expansion into research. This research is specifically designed to open the expansiveness of awareness. Mostly adding areas which are often left out. People will speak of being, a trance channel, or something similar, which can be both informative and exciting. We feel this is only a portion of the contact potential. Being conscious, while in another body, typically described as being out of body, can add much to the presented exposures.

Many of us have encountered the words “OUT OF BODY”. What do they mean? In the minds of some are visions of misty looking, body shaped figures rising from a resting body. Upon contemplation, ensuing from an encounter of reference to an experience suggesting an “OUT OF BODY”, side questions can arise. Where does one go when they leave their body? What keeps the body safe from an unwanted entry? There are many fear oriented questions which often retard curiosity.

Perhaps a better term might help. To assist in presenting an alternative to the words “OUT OF BODY”, we will draw on information born from the experiences which promote the idea of going out of ones body. With much experience in this mentioned area, personal perceptions suggest the happening represents greater than merely an act of leaving the body.

In the beginning experiences, dreams and “OUT OF BODY” episodes revealed many similarities. The similarities transcended to include the non-sleeping portions of one’s beingness, for Bob, the Earth, which is commonly considered the only reality, for most people, even though we know it as merely a missed understanding, relative to the function of pretending or DREAMING FROM OUR SOUL TO SEARCH FOR IDENTITY STATUS. Experiences of a watchful nature lead to the understanding of identification. We, in a projected form, are represented by a body. Shifting to another expression, going out of body, also is represented by a body. The number of potential destinations, projectively, have no limitations. Some bodies are transparent to a varied degree, and others may be totally similar to what one has been using, while seemingly awake.

The term “SHIFTING BODIES” suggests a clearer overview. This leaves us with the question: Are we the part that is shifting bodies? A few first hand experiences will conclude, yes! Then comes; What are we? The answer to this question is why the pursuit of greater understanding leads to include, discovery of the “WHAT”. The experiences can loosely provide an answer to the question; What are we? Each answer will remain individual and non conclusive.

The collective view, from understanding derived through all exposed connections of experience, is questioning the more traditional ideas of what reality is. The purpose, being presented within this writing, is to look from a much different view, derived from the total of what Dogon is defined as, related between Earth experience and what could be defined as NON – Earth experience. This area, from Dogon, evolving around the idea of shifting consciousness into out of body type experience, will establish a greater source of rooting, for what is considered knowledge.

For now, a suggested purpose to each chapter, as seen by way of chapter title. This will be a quick way to read the book, for any who want to save time. It may also be interesting to note the word “ING”, extended to INGS, which does have representation within the Viking Runes, being noted as the hero – god, or, stated as simply, fertility, or, as new beginnings, however, INGS was chosen for another reason. A sentence, which we read, several years earlier, stated, in short, there is NO river, there is a riverING. This was accepted as a beginning of life type existence. We read many published transcriptions for an individual, claiming enlightenment, who we will only name by the initials, B.S.R. This individual, who we feel told truths better than most, ultimately stopped giving in to the structure of THINGS, bringing his own relevance to THE NOTHING.

This occurred in the mid eighties, and during this same time the idea to begin a non profit association, relative to Earth balancing was suggested, using S.O.U.L., or Secrets Of Universal Love. These chapters unfold to release information offered in friendship, which we ultimately feel will expand the potential of our CO creation DREAMING function, for all who can see how they dreamed themselves to the current point, as declared as a point in TIME.

IMAGE INGS, as chapter zero, is the introduction to the sources of the material and a developmental expression to lead into the balance of the book.

SENSE INGS, as chapter one, begins the expansion of awareness. The main flow of the book begins with opening the doors of the imagination, to allow information based on total experience, rather than using Earth based reasoning, to tell the tale. This activity of sensing also brings questions, or curiosity, for more, moving us to go further.

CREATE INGS, as chapter two, expands the source from which we consciously illusion ourselves into a reality. This expansion deals with the atom, based on the electron focus, which gives room for so much extra, NON Earth based, experience of reality variations. This all occurring in the same space, so to speak, but at a different identity point, more commonly called vibrating at different frequencies, which can be misleading.

VIBRATE INGS, as chapter three, the spice of life. We create the illusion by becoming conscious within selective vibration. This gives us the heightened sense of sensing, with physicality based idea construction. We can play with it too!

FEEL INGS, as chapter four, feel happy, feel sad, feel the wall, or feel someone’s love, all contribute to why we feel reality, to be. Share the selective vibrating, with all the parts created by the selective vibrating, by feeling experiences, on down the road.

THINK INGS, as chapter five, how can all this be so, now we will give it some thoughts. This will lead to a story which will be an attempt at explaining the seeming impossibility of existence. All the thoughts will be just as valid, as what seemingly came before, and will, in addition, grow greater potential for what is conceived as a reality.

CONNECT INGS, as chapter six, becoming aware of roots, ect, to establish a greater bases to understanding. We are indeed, each greater than the total of our parts, relative to what could be defined as either alternate realities, or probable realities.

IMAGINATE INGS, as chapter seven, adding the connections to create a unifying story, defined with a variation of chapter zero. The story, even though told from using Earth words, overlaps many realities.

ALTERNATE INGS, as chapter eight, how about a different way of telling our history. If plan, A, isn’t agreeable, how about plan, B. Of course, this is only two out of trillions of potential plans.

BE INGS, as chapter nine, doing is a by product of being. BEING requires no more than just, BEING. All the by products, doings, allow the being, to know it is, being.

As we all know, through experience, words can have more than a single flow of understanding. These chapter titles, for those who look for secret meanings, COULD, have the word god (s) substituted for “ING” (S), or, we could use the word life. A more accurate substitution for “ING” (S) might be “SECRET” (S), this will be covered later, relative to being a secret.

Each of us is living, in essence, a uniquely designed part, so to speak, so each individual will have their personal, ultimate conclusions, relative to any input they are involved with, and, it will become relevant with personalized influence. Even though Dogon, via Bob, has digested this, over all story, through many years, so to speak, there is still much curiosity relative to others, and if the flow can be absorbed, using a written format. Since the energy, which makes this writing possible, comes to all, who are on the Earth, each will have the ability to see their version of the over all stories, related within this writing.

Like it has been said, if you don’t like the station, change it. Soon, we feel, this will be the main focus of most beings. Learning how it works, so you can switch channels, projecting into other connected realities, which could represent a new, stronger, educational mode, or so it would seem. This subject has been the center of many conversations between Dogon, as Bob, and those who Bob has met. For the most part, near the beginning of the conversation, it will be suggested that the individual avoid TRYING to understand things, as the words are spoken. Instead, allowing the words to just be heard which can allow the, individual system, to tell a more personalized understanding. From a Dogon point of view, as words are written or spoken, energy just moves, in individualized truth through experiences, so this, in turn, will be the greater influence for the other.

The words are like having an enjoyable orgasm, if the person on the receiving end, stays centered, without argument, then the individual will have their own response, which will give them their desired experience, from the encounter. Orgasm is also an area creating much missed understanding. Many feel an orgasm is something that is stimulated by THE OTHER, in their relating, but an orgasm is just additional proof of our ability to further enjoy the status of just BEING, and can be self generating through being still, with awareness. This means we can feel different intensities of orgasms, through being aware of energy centers, sometimes called chakras, which emit pleasant energy flows for establishing freshness to our status of BEING. Sex with another, or the act of self mastering of sexual functions, can be entertaining, but there is so much more, but we tend to stop short of the total openness in potentials. This is just another area of discovery which leads to a greater understanding of the UN known!!!

If we are always looking for something, then, ultimately, in time, we may find what we thought we were looking for. However, if we are always in a finding mode, then, ultimately, in time, we could find everything, without the need to attach to any one part, or, any grouping of parts.

This book, since we are here, still on the Earth, represents observations bounced around by many connected parts, through the Dogon system overview. At least that is one way to describe the source for understanding. A person to person exchange will always give us recognition, as to how the other is following the words. Then any needed clarity can be input, so the flow continues smoothly. Writing a lengthy illustration based on experiences, leaves potential gaps, for some, but not necessarily the same gaps for each. Which means we welcome questions or comments from any, ultimately leading to the next ZERO status for rediscovering our greatness, relative to individual IMAGE INGS.