#### CHAPTER TWO ####


This next outing, happening on the day previous to the first described outing, will represent a different type. The outing, for this example, was one where Bob awareness arrived after much dreaming. The more dreaming defined area, which began this outing, would have ended as simply being recalled memory, for the more consciously recognized parts. However, when Bob awareness enters the picture, being a more dominant activity, the influence for memory will be more marked, by what will be remembered from this point of entry, forward.

This outing was evolving in a family structure and when Bob awareness entered, the adventure moved to an exploration mode. This exploration included encounters with family members and a visitor, who was given a short psychic reading. Dogon flew around, which always enhances the fun and excitement. It was nearer the ending which brought the most significant display.

Flying dominated much of the ending part of this outing, with Dogon finding the exploration of the outside of the house, as the next area of involvement. Continuing to explore, more in the rear area of the yard, found typical yard type items, until the body finally flew around to the front yard. After landing, it was noticed that many soldiers were waiting, with weapons aimed. Quick thoughts rolled, revealing the emotional status of the group of soldiers. It was felt that they believed they were encountering an alien, probably because of the flying, and Dogon needed to insure against harm. It became obvious their plans were to shoot first, fear of the unknown more then likely, so Dogon reacted. The palm of the right hand was extended and passed in a horizontal movement, from left to right, and all weapons were rendered useless. The soldiers were somewhat surprised. Dogon, knowing no harm would be incurred, advised that he would be willing to talk with their leader. A feeling of humor, within Bob awareness, prompted the idea of talking to their leader.

When it was established, who was their leader, Dogon led him to an area in the home, where a conversation could begin. The ending of another book, relative to Bob awareness, was presented involving an advanced individual, who gave detailed information, as a warning. This came through like a connected memory link remembered because of Bob awareness. It was this information which became the introduction for the meeting with the soldiers’ commander.

Relative to this outing, as well as others, representing a projected reality for Dogon to be present within, as a projected body, an area of mystery is given birth. Since Dogon has left a reality, where there is a resting Bob body, a suggestion of two realities, overlapping, becomes apparent and curiosity may be aroused. When the roll out of bed type of outing begins, the initial projections for Dogon will include most things present for Bob’s projected world, with some exceptions. As the outing progresses away from the bed and actually moves outside of the room, where the bed is located, greater variations begin to build and to be noticed. This will then reveal how this probable reality differs from Bob’s Earth existence. Both appear to be in the same space, but parts of each seem to be invisible to the other. For now, we will just presume two worlds overlapping.

The mystery, of course, is how can we have a seeming overlapping effect? There will need to be some building to suggest a way to use Earth words to explain the effects of unknown factors. We will build from another computer analogy. Remember our aging computer, well, we can program it with the use of machine language coding. We will consider a simple graphics example. This program will consist of interacting routines to allow for the drawing and erasing of small rectangles, perhaps a half inch by a quarter inch. There will be a specific routine of programming, seemingly timing the gap between the routine which erases the rectangle and the routine which draws the rectangle. This area of programming will be both very short and stable. A second, actual timer, routine will cover the gap between drawing and erasing. Varying the duration of this timer will help with the illustration. We will have a total of six rectangles, named one through six.

The variable timing routine is adjustable, since it simply holds the program circling, for a variable amount of time, based on an input count. We will set this count to a relatively small number and will find, all six rectangles can be drawn and erased with little detection of the occurrence of the erasing routine. It will appear as if all six rectangles are permanent.

We will now bring in a seventh entity, one through six rectangles will be seen by a computer user, in observation of the screen, this one being named Dogon, since he has already done this experiment. We will further pretend that all rectangles can see Dogon. Based on this pretense, all would be seen as a permanent status of reality.

Dogon wrote the program and knows when a much higher number is substituted for input, into the variable timer, it will reveal that each of the rectangles is actually being drawn and erased, singularly. This means, rectangle one will be on the screen while the other rectangles, two through six, are not on the screen. Then rectangle two will appear on the screen while rectangle one and, rectangles three through six are not drawn. Ultimately each rectangle will have it’s turn, on the screen, while the remaining five rectangles wait for their turn.

Having it appear as if all rectangles are on the screen together, is accomplished by the speed of the computer. What can be seen on the screen, compared to what is known about how the program routine is running, is a good illustration of awareness, expanded to reveal greater understanding for this example of a reality. Some call this an optical illusion. Gee! What a concept, an optical illusion.

From Dogon’s point of view, this physical existence, where Bob is the projected body, is more than just a simple optical illusion. It would be better described as a five based sensual illusion, plus multiple sub — sensual data influence.

This is a simple experiment and is simple to translate, if we were all rectangles drawn on a screen. Considering what it takes to be Dogon, or even just a single existence like Bob, is much more complex, but is still similar to the computer example.

When we consider our computer rectangles, two programmable distinctions can be established. To expand the realm of the rectangles, we will further pretend that when each rectangle has it’s turn, a complete existence is produced, filling the screen. This filled in world could resemble any current, high resolution, graphics game. Included in this screen scene, the productions of the omitted rectangles would be part of the added world. Now, instead of seeing rectangles in the scene, we get people of varying appearances. The rectangle, on the screen, will represent which number is up and the pictured people would be part of the world, filling in the balance of the screen. Of course, each rectangle will play all their subparts, within this growing optical illusion, but it would be more appropriate to say; Rectangle on, represents focusing principle or default mode, for each rectangle, during it’s individual turn. The created worlds, for each rectangle, would have extensions of probability, originating from the omitted rectangles. These extensions would look like people to the current rectangle. Since we can speed up the functions, by pre drawing for simple transfer of numbers, we can create an on going cycle of drawing and erasing individual screens, for the rectangles. It will then appear to be only people, instead of one rectangle with five people.

Now, each of our rectangles has been endowed with the ability to create, of course, only within the limits of what is presented by the program, which the rectangles will have no awareness of. This would be similar to the idea suggesting, a collected consciousness imagines within a containment field, THE NOTHING, presenting a Dogon reality.

Dogon knows a different story from viewing the screen, since there is understanding of the total happening, through programming. Just for added theme, rectangle one could be renamed Bob, making two through six, Bob’s

friends, and in this situation, Bob and his friends are living lives based on programming unknown to them.

Well, the experience is valid, since, as Bob, through doing astrology charting, many people have exhibited similar blindness, like they were just program routines, running endlessly over the same ground. Of course, the rectangles on the screen can be excused, since the computer only works if someone else programs it. With people, even though some may not realize it, changing ones programming is within each individual’s intents and desires, if they pay attention.

Adding the atom to our story will suggest where this is headed. It has been considered that a very tiny, electrical type, energy system, (an electron or electrons or rings of electrons), spins in a spherical orbit around a variable nucleus. This nucleus is also very tiny, but bigger than an electron. By comparison, the orbit or outermost orbit will appear massive, compared to either the electron or a nucleus. This orbit encompasses an area assumed to be primarily empty space. The orbit structure is still defined as tiny, even though comparatively massive, when measured against either an electron or the nucleus.

The analogy will be bending some rules of traditional acceptances, but, when explaining the unknown, words are very limiting. We can approximate close enough and the analogies overall point will ultimately make sense. This is stated here as both a reminder of translation difficulties and a secondary reminder of the importance of unknown factors. There are far more unknown factors, meaning from non Earth oriented experience, influencing the physical reality, claiming residence on the Earth.

Remember the atom with it’s description. To assist with this analogy, we will throw out the idea of an electrical energy system, in spherical orbit, and instead there will be one electron moving through six different locations, one at a time. This represents another series of on — off or draw — erase cycles. Continuing with the computer, rectangle analogy, this cycle would happen inside of the frequency of rectangle appearances. Meaning, within this computer example, the electron construct would appear in six different locations, for each time a rectangle experiences a draw — erase cycle. In this manner, we are expressing a movement of an electron through different positions, ultimately leading to produce an atom, where a multitude of atoms will combine to allow the visualization of a reality, our rectangle’s world, in this example.

This type of on — off is to be understood with a noticeable variable. The position for the electron, which would represent the actual rectangle being drawn, we will call the identity position. This position would also be a time unit, being an electron energy system. The other five positions would represent the hidden area, as notime, to stay simple. To this point, based on six positions, the atom would be six times the size of the electron.

Rectangle one’s turn is up and the drawn rectangle is located towards the left side of the screen. The scene involves some people, trees, and an atmosphere separating the grasses on the ground from the clouds in the air. During the short duration, On, part of the draw — erase cycle, this production uses only the identified position, or the time unit, the electron. Of course there would be numerous electrons, to allow for the drawing of the entire scene. The viewer, or rectangle, and the balance of the scene, is composed of the current identity position and viewing is only for things produced with the same identified positions, for all atoms, which then seems to be a reality. The balance of the six positions are just as valid, except they are a different set of positions, representing notime. A viewer, to be able to view any of these other positions of notime, would need production using one of the particular positions, considered as notime. This would allow the awareness of another reality, produced by one of these current notime positions. Then, since there would be a viewer to see any of the other positions, the position would now represent a time function. This is like a selective viewing, which would be like consciousness projecting any needed reality, for a projected body.

One additional understanding will bring a greater clarity for the identity position. Each rectangle takes a turn through a simple rotation, timed within our computer program, but all the turns are drawn fast enough to seemingly appear at once, from Dogon’s view. The rectangles, during their individual turn, being in a time function, presume they are alive and each has their very own screen full of graphics, including five other people. When all six rectangles have completed their individual draw — erase cycle, the identity position, for all electrons creating the rectangles, moves to a different position. This happens before the next set of visions for the total of the six rectangles, which will then begin their next series of individual draw — erase cycles to again establish six rectangles, one at a time. The movement of the identity position is what gives the idea and bases of something moving. The other five parts, which stay hidden, do the same kind of shift, with no viewer, to view the happening.

During each single rectangle production, the electron construct moves through all six positions, even though only one position is visible, the current identity position. This identity position being the one with a viewer. The movement of the identity position, after the completed six rectangle draw — erase cycle, can move to each of the six positions. After establishing the newest identity position, the remaining five positions, being notime positions, will have no current viewer. This means, Dogon recognizes a plane of existence having thirty six total positions. There would be six potential identity positions, each with five other notime positions. These thirty six positions are established within a permeating effect for producing six drawn screens, which appear to be at once, for Dogon. The hidden part could represent a world of probability structure producing quick response projections, like a dreamland. Our screen produced graphics, as related to the identified position of the electron system, would not include the remaining five positions. The electron system faithfully fulfills a seeming cycle rotation through all six positions, even though only one position seems real for a given viewer. These remaining five positions, hidden from the viewer, would provide sufficient variables, to allow much greater flexibility, suggesting a representation of a dreamland. This information would be hidden from each of the rectangles, while they are on the screen. While the other rectangles wait for their individual turns, they are off, so their is no screen presence to recognize. The other five positions, during any given screen, would be related, like being separated at birth without awareness.

We are using a computer example, but it has extensions into how existence functions. This expression for the electron, a six position potential, in our computer analogy, plays another function, simply being a memory bleep. Even though the identity position changes for the rectangles, when the new six rectangle draw — erase cycle starts, the memory holds a uniqueness of its own. The new position will deliver the appropriate memory but the position left behind will hold an influence from what memory represents, without expression, like a complex storage system. To stay simple, we will call this a sub space function, relative to the electron. For ease of understanding, we will pretend that sub space is a quantum reduction of approximately one part in ten trillion parts. There is a double function to be noted, since the first quantum reduction will represent the containment and then this will contain ten trillion parts. Each of these parts would equal a memory of a previously focused identified position.

This means, Dogon will see a screen knowing three interwoven cycles, plus a memory function. Remember, we are working with a basic computer, which is running a pre written program where we have assigned some additional functions, but these additions are beyond the ability of the computer. We will be transferring this, relative to Bob soon, but for now the computer analogy allows simplistics. With current technology, computers use a binary based processor, life would be more comparative of a calculus based processor. A calculas based processor would also include the quantum structural comparativeness, going both bigger and smaller. Zeros and ones represent the binary, ten numbers, zero through to nine, would represent the calculus.

The rotation of the identity position would represent the speed of light, relative to the viewer. The seeming rotation of the electron, through each of the six potential electron positions, during a single rectangle draw — erase cycle, times six rectangles, would express one total on — off cycle for the rectangles. This cycle, as represented for each rectangle position, when completing the six rectangle rotational cycle, would occur before the identity position would advance to another identity position. The cycle moving the identity position, when completing a movement of the identity position through all six potential positions, would represent the speed of light, relative to our rectangles, using our varied six position version of an electron. The screen would pulse accordingly, but seem to appear continuous.

The rotation cycle, comprised of one, time, thing, the viewed electron, and five, notime, no — things, the hidden positions for the viewer of the viewed electron, has two basic sides, obviously. The, time, side would be an electron, seemingly moving. The, notime, side would have five positions which would be visited by the consciousness, which allows the production of this electron. Arriving at each of the other five positions, for this faster than light rotation cycle, requires no electron production, so consciousness moves faster than what it took to turn on the electron, for the time side. This is a simple definition for notime. This may also have a quantum affinity, like being ten trillion times faster then the amount of time it takes to turn on the electron, during time. Notime becomes a sub space function, relative to the electron, even though seeming to be in the same space, where there once was an electron. Remember, this cycle repeats for all six rectangles before we get to actually see the electron move, but only if we viewed from the inside, during the actual turn, as the rectangle, to be on screen.

To assist the flight from the computer part of this analogy, we will pretend that our monitor has six screens, in one. This means, in addition to the current screen, which is switching turns so that each rectangle has a very short duration time unit on screen, we will also have access to the other five, previously, notime spots. These other five positions will now be projected on the other five screens, of our magic monitor. These other five screens would change six times during the period on the first screen, which is reflective of six different views of the same world. The first screen is also drawing six different screens, but the difference is where the rectangle is placed, as compared to a picture of a person. The other five screens would represent the dreams of each of our rectangles.

It is potentially possible that, periodically, Dogon might identify with a momentary vision on one of these extra five screens. For this analogy, we will say that all six rectangles have significant differences in what dreaming is, and we find, basically, a mess on the five extra screens. All five dreams would be cycling for a very short period of time, individually, but the cycle happens with a high rate of frequency so it just blends into a mess. We will refer to this later, while being in a more Bob reality influenced analogy.

Let’s bring in some communications between our six rectangles. Dogon performs this apparent magic by additional programming, stretching the point. We will pretend, the rectangles are all scientists, trying to discover and identify the electron. Staying simple, each rectangle has had the opportunity to establish the question involving wave or particle. They each do this, little knowing that they only work with their position, while they have their individual turn on the screen. Also, each rectangle is only working with their produced world. The position is relative to the electron system currently on assignment to the individual draw — erase cycle for a rectangle, which is active on the screen.

This would represent time. Time, in this area, is the turning on of the electron for a particular rectangle. For this part of the analogy, we will say that our scientific rectangles are agreeing on some basics, for explaining their worlds. Ten cycles of the viewed electron, changing positions through the six potential identity positions, happens every second. We could now say it takes sixty electrons to make a second. Distances are established for recognition of the speed of light. Even though there are some uncertainties between the rectangles, they all have accepted the reality of the electron and figure it protects something inside. They all decide to work together and create a large size version of the electron, orbiting this unknown thing. They have arrived at the generic term of, container, for this center thing, the electron spins around.

The communications between our rectangles, progresses the building of the model, but each is building there own, thinking the other five are people helping. When all is done they will stand and admire their accomplishment, with discussions of the parts, each sees. The discussion always has each in agreement with the particular rectangle, who is observing. The Rectangles are unaware of the variance, from who is on and who is not, so Dogon is the only one who can give a true picture. To help, the variable timer will now be given an input, slowing the timer, so each of the rectangle’s screen version, will stay in view to reveal differences. Dogon will find slight differences, but they will be noticeable.

Dogon will now turn away from the computer. It’s time to pretend in more Bob terms. We will include a stand-in for a two person encounter. The electron construct would now revert back to the original description with spherical orbiting. The numerical cycle, for positions potentially present in a spherical rotation, is probably in the trillions.

The electron will represent a distance of time. Each time the electron moves to a new identity position it will move the distance of an electron. All the hidden positions, now in the trillions, would do the same. These trillions of positions would basically be invisible without a produced viewer. Considering the accepted speed of light, for the Earth, an electron would change its position many times a second, when measuring using the distance of one electron. The movement of the electron, moving one electron distance, signifies a completion of a draw — erase cycle. The analogy we are building, would be a two person type, Bob and a friend. The number of electron — distance — units within the distance light travels in a second, would approximate a number having about twenty four zeros after it. Sounds like something close to infinity, but infinity’s secret success is, it can always be bigger than any stated number.

This approximated number would represent how many times we blink on and off, within a second, by way of the electron construct. In other words, the electron vibrational frequency. Our analogy will stay simple, using the electron, but other discovered particles, the photon for instance, would establish their own vibrational frequency. The distance of one photon, relative to the distance light travels in one second, would allow for the calculation of the photon vibrational frequency.

Since this speed of light cycle includes a separate cycling, within two bodies, during the time they are on, with their individually projected universes, we have suggestion of an area seemingly faster than the speed of light. In this encounter, it would be the seeming rotation of the electron constructs, through trillions of hidden positions, relative to either Bob or the friend. They each would be identified by their unique position within trillions of positions, which would be available to progress one position after each completion of both on — off cycles, for Bob and his friend.

The electron vibrational frequency, a number with twenty four zeros following it, would suggest a fierce amount of on — off activity, within a second. The electron flash is read as an intensity of light which becomes a basic time unit for relative light speed. This referenced electron is only detectable, able to be sensed, by something created within the production, based on a particular identity position. An individual, alone, would represent the base line, light speed encounter.

Encounters of two or more would each share, relatively, so all seems uniform between comparative studies. But the produced electron, as the identity position for each of the two people, would be moving faster to allow the appearance of the accepted standard, based on the inner understanding of oneness. Dogon’s positional view allows for the more accurate understanding. The shared electron time unit, type electron, for a shared experience, would seemingly be vibrating or shifting faster. This would insure total comparative area coverage for intensity, based on the base line point. The relative comparison begins, regarding the vibrating or shifting, so the size needed to be seen will have an intensity of equal proportions to the base line acceptance. This will have a direct influence on how fast the vibrating or shifting would be, relative to measuring distance. The faster than light speed deals with the sharing of the total electron time duration, in this case half going to the friend and half going to Bob. The individual projections, relatively speaking, would be present based on half the electron duration, which appears smaller even though going unnoticed.

The faster than light speeds would have an increasing potential, based on each encounter. This area of sharing the electron time unit, will seemingly have gigantic proportioning potential, say one hundred people together. Again, staying simple, each of the individuals would have a represented one-hundredth portioned type electron, which, if detectable, would appear to be the acceptable size. This would be based on increased vibrational movement, for the smaller version of the electron. The area would be covered with such speed, to allow many cycles of coverage, so the appropriate intensity is reached. These speeds are beyond the available measuring capabilities. The speeds involved, when encounters only include very few people, especially a two person, can assist the future potential detection. A discovery may come, but it will not be called an electron. The greater the proportionate sharing, the harder this type of electron is to detect, even though they will be named other names. It may even be suggested that these are the discovered builders of the electron.

Going back to our two person encounter with Bob and his friend, the shared time would be a collection of, On, parts. There is a detectable variation in how time seems to be flowing, but the acceptance of clock time would prevail. In essence though, time does speed up or slow down, relative to the experiencer.

The need for continuity, in an Earth type physical world, has many variable factors, to keep experiences feeling relatively close to base line, as possible. The idea of an encounter with one hundred people together, is not what it suggests. For the extreme example it presented, was to illustrate a mathematical progression. There would be some individuals who would be represented as only a projection for others to see, without the need to be present. For these individuals, this area of experience would be handled within dream time. Here, within dream time, they may seem to find proportionately shorter visits, but still feel the encounter, as needed, by their individual desires. Depending on how the individuals are arranged will also affect who needs to be when and where.

For example, Dogon, as Bob, holds an open forum, where a meta physical based subject is discussed with a group of ninety nine people, seated in a small auditorium. Only those who interact would need this to be their individual, On, time. There could be just eight people who ask questions and with Bob, a one hundred person encounter is actually divided into a nine proportioned electron partitioning. The other ninety one people will visit during a dream, whether they realize it or become aware of the meeting, is individually influenced.

The, On, part would be represented by the identified position, which is the electron making an appearance out of trillions of positions. This is established, based on relationships between the electron’s apparent size and the relevant atom’s orbit size. As it was in the computer part it will be in this part. The, On, part is time. The seeming rotation, through the balance of the rotational positions, still trillions, for each of the two cycles would be called, simply, the dream area. For Bob, the, Off, part would represent, no conscious recognition through projection. This side, which will include all notime, will have more complexity than the computer part of the analogy. The dream area for an entity within a physical reality, would represent a very concentrated area of potentialized positions. Relative to Bob or any of his friends, sharing the Earth reality, it would be represented as only a unknown sharing. Dogon would represent the potential for exposing the unknown sharing.

Remember our computer analogy, when the extra screens were introduced. The same potential exists for Bob, using the Earth defined atomic structure, except we would need trillions of screens. The viewing from a single or alone status, Bob, will be projected with it’s identity position for that small electron, base line unit, of time. The area considered notime, would actually have just as much validity as the area identifying the single person encounter. This means, no — thing could express trillions of different worlds, as our analogy suggests. Each one of these trillions of worlds is spontaneously actualizing, sometimes with total Bob awareness present and sometimes without Bob awareness present. Sometimes Dogon, on return to the Bob body, will instead, have awareness of being out somewhere, without full details. There are also variations in the intensity of Bob awareness present, within some outings, which will influence the memories. The balance of positions being discussed, still trillions, this number won’t be that affected, represent basically one no — thing full of notime. Or, it could also represent trillions of realities of probability, yet to be consciously experienced by a collected consciousness, by becoming a series of, On, parts or time units.

Dogon would represent the area more related to working with the no — thing. This no — thing area, full of notime, would also have its own uniqueness for producing alternate realities, readable only while playing within notime, including no size relevance. We can consider the no — thing as a duality of sorts. As it is one no — thing, only the potential of the balance of all probability, yet to be experienced, would exist. They do exist as a hidden duality of, Thing, type reality. Bob is the default mode, seemingly receiving the most Dogon attention. All the other identity positions, trillions, are running just the same as how Bob’s reality does, but you have to be there to believe it, in a manner of speaking. A great many potential realities, again trillions, will have no connected conscious awareness, so it becomes the question similar to the one involving trees falling and potential for sound, if no ears are present.

Via the Dogon center, the dream world is penetrated. The Bob body is resting. Dogon will be producing a relative dream world, based on those trillions of left over positions of seeming reality, not used to produce the Earth oriented bodies. This would be the production of an on — off cycle vibration, a number with twenty four zero’s following it, now sharing the total of what an electron time unit, represents. The sharing will always seem to be a single person encounter, when dreaming, even though we might have one hundred people in a small room, all in a dreaming state. The bodies would only be projections for the Earth area giving most of the electron time unit measurement to the dream productions. There would be a very tiny electron recognition left within the, On, time part of each resting body, but collectively, still basically invisible to the part leaving the resting body. A resting body, in some experiences, might still seem real, except it’s reality is functioning from the projected into reality, and will not be the actual resting body, but just a duplication. The mentioned, tiny, left over version of the electron, for the actual resting body, is similar to our quantum type jump, representing a ten trillion proportioning, done twice.

Entry can be made into any identity position and this will reveal a reality for a dream body. The first complexity is, the dreamed body could rest with subsequent projections, where each dream body moves on, allowing others which could ultimately suggest the pretense of greater depth in dreaming freedom.

The next complexity involves the movement from potential identity position to potential identity position. With trillions of positions available, allowing for the concept of an area of probability functioning, the skies the limit. This is when you are in this so called dream area. There are other evident complexities, these occurring while Dogon is being Bob, noted as the awake period, where it can seem like quick visits to other identity positions, and the subsequent reality. We will call this drifting, to stay simple.

The basic time unit, electron, completes a spherical rotational orbit for the atom, creating the vibrational illusion of a solid sphere. This is comparatively massive next to the tiny electron. Having this happen, approximately eighty billion times a second, gives a suggested vibrational frequency for the atom. In this analogy, the main theme of simplistics has been greatly emphasized. The actual structure of atoms and their electron(s), can possibly have over one hundred electrons in orbit. The orbits coming out from the center will have a detectable uniqueness for how many electrons within a given orbit. The outer most orbit would established the illusioned size of any atom.

In our people encounter, the, On, part of the cycle happens during each electron basic time cycle. There are more unexplainable complexities, when you discuss time using the electron, as the base unit. Using simple numerics we could say, with the two person encounter, they will share the standard electron time. They each will see their individual world projected uniquely, by way of identity position focusing, where many, many, many times they complete a draw — erase cycle, within a second, separately. The single electron time unit would be shared, let’s say equally, for now. This would have no affect on the speed of light, since the movement of the identity position would be a base constant. As stated earlier, this produced electron, which is shared for this example of a two person encounter, would vibrate faster to produce the appropriate intensity. If the electron is detected, it will conform to the accepted size of the base line electron. The area representing notime, would only be thus relative to a Bob point of view, as in, being on the Earth, sharing an imagined time, with others.

With experience, such as these interpreted outings, as discussed, a collected consciousness, like Dogon, will discover much variable time strangeness. Dogon has, through a very loose schedule, benefited by numerous variations, within an out of Bob body type reality. In outings, thoughts revealing instant production, which often become physical very quickly, will sometimes change, just as quickly, to something else. Trillions of potentiated identity positions, concentrated in a similar size containment area, as what is presented for a Bob body, would be very potent indeed. This however, would be represented as a world of probability functioning. Consciousness permeates as well as individualizes selective positions. This allows physical type projected worlds, giving reality a story to play for however long.

Excluding the Bob body and Dogon’s dream body, which is projected in a physical universe, relatively viewed by using another identity position, the other remaining positions are still in the trillions. Since consciousness permeates it’s production, through this unseen understanding of atomics, all other potential positions represent what would be left of the oneness of one no — thing. This permeating effect allows Dogon separate universes of Things, projected. Remember, this is an established need of separation, from THE NOTHING, for identity, which in this case is two parts out of trillions. The two realities are being separated by attention and awareness, symbolizing things, which are pretended to be visualized, while consciousness is present in varying forms.

To continue with the Bob part of this analogy, we will need some approximate understandings. The spherical area, which has been suggested to have trillions of positions, could be as much as ten trillion potential electron positions. Staying with just one electron, for now, the spherical orbit would be accomplished about eighty billion times a second. Each of these eighty billion times, represents a time unit about ten trillion times what the electron represents. This is a simplified statement, but the importance is the incredible rate of vibration, in a second, that seemingly produces a reality. This reality is only common for the parts produced within the reality, though. Consciousness, through its affinity to the projected realities, influences the changing pictures, called reality. These areas are very complex and represent other on — off vibrational existence’s, within sub — space. The example of memory storage will suggest an understanding. We have a container in the middle of an area, denoting an electron, where the electron is ten trillion times the size of the container. The container is full of smaller size points, filling the container, total number, ten trillion. Each point would be a memory bit, for a projected electron, somewhere. This is an intricate filing system.

Another reference to the computer will help. Each computer has a area of memory called RAM, random access memory. Part of the RAM memory is automatically protected, for the purposes influenced by the machine itself. The non protected areas would be user accessible. These protected areas would allow for necessary input — output operations, as well as memory addressing.

The memory system, within the example using the electron, would have a similar setup, which would be invisible to any projected world, so the memory system hides within the no — thing. The no — thing would be like an extra area of RAM which stays in reserve, for the most part.

This second outing, being discussed, represents a style, where Bob awareness enters after much dreaming. As mentioned, the outing ended with a story influenced by the Bob awareness, which has also happened in other outings. When memories from Bob’s life become topics for discussion, while Dogon is being someone else, there is a significant residual effect, after returning to the resting body. Some of the outings were from dreams, where only memories existed, after the return to Bob. Others occurred during times where Bob awareness dominated.

It has been noticed, through various types of outings, whenever Dogon projects a body, while out of Bob’s body, a memory is present, oriented to this projected body, used in the outing. This often suggesting an on going existence, relative to the projected body in the outing. This might be considered an alternate reality or another probable reality, relative to Bob’s reality. There are many ways in which outings will suggest this probable reality idea. Sometimes, events which occur for Dogon, while out of Bob’ body, will involve recognition of people who are either, still involved with Bob, or have previously been involved with Bob.

For Dogon, there are even some occasions where the outing will demonstrate a seeming prediction of the future. However, after considerations from recalls of Dogon’s broader picture, for evaluating outings, the idea of being a prediction, moves to the category of a probable reality. It is interesting, however, most people will pay attention to what is considered predictive type dreams and make the claim of seeing the future. If they looked closer, they would probably find that there are dreams, or outings, which also come after an Earth experience, which are written off as just a repeat. Both the predictive types and ones which appear to repeat, are both just variations of probable realities, giving examples of variable outcomes. Of course, most people would rather pay attention to only those representing, what are assumed to be predictions. Just because one happens before the probable experience on the Earth, doesn’t necessarily make it more important than one which recounts a similar Earth experience. It is also important to note, either case will have similarities and differences, as compared to what is actually expressed within the Earth reality.

The repeat of an Earth experience, encountered as an outing, may be a function for allowing a person to fulfill a desire, missed during the original Earth episode. A seeming prediction of a future event, may represent what will occur, or, it may represent only the possibility of what will occur. In the predictive type, one needs to be alert to all potential directions the probability could take, avoiding the potential false assumption of predicted destiny.

Having memories from Bob’s existence bleed into an outing, suggests connections, of a sort. These connections have been seen to go both ways. For instance, there have been occasions when Dogon, while being Bob, will be alert to thoughts rooted from a non Earth encounter, which are about to become verbalized. This will create a slight pause, before the subject moves on to something related to Bob. These situations have occurred many times and often they will actually generate a recall, for Dogon, involving an outing, which was previously from an area unknown, until that moment.

There have been many ways in which memories of outings will surface, for the first time, reminding Dogon of an outing which recently occurred. Usually, this happens when just sitting alone. Initially, when the outing happened, on return to Bob, there was only a memory that Dogon was out, but no details came in. Having something in Bob’s existence as a trigger, to bring in the memory, will create an interesting feeling, but when it happens while talking with someone, the feeling is quite significant. The resulting pause will sometimes be lengthened by thoughts of curiosity, as well as questions, to confirm where the information was encountered. Quite often the people, who are in conversation with Bob, are themselves aware of the potentials of bleed through, so it usually can be discussed in passing. When Dogon is back, sitting as Bob, by himself, memories of the incident will generate laughter. It is evident, at times, that the non Earth realities can have quite an influence, even though they are not a part of Bob’s existence.

While in an outing, when Dogon recognizes, bleed throughs, from Bob’s existence, memories of the outing are more prominent and after returning, these type of outings generate a defined excitement, progressive in nature. Of course, having these bleed through occurrences happen in both Bob’s world, as well as other worlds, is very exciting, but also demonstrates the inner connections which are often missed by most. For Dogon at least, this becomes a solidifying factor for added support of recognized inner abilities, which are continually becoming known. This type of inner realization becomes a great boost for Dogon, in the progression towards a greater understanding of those areas of existence, which seem to be just tall tales to most people. Tall tales will remain as such, unless one is able to allow themselves to expand their openness. This openness will assist in having conscious recognition of areas, beyond the accepted limited Earth programming.

This type of outing is just one variation, of ways memories of the outing are given additional support, for recall. When outings occur, involving recognized people from Bob’s existence, or specific locations like city landmarks, or even occupational oriented activity, the outing is bound for greater recall. In fact, many of these type of outings, once the recognition is established, will bring Bob awareness into the outing, turning it from a lucid dream to an out of Bob’s body type.

Going back to the encounter with the soldiers, which turned into a presentation to their commander, found the end being basically a dictation from the other book. It began with Dogon generating a point of reference, which advised the commander that Dogon was from a world which already had over one billion years of progressing technology. This, of course, was to establish a superior position and explain why the flying and neutralization of weapons was possible. The balance of the forthcoming speech, to the commander, was intermittent, since Dogon would find momentary drifting back to Bob’s body. This happened for three or four times before the outing ended without encountering the finish of the story. Many times, near the end of a lengthy outing, there will be this intermittent back and forth activity, before the final ending to the outing.

In this type of out of Bob’s body, the return to the resting body is slightly different. Dogon, after returning to the resting body, during an outing which starts with him rolling out of the bed, will find a new encounter as the outing continues, after Dogon rolls out of bed again. The type of out of Bob’s body which begins while out in either a standard type dream, or a more lucid type dream, will have a momentary interruption, going back to the resting body. Then Dogon will be right back, in the outing, continuing from where the interruption occurred, as if there was a pause button being pushed.

These are quite interesting, since they involve a technique which had been developing for many years. While Dogon is out, projecting in another body, if an energy is detected and recognized as the type which could return Dogon to the resting body, a simple concentration focus, on the temporal lobes, will allow for a back and forth effect. One moment Dogon will be out and then a few moments later, a return to the resting body happens, then back to the encounter. This back and forth can occur many times before the final return to the resting body. This focus on the temporal lobes works well in this type, but when the outing starts by rolling out of the bed, this type focus weakens, showing less success. The idea of focusing the eyes, adds immensely to holding Dogon out, when energies attempt a return to the resting body.

In addition to holding an outing for continuance, the focus on the temporal lobes also assists in flying and accomplishing other feats, which may appear magical in the Earth world. The idea of the soldiers, thinking Dogon to be an alien, since the flying was evident, is really a misunderstanding, since the non Earthly type realities, generally allow for extraordinary abilities. Most beings encountered, while in these realities, are usually unaware of these potentials, so amazement can be common reactions, leading to missed understandings. The technique of focusing on the temporal lobes, is also evident within the Earth reality, although what it may suggest or mean is still, mostly a mystery. Over the years, as Dogon has been experiencing both Bob’s world, as well as other realities, the areas around the forehead have continually been active. This type of awareness first started with recognition of energies activated in the area of the third eye, just above and between the physical eyes.

The feeling felt in these areas can seem to be the beginning of a headache, which usually suggests an uneven flow of energy, or even a slightly blocked flow of energy. During what Dogon would recognize as high energy periods, the flow can create a very hot feeling, centered on the area of the third eye. Other times, it can be flowing vigorously and feel more like a cool breeze, if a hand is placed directly in front of the area. Some years earlier, Dogon put much focus on this interesting occurrence to discover methods of focusing energies. As the experiments progressed, it was found, while the energy was most prominent, Dogon could direct the energy towards other areas of the Bob body. If the energy was directed toward another center, or chakra, as they are sometimes called, the target center would begin to generate a noticeable flow. One of these actually set up a triangular energy flow. This flow went from the third eye to the crown, then to the throat and back to the third eye.

The Dogon function, adding the word function is more accurate, might be described as follows. This would hold for any such similar identified focus, such as the idea of a collected consciousness. A sphere of one no — thing, mostly full of notime, contained in THE NOTHING.

Considering the analogy, ultimately leading to details about the atom and electron, plus how memory necessitates sub space activity, plus the expressions covering experiences for Dogon while out of the Bob body, plus the separation from the no — thing which allows the illusion of the Bob world, we see much being handled, with little awareness from a Bob type point of view.

Dogon’s view is the main influence for understanding the expression of word translations, for blending subjectivity into symbols and things. Building a Dogon body, which encompasses any projected body in its appropriate universe, such as Bob, will begin with the previous description, a sphere of one no — thing, mostly full of notime, contained in THE NOTHING. This is a simple statement of complexity. If we add the idea of the atom, where an infinite number of notime positions, each represent the center of where an atom could be separated for electron focusing, we CO create an illusion, unique while within the creation.

The atom, from the no — thing point of view, would be represented as just a center point. When the electron is actualized, it appears solid until smaller parts are discovered. To be actualized means, somebody within the produced illusion, is looking. The only part, if we call it a part, which can be detected, will be the electron. The electron movement, one electron distance, is the means of establishing an on — off frequency. When the electron is detected by a scientist, the balance of what the atom represents, is hidden. The collection of all hidden areas of the atom will be Dogon, or no —- thing’s, notime units, within THE NOTHING. The little bits which seem to be something, again only because we have someone to view them, are insignificant as compared to what is hidden. This has usually been considered mostly empty space. Space is an illusion created by a separation of sorts, which creates a self aware creation.

The computer has quite a similarity to what Dogon sees from both Earth and NON Earth experiences. If we use the sphere definition of Dogon, as the ultimate computer, then we might be able to connect the similarities. Dogon, a sphere of one no — thing, full of mostly notime, contained in THE NOTHING, which is a shared function, will be a complexity of memory, including areas which are permanently fixed, and, areas which are totally changeable.

The term, consciousness, would relate to what allows the seeming reality of energy, electrons for instance. The flexibility of consciousness is self sufficient, as compared to a computer. The computer requires a user, providing input for desired output. The inside of the computer also requires different components, designed to direct and control electrical movements. Dogon, as an ultimate computer through consciousness, sets a system of such organization, being a part of the oneness of all, where imagination is the magic key.

An electron is a pretend happening. The depth of this pretense is our collective imagination allowing for a continuous universe of flow. Bob would be a production of a collected imagination, with its own imagination. The basics of imagination allows our ultimate computer to skip over the needs for electrical components and instead, set up a elaborate identity construction system. Within a given reality, such as the Earth, these functions could be called space — time continuums. These space — time continuums would be responsible for holding continuity basics, on a given memory recall. In this instance, a memory recall would represent the momentary flash of all the electrons, as they move through position rotation, one electron distance, resulting in a continuing Earth reality. In away, consciousness would hold certain protected areas, parts of the imagined no — thing, as permanent storage for memory continuity. From an Earth view, this might represent a particle structure, several quantum divisions smaller than the electron. Remember we are using ten trillion as a sub divider, so if this was stepped up to several successive divisions, the represented area, or particle, would be invisible to any detection, for eons. Considering infinity, the invisibility would last for an eternity. We each have our individual version of an awareness, gained through being conscious, stored in a similar memory construct.

In a simple graphics machine language program, we will have a main area in the computer for both storing and allowing the execution, for a continuous stringing of commands. This would be the main program already designed and loaded into the computer. Another area would be for storage of data, allowing retrievals when addressed appropriately. The main program holds the routines to draw things on the screen, as well as, calculating routines and other specific needs, controlled by program routines. The area for storing and retrieval will allow the things on the screen to move, by keeping records of coordinates, so the object will appear where it should, instead of being randomly place.

The Dogon computer is much more complex and we, as a collective consciousness, a part of all of existence, came before the computer, so at best, the computer is currently just a simple version of a creating function. Identity is a significant part of computer programming, like knowing how to address the correct, needed destinations. Identity is also evident within our collective world. The atom is many variations, basically giving our collected consciousness expandable identities. Atoms would also represent a type of space — time continuum. Space is an illusion just as time is an illusion, but this is mostly hidden from the parts making up the illusion, being actualized interactive programming.

When we get curious about the marvels of the computer, we may find excuse to look inside the container. All discoveries can be seen and explained through technical manuals.

The body, Bob for instance, is a projected version of a computer construct, running as a sub routine within the Dogon computer. We can, via Dogon, look inside what physical reality represents, by consciously projecting other bodies, with their individual memory, seemingly moving in a physical reality. The technical manual, in this instance, is full of blank pages and they have no lines, either.

The ultimate understanding will be an inner sensing system, translatable to certain limits, symbolizing what it senses itself to be! The physical system, Bob, would see a physical existence, however exposed and interactive, seemingly moving forward in time, current year recognized as nineteen hundred ninety five. When symbols are translated in the Earth world, sitting produces chair. In an alternate reality, let’s say Dogon slips out of the Bob body, the sitting could represent flying a single person jet.

Numbers are a strong part of the Dogon total system, so more repetition. The electron vibration, on — off cycle for moving one electron in distance, is a number with about twenty four zeros after it. During the, On, part of this cycle, all that this identity position represents, is created as a electron moment in time. The number with twenty four zeros, the electron vibrational frequency, could be changed. Instead of happening all in one second, it could be stretched to one electron vibration per second. As viewed from inside, it would take an eternity to live Bob’s life and it would probably get very boring. Actually, since we are viewing from electron time, mostly it would appear to be strings forming varying densities. The completion of the orbit, producing atoms, occurs about eighty billion times a second. The atom will give a better picture and create a greater attention getter. Without symbols, the atoms would just be bigger strings of lights with varying densities.

The Earth physical reality has over one hundred types of atoms. These are separate identities. They often get together into unique family structures, pretending to be even more defined, but also more visually apparent. There is about one hundred million atoms to the inch. Looking in current moments, there are walls, furniture, shelves, books and people too. If we slowed the eighty billion per second, to one per second, it would still be so slow, boredom would set in. This atomic construction cycle, many electron on — off cycles, would be another movement interval. Within the atomic vibration, approximate eighty billion cycles per second, is movement to simulate sending and receiving messages from the brain. The result on the outer most boundary of any particular, Thing, will be any appropriate movement of bodies, with or without other, Things. This will be true within any projected body, using this Earth type biological system. All together, these activities allow an illusion to seem convincingly real, but still within this focus we will continue to ZERO allowing the nest CREATE INGS!