#### CHAPTER FOUR ####


For the next area, describing outings, we will be involved with some which start similar to the rolling out of bed style. This means, Dogon detects an energy surge, to denote the shift, but before rolling out, we encounter beings, either in the room or we hear beings in the adjoining room. There have been many variations of this happening but this discussion will begin using a series of outings, occurring during the late summer of nineteen hundred ninety four.

Before we actually become specific, a background of information will be needed. These type of outings, simply stated, create a surprise which often results with a feeling of fear, of sorts. Consider, when Dogon, as Bob, first lays down, he is alone, in a locked apartment. Having noise of people talking, close by, or seeing a person standing next to the body, which is still lying down, can be startling. Having the activity, in process, as the shift is occurring, has an immediate influence on the senses, and the reaction can be quick, with little time to evaluate, so the recognition of the shift stays apparent. These can create a momentary feeling of fear which, when encountered, can hold the body in a state similar to where the body becomes frozen or immobile. Within the last ten years, these have occurred numerous times. It was quite some time before this type of outing actually progressed, to allow the consciousness, in the body shifted into, to rise and explore the outing, while holding Bob awareness. During the early times, these would end with Dogon returning to the Bob body, before realizing the circumstances. After many attempts, it slowly became easier to handle having people so close to the bed, when a shift occurs.

Memories related to these experiences go back more than twenty five years, where Bob would be making noises and the, then current wife would wake him to find out what was happening. They were generally, in these early times, written off as a bad dream. After the discovery of the energy surge, these became more clearly understood, in a reviewing sense, and subsequently progressed to a more easily handled outing. Before this occurred however, there were a variety of reactions involving noises. Some were like a feeble attempt to scream, where the noise ended up being just loud groans, which were some what intermittent. There would be air rushing out as an attempt to respond, resulting in spaced tones. The early years, while still with a spouse, these type of encounters averaged one or two times a year. In the past decade, which covers a period where no other person was available to question the sudden noisy response, they averaged at least once a month. The noises, in these recent times, would ultimately create a return to the resting Bob body, and curiosity arose concerning disturbing neighbors, but no complaints were ever rendered. There was a definite progression to the type of noises and the amount of time involved in the attempted response. In some of the most recent encounters, there was actually some words being attempted, since the groans, and such, didn’t do much for resolving the curiosity of the happenings. Sometimes growling was the selected response, figuring an attempt to scare whoever was there, since they were creating a feeling of fear.

Many of these, once the feeling of fear disappeared, turned into an outing more recognized as a probable reality, since it would include Bob’s children at varying ages or some other familiar faces or recognized surroundings.

The outings, which were experienced late ninety four, involved an alien encounter. Dogon is familiar with much information, of people advising of abductions or other types of extraterrestrial stimulus. For Dogon, the encounter was NOT considered an abduction, but more an alternate reality connection. This particular outing, which led to many connected outings within a month and a half, actually started with experiences going back about six years earlier. There was a specific, tell tale sign, which linked these alien type together.

Dogon, while in the Bob body, has been aware of various energy feelings around the area of the third eye, as well as, both temporal lobe areas. These were discussed earlier, since focus on the temporal areas has assisted with holding focus, while in an out of Bob body status. The actual happening of detected energy, noticed around this area of the head, while in the Bob body, is still a mystery as to why, but a growing feeling suggesting a source is now apparent. This source falls into the area, as defined, as extraterrestrial contact.

Let’s discuss the first actually fully conscious outing, involving aliens. This happened with the detection of a energy surge. When the surge concluded, as usual, there was a projected body for Dogon, which was compatible with the reality, shifted into. Arriving with Bob awareness, and with calmness, allowed Dogon to quickly become aware of the shift and it was noticed that there was a definite variance in how energies felt, relative to the shifted reality. The reality, which Dogon projected into, had a distinction of familiarity and it was felt that we had been there many times before. The occurrences, leading up to this fully conscious outing, usually were felt as more fearful. A feeling of fear seems to create a block to becoming fully conscious, with accompanying Bob awareness, while within the experience, since Bob awareness assists to allow greater involvement within the happening. The memories from these unfulfilled outings, happening within the couple of months just prior to the successful shift, with calmness, were similar, except very influenced by the feeling of fear.

These, being called alien encounters, started being recognized, at first, due to the feeling of fear and then gradually the feeling of fear subsided with each subsequent occurrence. This was determined upon return to the resting body, which aided a progression in understanding and recognition. Dogon, upon return to being Bob, can be in recognition of the feelings just encountered, which designate the fear being felt and how reactions created a desire to be back in Bob’s body. Once back, Dogon is still able to review some of the outing, but always would realize the greater potential presented, which inherently stimulated greater attention to hold awareness, from a Bob point, for calmness. Dogon has a vast amount of experience, which has strong memory connections for review, while being Bob. When projecting out into another reality, without full Bob awareness, Dogon often finds a more typical, less calm reaction to the outing, while there, which is more governed by ignorance of how existence works. Then the feelings of fear slowly diminish as more encounters are experienced, as reminders, after each, help lead to the next, with greater knowing.

The one which occurred, without any feeling of fear retarding Bob awareness, came closely after a few which were handled half heartedly. In these, the question, WHY, was the only word coming from Dogon. When Dogon finally arrived, after a shift, without feeling fear, the left arm was extended and the outing started with Dogon saying, hello. Looking to the left, Dogon could see a being approaching, who was tan to brown, this was a dimly lit area, so colors are potentially distorted. The head of the being reminded Dogon of pictures which others have described, after they experienced what was described as alien abductions. The body was also similar, thin and somewhat smaller than the Bob body, for comparison. The body, Dogon was projected into, seemed to be the same as the entities encountered. From a direction to the right and near the head, two other beings came closer and a conversation of short duration evolved. They appeared to know the identity, of the body, Dogon projected into, and the few sentences seemed to be oriented towards familiar subjects, relative to the alternate reality.

The body Dogon projected into was laying on some kind of table, or bed, and when the being, on the left, had arrived next to the body, work of sorts was being performed on the head of Dogon’s projected body. The work being done was felt to be similar to the feelings, which have been felt with the Bob body, along the area of the temporal lobes. It did NOT feel like pain but it was more pronounced than what is usually felt by the Bob body. These feelings, by the way, occur at least once a day, while Dogon is being Bob, but NOT always at the same time. In fact they occur quite often while Dogon is writing this material, or involved in doing readings for friends.

Going back to the outing, the being on the left seemed to be in charge and the first question was directed towards this being. The question established that these entities were aware that Dogon, as Bob, was from the past and this was an outing, occurring in the future. The conversation was short, since it was difficult for Dogon to maintain a focus, while at the same time trying to talk. The talking, from Dogon’s point, seemed more telepathic, even though it is not a mastered art. The returned conversation was more balanced, as a telepathic connection.

It was also felt that either the location, or, more than likely, the beings, created a strong energy which stimulated a definite friendliness. In fact, Dogon has never felt such warmth before this encounter, either out of the Bob body or while on the Earth.

Remember the conversation with the fifth density being, while Thunderwind was out. During this conversation, it was discovered that this alien encounter, in the future, was on a spaceship of sorts. There was also information, which was unsolicited, given by Thunderwind’s fifth density being, which was routed from these alien beings. This information was a clarification concerning a personal concern, which had been partially covered during one of the subsequent shifts to the spaceship.

There were three more visits to this same location, probably a ship phased in a different identity position, which are recognized through this energy feeling and the warmth of the beings encountered. Each visit was very short and during a few lines of conversation, work was always being done on the temporal area of the head. One of these, return visit encounters, was done as a projection, after a rolling out of bed type beginning. Remember the first outing, where two projections were attempted, bringing Dogon into a body, within a hospital. Well, the intended destination was to be this alien ship, but at least the attempt was made.

Feelings suggest other outings to this area, involving the aliens, have occurred without any conversation. These encounters demonstrated experience in which, either Dogon would be aware of work being done on the head, or somebody would be turning the body over, to rest in another position. Dogon has a strong feeling suggesting this to be a connected future reality, where he has an existence which is well connected to the Bob body. There is more on what this might mean, but it becomes more an established idea of functions, dealing with time and information connections. There may be information received, as this writing continues, which could help with what that might mean, since at this point, for Dogon, it represents something felt, with no current elaboration.

Since these energy feelings, around the temporal lobes, continue, Dogon is very strongly convinced that the source of the work is an overlapping of realities. This would be hard to prove, but Dogon considers the experiences to be valid.

Feelings suggest that the work involved in the areas of the third eye and the temporal lobes are results of evolution, for Dogon’s Bob body. As Dogon becomes more aware of eternity and what existence suggests, continuing work involved in these areas, seems expected and is considered natural. Whether this is unique to Dogon, or if other individual collective consciousnesses are having similar experiences, is still an UN known, since to date, no other people met, while being Bob, have related any real desire to be that interested. More time will create a stronger understanding, so for now it remains to be more an interesting mystery.

When we speak of feelings, even though it may appear to be connected to the physical, since we do use the body to feel with, there is still a deeper connection. In short, feelings can establish and express a greater depth, when interpreted, but the words for expressing will be quite limited. The area of feelings we are referring to, would be more relative to sub — sensual sources, such as the concept of having a sixth sense about things. These type of feelings will generate greater understanding, being from a feeling point of view, as compared to what we might actually be in a position to perceive and visualize. Going to the point of translating what we see can generate understandings, but words can still be somewhat limiting. From this point of vision, though, the ability to find words for describing, can be easier, as compared to what is attempted from the depth of potential feelings, felt. There will be more in the next chapter which will give a deeper understanding to the source of this area, as well as, giving reason for this apparentcy. Feelings are the first status to bring forth most of this writing, which is why there are continuous reminders to the fact that words, at best, are only supportive of understandings developed through what is felt.

Boy!, it sure feels strange being in the dark, while sleeping in this old mansion.

Having entities present, without an accompanying visual detection can, at times, create, what some commonly call the shivers or goose bumps. Experiences with this variable, for Dogon, have occurred, but it was discovered after the experience that it was a prelude to an outing. Meaning, there was evidence to conclude the awareness of other entities being present, but they would not be seen until a complete shift had occurred. Usually, this might suggest that a partial shift has occurred, like an over lapping of identity positions, for two different realities, before completely shifting to the actual reality, where the, UN seen, entities actually exist. Some people, who have a greater sensitivity than most, can have them be so prominent, where it will feel like an expected experience, except the entities being encountered are invisable, relative to the viewer’s reality.

Often people will have a variety of strange experiences, but because of the way our society is structured, feelings of fear prevent an open admission. Dogon may appear to be setting an area of blame, our so called experts, but this only seems this way, for ease of discussion. But, if we are honest with our evaluation of the world, of the Earth reality, the established, so called norms, are dictated by self proclaimed experts, who usually have the money to lobby for their benefit. As far as the rest of the general masses are concerned, they either conform or become labeled trouble makers, or even worse, they become forced into believing their sanity is in question.

Dogon has already made some statements suggesting, that for the most part, the so called experts are imagining their versions of reality and, because of their positions, they expect everyone else to fall in line. Hell, they think they have proved something, at least from a Earth physical point of view.

This established control, of the main line of accepted thought, is very restrictive and limits the ability of those daring pioneers, in their seeking of adventurous conscious research. The most significant secrets of the universe, will never be discovered by someone who is always trying to dissect the illusion, when they are being a part of the illusion.

Dogon has recently noticed a substantial increase in the exposure of information, concerning the great numbers of those who have stepped forward to acknowledge encounters with extraterrestrial beings, whether they felt it as good or bad. Of course, one well known and respected, so called expert, who we will not name, since he might get pissed, has several times stated that there is no proof, so any claims of alien encounters, or any pictures of UFO’s, are all hoaxes. The proof that he would require will never come, since these kind of phenomena occur outside of the Earth reality’s electron time, or identity position, at least for current times. When this person passes into death he will be in a position to begin again, in another life, to allow for individual progression based on whatever acceptances he will allow.

We could expound on this area of so called false expertise, but instead we will wait till later. Now, it might be time to discuss how we actually, physically feel things. Remember the analogy which established electron time and the subsequent reality formed through the position of the identity position. It was mentioned, when we say, we see something, that this is really an illusion of perceiving, and an ultimate projection onto the corneas of the eyes, follows.

The idea of touch is only valid, if the object to be touched is within the same identity position, which is common for the body about to do the touching. For instance, one can project the image of a ghost, which is also something many have claimed, but proof is difficult. The actual projection is from an intermittent overlapping effect of identity positions, or realities. The vision will be there, but not necessarily the ability to touch. When we reach out the hand to touch something, the object and the hand will need to be created from the same current identity position, turned on electrons. With the sighting of a ghost, many times, if an attempt is made to touch the vision, the identity positions will NOT be compatible and the hand will appear to pass right through the vision.

For the most part, most UFO’s fall into this area, where they can be seen but they are still officially in another reality. Even the ability to see them is not common for everyone. Some people, who are able to see these visions of UFO’s, are actually seeing overlaps, because their systems have some sort of connection established with the other reality, momentarily. There will be occasions when a UFO will momentarily transit through our reality, but what the ship is created from is not totally compatible with the Earth reality, so they can not sustain a long duration without potentially harming their craft. The Earth reality is moving towards a more advanced position, so in the future these will be common occurrences. Of course, the population of the Earth, more than likely, will be much smaller and the inhabitants, at that time, will be tuned to a more progressed position, to allow this.

When the experience of passing a hand through an object occurs, with an object which is visualized, the actual operation happens, because of the variance in identity positions. This may be difficult to understand, due to the fast apparent movement of the electrons. Scientists have talked about a sub atomic particle, called the neutrino. These particles, being basically neutral, can pass through what is claimed to be solid matter. What actually is occurring, deals with the particle passing within the, so called, empty space, where there is no electron turned on. This would be a similar explanation for a hand passing through an object, since the identity positions would be different, and each set of electrons would be free to move, without interruption.

Now, when we actually feel that we are touching an object, in actuality it is a total consciously controlled sensual data transfer. Meaning, the body of the toucher produces the feeling of solidity, based on the oneness of the collective consciousness. In essence, the objects are only objects because we are in a reality which is designed for objectification. If we shift to another reality, becoming compatible with the reality, shifted to, will allow the body, being projected in the alternate reality, to have the sensation of touch. Each individual collective consciousness, Dogon for instance, is continually creating all expected structures, since without the creations, we might have difficulties with stability. When we take this further, while you can see an object in the distance, there is no actual substance to the object, unless actual touch occurs. These words are established, relative to the individual observer. This part of the illusion will take quite some time to be discovered, probably not until the Earth type reality progresses into what is being called a fourth density environment.

Remember the idea of space — time continuums, mentioned near the beginning of this writing. This phenomena, space — time continuum, is what allows for any needed structural projection, whether felt or just seen. The Earth would represent a space — time continuum, as would a body or any individualized object, which has identity. There are claims that the human body is made of many varying organs. Each of these organs would be represented by a space — time continuum, so that upon actual need, the object would appear as related to the sense desired. The objects themselves don’t actually need to be present, unless there is someone, or something, common to the object, in need of the reality of the object.

The actual root source is difficult to pinpoint, since there are many contributing factors. From a basic structure of a containment field, THE NOTHING, we could just simply say that these are the properties of THE NOTHING. Or, consciousness, in a collected state, representing the oneness of all that is, is supporting all entities in their individual needs for experiencing existence. Much individualized experience, both from a physical Earth point, as well as altered reality point, would assist in understanding.

An area which most people are fairly acquainted with, would involve the idea of the thought processes. In essence, each individualized consciousness, through their collective nature and the fact that we all contribute to the definition of all that is, we CO create the illusions producing the structured realities. In the Earth type reality it is harder to be aware of this, since there is a significant time delay for most actualized discoveries of influences from individual thoughts.

Dogon has had experiences, through the years, which have been realized to be rooted, with patterns of thought. Emotions play an additional role on this area and Dogon has experimented with thoughts, which produced immediate responses. An example would be a thought producing sadness, involving a loved one, which ultimately has the body crying as a reaction to the thought. If one pays close attention, they will discover that as soon as the thoughts are completed, for a given area of sadness, the crying will conclude, if allowed to.

Thoughts themselves are continually moving out from an individual entity and, over time, will collect together with other similar thoughts, ultimately stimulating physical affinity. Dogon has found, while out of the Bob body, most encountered realities will react almost instantly to thoughts, producing variations in the outing, influenced directly by the thoughts. In the interpretations describing projecting, while out, Dogon is using a focused thought to generate a desired outcome. In an Earth type physical reality, having a time delay, in general, before any influence from a thought, occurs, helps to allow an entity to become accustomed to the power of thoughts.

When we consider the varied areas of what is represented within the Earth reality, most identified areas of experience are grown through popular acceptance. This means that the idea of good against evil is only so, because people, en masse, have CO created this established function. As a result, existence, through the collective consciousness, will assist in obliging all who entertain this notion of good verses evil. It doesn’t require to much exposure to see the impact of just this one area, and how it affects most people obsessed with playing on either side. If an individual desires to bow out of this concept of good and evil, they will find that their individual thoughts will slowly, but surely, bring them to a more neutral status. To have the total populous arrive at this status is possible, but may require time, and practice.

Personally, Dogon has seen that the many Earth religions, through their individual insistence on a god function, have created a central cheering section to establish a fairly continuous war between large groups of people. Of course, they will never admit to this, since their leaders, the pope for instance, think they are representing god, and therefore they think they are here to lead people to their salvation. Actually, only one person is capable of assisting any individual entity and that would be the individual themselves.

When the suggestion of blame was being given to the so called experts, a big area of missing exposure, for blame, dates to many sources of false HOODS, which contribute to, as well as sustain, the continuing religious farce. The crusades, denoting those wars in past centuries between two main religious groups, were being glorified by those involved, on both sides, as the will of god. These truthfully were just barbaric, insanity driven, blood bathes. Even in current modern times, we still have so many lost souls insisting they are fighting for the sake of god and goodness.

Existence is, and therefore all that is, is allowed in total potential probability, without favoritism.

Again this requires a maturity of sorts, we need to grow up and recognize we individually create are personal view and are attracted to others, so we feel safe with our restrictive nature. If we open ourselves to an existence of total allowed probability, each moment will ZERO EACH of us, allowing a newness to the forthcoming FEEL INGS.