#### CHAPTER SIX ####


Growing a consciousness out of THE NOTHING, could be considered an incredible feat. At least this appears to be so. Appearances are both variable and permeating. This means all parts are contributing, for the most part, their individual, or individually collective, perception of existence, as in, the curiosity for understanding identity.

Dogon, while transiting the world of Bob, has discovered people who are totally for the idea of freedom of individuality, as compared to, the mass majority controlling the sway of polarity variances. A majority constitutes a number just a little over fifty percent. This means, within any given decision point, that, almost a majority can be UN happy with the popular swing of things. Almost a majority equals a number just under fifty percent. Just because a difference of opinion, concerning a political agenda for example, is solved by a heavy margin, say ninety percent in favor, doesn’t make it any more solved, as a presented problem. In a world of over five billion people, a one percentage point is over fifty million.

We exist in a multitude of formats. The middle part represented in the objectified — subjectivity, is an immense collection of overlapping, individualized consciousnesses, performing as if alive. This creates a great amount of activity for distracting our consciousness. Awareness, equalized to all parts of consciousness, is a simple goal. Ha! Activities, of varying intensities have a tightening affect on our ability to stay in a most centered awareness. Staying relaxed, or approaching our most natural state of being, THE NOTHING, enhances our ability to realize natural order. Natural order refers to the allowance of, individuality. Individuality is the pretense of existence, freely moving to express itself. Dogon knows, while viewing existence from, wherever, every experience will hold to the actual essence of what is viewed, or accepted, as the total of the being, identified through the expressed projected body. This is related through the individual ING$ factor. Another way of seeing the significance of the, ING$, factors is related to the concept of, string$ attached. As stated earlier, the ING$ is dimensionalized geometrical physics.

We have a lot of apparent separations in our total of consciousness. Early moments presented an initial split into three parts, at the most subjective level of consciousness. Individualized consciousness entered as we exploded into a randomly expanding number of parts, which formed the subjective — objectivity phase.

A continuum of space and time is represented within consciousness as a containment of individuality, either collective or singular. Our concept of the universe, from the Earthly viewpoint, is a defined singular space — time continuum. An individual body, biological for example, would also represent a singular space — time continuum. Extending on the biological body, can also give a definition of a collection of space — time continuums working in unity.

We each are much greater than any one particular body, being in current focus. Individualized consciousness would be better stated as a continuum of space — time continuums. From Dogon’s total realm of experience, we know all we imagine is moving within a consciously controlled illusion. An illusion continues from moment to moment, by way of self imagined functions, collectively giving order to our base image ings. Space — time continuums would be a tool for stabilizing, which is how creativity gives birth to continuity.

Using Dogon as an example, representing the ultimate type of computer, we can suggest additional simpleness. For most standard setups, there is a main directory accessible when first turning on the computer, home or office. This directory will have a list of additional directories. You may have a certain company that creates many entertaining games, and when they are installed they will be filed in sub — sub — directories, with the company name as the sub — directory for all the sub — sub — directories. This company name, as a sub — directory, would be listed within the main directory, listed when the computer is first turned on. It’s a decent enough filing system.

In one given amount of time, let’s say our computer guru decides to play on the computer. In this situation, three different games are intermittently displayed, ultimately allowing the playing within each game, four separate times. Each file will be updated and protected, within its own addressable storage location, so when the turn comes, the game will appear just where it was left at the close of the previous encountered play time. From Dogon’s experience, with outings, it has been found that several times, while encountering an activity within a given alternate reality, that a current experience will be involving the same people and environment as encountered in a previous outing. The current outing will be the continuance of a previous one and then a future outing may continue from where the current one ends. Since it has been found that each projected body will have it’s own memory structure, outings using the same reality, where this particular projected body is projected, can therefore continue with a flowing continuity, even though there may be months of Earth time between subsequent visits to the same location.

When we consider the electron example, for illustrating the idea of the identity position, we become aware of a couple of expansive views. The number of potential positions, for actualized worlds, is in the trillions. Also, each individual being is in a position to perceive their needed world from being a part of the identified position. This would be established during the, On, part of the on — off cycle.

In atomics we find, defining a simple atom, a proton and a neutron inside a nuclear force, with an electron spinning in a spherical orbit. Really? This could be debatable. Actually, a space — time continuum represents the atom as a functional probability, within our ability to imagine. Meaning, this is only potential, until needed through technological advancement.

We see most scientific discovery giving foundation to all the various potential theories. These theories though, are already self contained as hidden potential within consciousness, long before any theory becomes known. Any defined part of the current illusion, will have no illusioned production into the apparent reality, until a need arises! We can therefore suggest our collective consciousness, while individualized, Dogon projecting Bob in the apartment, is projecting a universe instantly containing, ONLY what is necessary from moment to moment. The need becomes a natural progression of consciousness, through sensual, data supported, experience. We, in our education mode, basically start with a need to feel at ease with our movement through consciousness. Space — time continuums, containing specific individuality, support our continual stability within given parameters.

Space — time continuums are also regulated by the varying factors of ING$. We take all accepted knowledge, currently surfaced, as the status of the universe, we project from the Earth, and, this influences the collective continuum of space — time, permeating the entire universe, at least for an Earth view.

Holographically, THE NOTHING will always contain the imprint of each moment. Remembering the ING$, if two overlapping sections, the entire collection of parts in two galaxies, were to collide, in appearance, only a few actual collisions would take place. We can calculate advanced predictions of collisions. A function, within the space — time continuum concept, allows for confirmation of needed collisions, based on imprinted experience. The vibrational overlap is a probable definition of how a collision would hold to predictions.

Adding the influence of our Earthly viewed space — time continuum, we conclude: It happened in the past. This means, there are ways to trace the history of different, definable, space — time continuums. A space — time continuum, summarily, becomes a BIT, memory, spatially placed during the, ON, cycles of our consciousness, consciousing itself. The current moments of this objectified — subjectivity are tremendously influenced by our focused view, through a developed life form, giving definition while INSIDE the illusion. We reproduce throughout our consciousness with SELECTIVE vibration. An individualized consciousness, within a biological life form, will have an on — off cycle simply described as: ON equals conscious and OFF equals NOT conscious, UN conscious is more suggestive of consciousness within itself, which awaits discovery.

Being conscious, or the, ON, part of the cycle, means we are projecting, by way of our total of consciousness, all we individually need moment to moment. It appears real, but we are using the senses, which are by products of an illusion, to define an objectified — subjectivity. Misunderstandingly, we call it a reality. We ARE real, as defined, THE NOTHING, everything imagined is illusion. This is a separation, turning electrons on and off.

In subjective — objectivity, the creating ability is from outside influential sources. The original parts of the totally subjective stage, are the sources. Middle consciousness has containment of the individualizable imaging quality. Early use of this quality produced the subjective — objectivity. New experiences, which progress dimensionally and geometrically, create the big bang. The quality of imagining is much improved at this stage.

Our imagination has expanded, dramatically. When objectified — subjectivity exploded into a virtual existence of reality, there was a production of turbulence, mirroring itself, within a new phase, that being the objectified — subjectivity. This is the most solidity, turbulence can suggest to appear as. In this existence, the Earth where Bob is, all parts expressed within existence, will have potential for sustained feelings, since each, ON, part of the on — off cycle will progress from the previous, ON, part. This, then to give the appearance of moving in time. Moving in time is assisted by memory, so an illusioned moment to moment activity, appears real.

The, OFF, part of individualized consciousness, represented in objectified — subjectivity, is a small death. Death, in this reference, means, no linear time movement. Memory would also halt, until needed for the next, ON, part of the cycle. Individualized consciousness, during the string of, ON, parts of each on — off cycle, will seemingly have a story to be aware of. The story for most of the earliest parts of individualized consciousness, is turbulence. Remember the on — off activity for each second, illustrated through the electron example, has a frequency represented by a number with twenty four zeros following it. Even though, from a Earth projected body perspective, we are unable to perceive the on — off activity, the memory is still sustained through an enormous amount of, On, parts, strung together.

The ENERGY FORCES become our first major CONQUEROR. The activity function, of ENERGY FORCES, is an imagined quality, growing inside an imagined creation. We have two creating sources, one coming from the roots progressively and the other growing progressively within the latest creation, being referred to as objectified — subjectivity.

During the subjective — objectivity phase, our imaging became very recognized. Recognized imaging is then an additional production within objectified — subjectivity. Imaging is potential creativity. Progressing individualized consciousness will have variable influence on the resultant viewing of past, present and future. We have an established reflective imagination, which is always based on the current NOW perspective. The ENERGY FORCES are also enhanced by our progressed imaging quality and, since the solidity factor was a virtual happening prior to this phase of existence, ENERGY FORCES have a hidden potential for apparent solidity. Their current illusioned happening presents the factor for apparent solidity, but the ENERGY FORCES will only provide for solidity, without any solidity of their own.

Our current scientific understanding of atomics, and all sub levels, is accepting many basic forces. We explain apparent activity in an atom with these forces, everybody is fairly content. Extending into the hidden potential of ENERGY FORCES, as related to solidity, we could find that tiny particles, working magnetically, a primary happening in our basic roots, hold the universe in an apparent reality, and, these ENERGY FORCES are just another secret disguise.

We are advanced in our ability to measure, through various scientific research, but we know there will always be potential, just beyond our current technology. Theories are born, and when technology comes along with required needs, we are usually able to prove the theory, when needed. A virtual eternity may pass, before we advance technically enough to measure the present moments, size, of this particle, which is magnetically strung out holding all parts of the universe together.

Our roots tell the progression in simple terms. We can tell a story as complicated as we desire, and still will have contact with the simplicity. Our roots, progressed to the current moment, are still subjective, meaning a shit — load of imagined pieces that feel like they’re moving. The objectivity is added only as a direct result of the part of our individualized consciousness, connected in the grand illusion. Within the illusion, the represented ENERGY FORCES contain the potential for all solidity needed, for subjectivity to be expressed.

OK! We suddenly advance in our ability to measure sub levels, way beyond current levels. The ENERGY FORCES would then produce the needed particle, to fulfill the solidity of the illusion, giving proof to the basics of magnetics, being the only force of any significance. This will work only if we can look, using the part of our whole, outside a given part of objectified — subjectivity. We remember THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS, and, the supported assistance from the ENERGY FORCES, and discover the particle production is controlled from ENERGY FORCES, the next dimension within.

Knowing we are playing, inside a slow moving illusion, assists in the death of any NEED TO THINK. We will find the illusion moves along, without our observations needing generalized thinking. Awareness has shown many of us, we have abilities far beyond the majority weighted conclusions. A very evident ability is what inspires the more prominent art formats. Dogon enjoys the variables contributing their individual feeling translations, concerning what may be occurring currently. Currently, in this writing, refers to being close to the ending of a millennia, now we are a few years from entering the twenty first century. As has been reminded many times, within earlier discussions, the translating of existence from beyond what is known, is a definite challenge.

The area being called the subjective — objectivity, is a supportive area, for what Dogon has, by way of Bob, and other physical type projected bodies, within the accompanying objectified — subjectivity. The side called notime, full of one no — thing, is where factors are contained to allow for alternate realities. This is also what Dogon is calling the subjective — objectivity. The initial area, being referred to as subjectivity, represents the function of THE NOTHING, actualized by consciousness of self, knowing self. THE NOTHING also has the subjectiveness of a womb, which gives birth to subjective — objectivity. Therefore, one part of subjective — objectivity would represent the containment for a new developing womb, a more actualized form of subjective — objectivity, where ultimately birth is given to objectified — subjectivity.

These statements represent flows of information, which Dogon has opened, to assist with understanding experiences from all sources. Telling stories is a function of growth and is very individualized, but still is part of the all, or it would NOT be a known. The area of subjective — objectivity is an area permeating and surrounding the objectified — subjectivity. Additionally, it can appear as intermittent, while changing channels into different realities, for a given identity position, so to speak.

So, to give the potential represented by the subjective — objectivity part, we will use the information which follows. We could call it an analogy, from within a physical reality, to describe the beyond. This being what allows the physical reality, but not just our world, speaking from an Earth point of view. Within subjective — objectivity, all the individualized parts representing the identity of THE NOTHING, our basic invisable collective, will be referred to as Coalition Of Energy. This extends as a seed, initially hidden, but ultimately becoming the birth of objectified — subjectivity, reflecting back to produce a subjective — objectivity, womb. In essense, the egg starts as invisable to produce a womb, leading ultimately to birth the invisable seed. The story which follows will represent the reflection built while discovering roots, from within an objectified — subjectivity.

We could expand the understanding of subjective — objectivity, simply by saying it represents the BLACK and WHITE of things. Objectified — subjectivity brings in the breakdown into shading, or colors. A quick review of the initial status of subjective — objectivity follows, this is represented long before we even potentialize objectified — subjectivity.

Our total of consciousness has projected a completed image of the totally subjective roots, as a simple spherical shape. There are numerous individualized parts, strongly ordered, within the produced turbulence area, which is inside the sphere. The subjective roots, when completing an entire, ON, part of the on — off cycle, will provide the negative for producing a three dimensionally appearing picture, called subjective — objectivity.

The sphere is a mass of the translated turbulence, with an inner core of FORCED ENERGY, as a rotational axis, in a basic magnetic alignment. All this is spherically covered with an additional mantle of FORCED ENERGY. In the inner most center is another, tiny, mantle of FORCED ENERGY, containing THE NOTHING, on the inside, which represents the potentiated influence from the ever shrinking center of consciousness, within the subjective roots. The inner mantle would be completely surrounded by all that makes up the outer part of this spherical shape.

The individualized parts, representing a vast number of variations of newly developing intelligent beings, will grow into the first universe of progressing, individualized consciousnesses, while contained inside this sphere, spinning on the axis of FORCED ENERGY.

Currently, the subjective — objectivity existence could be described as a group of trinary star systems. The three stars orbit synchronistictly, so each arcs a common area, while the other two are either getting closer to the area, or moving away from this common area. The common area, formed by three orbits, is what represents the newest form of an infinite energy source. It is virtually attracted to each of the planets, where beings exist, like a light breeze, which allows equipment to operate. The three stars are more akin to weak, light producing stars, radiating energies, which, by themselves, only move staying neutral, until all three interact. This produces a continuous flow of usable energy.

The trinary systems have three planets each. The centers of the three, overlapping pairs of orbits, each contain one of the three planets. This is the seventeenth subjective — objectivity that has been created, since the first discovered understandings of what it meant to create an initial illusion. All the previous forms, of subjective — objectivity, also maintain a forward progression, and, will adapt to the newest produced style, creatively influenced from subjective — objectivity. Currently, all systems, which make up the total of all subjective — objectivity type worlds, each have the same trinary configuration.

From the beginning of the subjective — objectivity phase, all beings continuously and consciously remain aware of how subjectivity can allow for the creation of subjective — objectivity. This allows for stability, even though this stage will grow quite complex, the illogic’s of subjectivity. The advancement is beyond any, objectified — subjectivity influenced, comparison, so there are limits to potential understanding. Even the relative view of time is extremely difficult to translate, since the total of all dimensions, of objectified — subjectivity, are invisible to the subjective — objectivity beingness’, visual abilities. This would be like being an electron, where as an electron, you would visualize electrons all over, instead of what a cluster of molecules would be capable of visualizing.

The first production of subjective — objectivity, a basic spherically shaped container for the first individualized progressing consciousnesses, was very closely related to subjectivity, and feelings enhanced through imagination, dominated. Each of the parts, representing individualized consciousnesses, were connected as a collected consciousness, which allowed greater capacity for imagination, as compared to a singular, individualized unit.

The spinning of the sphere caused most of the produced turbulence to compress on the inside of the outer mantle, of FORCED ENERGY. The only remaining turbulence was under the control of the individualized parts of consciousness, to allow for the connections, establishing a collected consciousness. This would appear to be, strings of turbulence held in a frequency modulation, supported by subjectivity. Each individualized part of consciousness would have a string extending to all other parts of individualized consciousness. This means, there would be two strings between any given pair of individualized consciousnesses. However, each individualized consciousness would have a different frequency modulation, so the two strings, between a pair of individual parts, would have different densities. This means, the strings are actually simulated flows of particles, which don’t move, but turn on and off to seem as if there is linear movement. This is controlled through subjectivity. Like a series of lights, which blink on and off, seemingly rotating in a circle, on a sign, for instance.

The advantage from this collected consciousness, basically permeating the entire inside of the sphere, quickly led to the next style in the production of subjective — objectivity. We, as a collective consciousness, began having an image of what we were contained within. When the understanding of the image became clear, we felt a great surge of energy feelings, which increased our awareness of what imagination meant.

We were reborn, from a feeling point of view, but UN aware of a second sphere replicating our original style. The second sphere, experienced our first stage of feeling, through imagination, except it was a variation. This first style, representing an experience of discovery, left a residual essence, which will be influential for all subsequent perceptions, while encountering this area of experience. Each subsequent encounter would also add a residual influence for future exposures.

The new style, collectively feeling through imagination, and, only aware of itself, continued it’s discovery with the higher charged feelings of energy. The other sphere, as a collective consciousness, and as a copy, is also only aware of itself, but both styles are still connected to subjectivity. Within subjectivity, both functions from subjective — objectivity are being recognized, separately. Subjectivity has a third function being recognized, which combines the two, for producing flows of energy between the first and second style. This activity, through subjectivity, which produces connections between the two collective consciousnesses, is only felt as enhanced feelings for each part of subjective — objectivity, since neither style is aware of the other.

Continuing with the next discovery jump, which will produce four spheres, containing individualized consiousnesses, will be stimulated through greater understandings of the spinning, of the sphere. The second style’s collected consciousness, formulated the imaging of all individual parts, coating the inside of the compressed turbulence, which is coating the inside of the outer FORCED ENERGY mantle. This jump, when produced, had all four spheres, spinning, with a coating of compressed turbulence on the inner surface of the outer mantle of FORCED ENERGY.

The two newest spheres, having no previous existence, began with their variation of the first style’s experience of feeling through imagination. The individualized parts of consciousness, for these two spheres, are spatially filling the inside of the sphere. The original subjective — objectivity is now very enhanced, to include the individualized parts of consciousness on the inner surface, of the compressed turbulence, described earlier. The individual parts are still connected, two way frequency modulated strings of turbulence, with the outer most connections, arcing, the inner surface of compressed turbulence. The connections, going through the middle of the sphere, are elongated to new frequency modulations, but still remaining with the original densities.

The strings of turbulence, which are produced within the axis of FORCE ENERGY, supported by subjectivity, add an interesting affect, for the total collective consciousness in the sphere. This enhances the collective consciousness, by adding the variable style of all the parts formed by FORCED ENERGY.

This production, for the first duplicated sphere’s current style, is now a duplication of the original subjective — objectivity, in it’s newest style, except having no understanding to explain, why the positions of individual parts has changed, so radically. The enhancement of collective consciousness, for this sphere, just compounds the mystery. This leads to the initial, two way, communications between the subjectivity, and the subjective — objectivity collectives. With the representations, of functions, including both, the four spheres and individual pairings of spheres, within subjectivity totally revealed, the four sphere’s were now collectively united, through subjectivity. This greatly enhanced the quality of imaging, with feelings. It was no longer satisfying to just feel into imagination, and a strong influence was felt, which led to creative imagery of functions, not yet represented in the formation of the total of subjective — objectivity.

The strongest curiosity involved the desire for individual parts, of consciousness in one sphere, to meet other sphere inhabitants. Through the experience, driven by the obsessive curiosity, all collective consciousnesses quickly realized, it was the imagination each was discovering, which influenced the production of subjective — objectivity. It was also discovered, the subjective on — off cycle, caused the subjective — objectivity to blink off, momentarily. When the subjective — objectivity turned on again, there was greater understandings.

With the new awareness, as to how the individual collected consciousnesses each contributed to the production of the total of subjective — objectivity expanding, the quality of imagination basically skyrocketed. The next jump, in the style of the subjective — objectivity, would now have two parts to each individualized consciousness, one located inside the sphere and one located outside the sphere. The part on the outside of the sphere had freedom to move around, while always being anchored to the inside part. This was the first stage in producing a mobile consciousness, in a container, or body. The production is an energy projection, which is individualized through the direct connection to it’s counterpart, inside, as well as, supported by the total of all collective consciousnesses. This allows the movement.

The outside projection of these bodies also has a on — off cycle, which is controlled by the collective consciousnesses of each sphere, now a total of eight. All spheres are even more strongly connected and this stage, including the outside parts, moves forward by expanding the roots for sensing, which will include individual consciousness projecting images, or sight. The sight was made possible by extending a refined turbulence onto the surface, acting like a particle for illumination, again supported through subjectivity.

This production of subjective — objectivity, defined above, is our first strongly influenced style, having much impulse stimulus from the collective consciousnesses, of subjective — objectivity. From this moment forward, we would collectively increase the subjective — objectivity influence, for production with subjectivity, which is always supporting the creations. The second, influenced, production of subjective — objectivity, will expand to sixteen spheres. With the introduction of additional senses, a subjective — objectivity type of habitation grew. We will skip the complexities involved, which includes control of the newly refined particles of turbulence, which aid in illumination, and prepare for what stimulated the next jump in style, which will be our third, subjective — objectivity, influenced, production.

The advancement, to what could be defined as sixteen progressing civilizations, increased the awareness between the collective consciousnesses, of the spheres. This revealed, the sixteen spheres spinning in fixed positions, forming a great circle. The total of all collected consciousnesses added much to the abilities to imagine, and a new design was developing. With total control for the design, and, the point of initial production, held in subjective — objectivity, subjectivity would wait for the impulse of collective consciousnesses, before instigating the change. The finished design for this production of subjective — objectivity, being the third one influenced, as such, now with the new control, was strongly influenced by the mobility of the outside parts, and the desire for a spherically shaped center, rather than just a circle, became evident.

The spherical center will be formed by two circles, of sixteen individual spinning spheres of collected consciousness controlled worlds, with each great circle, circling perpendicular, to each other. This would form, four quadrants, using the two circle’s, intersecting, as boundary lines. Each of the sixteen spheres, for each great circle, would be connected to all the other spheres, common to the individual circles. This would be similar to how the individual consciousnesses, are connected on the inside of each sphere. The refined turbulence, acting as an illuminator, would form the double stringed configuration, also with frequency modulation variation, unique for each sphere. The particles would only appear to move, as described for the inside of the spheres, with subjectivity controlling the on — off cycle, for frequency variation.

There is an additional series of double string connections added to the outer most area, of the spherical center. The two circles would each have a connection, arc shaped, forming a circle, connecting all spheres in a given circle. There are additional arced shaped, double stringed, connections, between all sixteen spheres, in each of the great circles. This is like a containment energy field, surrounding the spherical center. In addition to these two circles of sixteen spinning spheres, each rotating in a large circle, perpendicular to each other, the complete formation of thirty-two spheres is rotating, producing an invisible axis. Remembering this action forms four quadrants, the axis would be formed by drawing a line, from the center point of two quadrants, which are opposite each other. With the three directional spins, came a surprise.

Now we have a third, influenced, production of created subjective — objectivity, which surrounds a spherical void, that is how it appears from this type of perception. The encompassing effect, and the middle, two way connections within each great circle, is allowed through the controlled movement of both sets of sixteen systems. Within subjectivity, we have all functions, and overlaps, represented, which includes an additional supported series of connections between the two sets of sixteen spheres, filling in the empty quadrants, subjectively speaking.

Awareness through consciousness, both individually and the varying collective consciousnesses, has virtually been stepped up by the power of sixteen spheres, exponentially cubed, and this total raised exponentially by sixteen. The abilities through awareness brings our first hint of the upcoming surprise. The center most point, centered within the spherical void, is doubled crossed, through the connections between each of the opposing pairs of spheres, contained in each great circle. This is very concentrated, as compared to connections which do not cross this center. An additional energy source is felt, but not seen, which originates from this center point, in the spherically shaped void, viewing with subjective — objectivity perception.

As with previous plans for developing new arrangements in subjective — objectivity, many ideas are formed. This is expected, but the focus on the energy emissions, from the center of the void, specifically influenced an off beat idea. This idea, simply was, to take the new plan, being developed for the fourth, influenced, created production of subjective — objectivity, and use a total of seventeen spheres, in each of the two great circles. This will be a total of thirty-four spinning spheres, still rotating in two great circles, as before, with three types of directional spins.

The connections between the spheres, in each of the great circles, produced an inner area completely void. This void didn’t even have any of the double stringed series, of particles. This produced the first production of objectified — subjectivity. The energy emissions, produced by all connections, which had been previously crossing the center point, now were without subjective — objectivity support. This caused the center area to expand, the big bang, producing a very weak emission, almost undetectable by subjective — objectivity. The emissions, now much weaker, no longer attracted attention. It was interesting to have this new awareness, but not significant enough to explore. Actually hidden, beyond the abilities of subjective — objectivity, was a new universe, so tiny, it would be a vast expanse of moments, before finally being able to understand it’s influence.

The new subjective — objectivity creative plan, for the next style for production, involved some discoveries of already produced phenomena, as well as, new ideas to enhance what was already known. The main attraction was the effects from the double strings of connecting particles, which produced this, seemingly, inner void, or the initial production of objectified — subjectivity. The three types of rotating, for the thirty-four spheres, affected the inner crossing of double stringed connections, now being a remnant memory function, of sorts. In some views, the affect was like a reflection. This drew much attention.

One could define the time frame for the planning, as an eternity, which leads to ultimately producing the fifth, creatively controlled, production of subjective — objectivity. Subjectivity is always connected to all the parts, so objectified — subjectivity was known to subjectivity. The influences, from this connection, increased to a point, where subjectivity became aware, the first produced objectified — subjectivity was UN aware of any of the roots. Without any method to establish a communications, subjectivity only had subconscious influence on the activity within objectified — subjectivity. Communications between subjectivity, and subjective — objectivity, were well established, so subjective — objectivity became aware of their baby, objectified — subjectivity.

The attention in subjective — objectivity was now primarily focused in the discovery of what subjectivity was connected to. Again, we will skip to a point, where abilities now presented subjective — objectivity with a understanding view of objectified — subjectivity. These subjective — objectivity type systems can NOT be seen by the planet Earth, since the light passes in space, the planet Earth does NOT pass into. Still, for, all that is, objectified — subjectivity is contained within the middle of all dimensionally overlapping orbits, representing subjective — objectivity.

The subjective — objectivity planet’s spin is in a very centered rotation, allowing planetary stability. Having had such extensive experience in creating an existence, as a collective body, of what appears to be both physical and NON physical beings, subjective — objectivity has been involved in influencing the inner universes for an extended period of time.

The age of the NON physical beings is UN defined and relates to the essence of subjectivity. Linear time measurements require either subjective — objectivity, or, objectified — subjectivity, where both can be impressed with controlled flows of energy, measurable, relative to the viewer’s perception. Subjective — objectivity is responsible for life developing in more advanced formats on the planet Earth, and many other planets. The planet Earth was only recently indulged upon. There is a reason for only being recently studied, which started approximately seventy-five thousand Earth type years ago. With the inherent life forms, which began significantly earlier, and much galactic interaction, needed understanding was extensively researched to identify the roots involved. There are many sources of intelligent, progressing entities, who have enjoyed visits to the Earth, in excess of well over one million of Earth years.

In addition to abilities for seeing the objectified — subjectivity, the subjective — objectivity collective groups, of consciousnesses, discovered ways to safely enter objectified — subjectivity. This was accomplished, first, by entry into the total collective subconscious area. This area is actually the inner action between, subjectivity, the formation of double stringed connections within each greater circle of subjective — objectivity’s rotation of spinning spheres, and the weak emissions coming from objectified — subjectivity.

With much practice, within the collective subconscious, entities, from subjective — objectivity, were able to discover much information, as well as, enhance the total of understanding, regarding the objectified — subjectivity in it’s most conscious format. What has been discovered upon entry into the inner realms, is how the inner worlds age extremely fast, as compared to the relative view within subjective — objectivity.

The planet Earth is over four and a half billion years, but subjective — objectivity, from the more transparent physical origins, is less than half this age. None of the inner worlds began until after passing approximately two hundred million years, of subjective — objectivity type years. When measuring energies, common to objectified — subjectivity, with the newest technology within the subjective — objectivity, they measure as they should, within the age of the current subjective — objectivity, or less. When measured, while visiting the inner worlds, ages are more equivalent to local discoveries within objectified — subjectivity.

Subjective — objectivity is the original universe, first ever to be created out of consciousness. This is due to the added strength of early magnetics giving the initial illusions of solidity. Consciousness began in THE NOTHING, known to some as the concept of a void. This universe, being referenced, grew to, two sets of seventeen spherical systems, as detailed earlier.

Around the time subjective — objectivity increased to the fourth creatively controlled production, still as simple BLACK and WHITE, technologically, all had advanced fairly equally. This filled in much understanding and currently it would be beyond capabilities to transfer all that has been compiled. The subjective, or NON physical existence, then opened up and shortly after, a new creation was discovered. This was deep within what was observed as the center, being orbited.

This area, objectified — subjectivity, changed to developed what could now be considered a more randomly filled universe, with many universes inside each other. In other words, very complicated. From the outside, ambiguously, we see nothing, unless we probe with the advanced forms of measuring. The inside viewing, again ambiguously, gives the appearance of infinity.

Using time frame variables, from the various universes within awareness, the greatest TIME spacing from the original beginnings, as subjective — objectivity, to certain parts of the areas known as objectified — subjectivity, is over three hundred and fifty billion years, relative to the objectified — subjectivity. The most current technology allows these, previously mentioned, thirty-four systems, representing subjective — objectivity, which is the outer most existence, to be spaced out, so it will always contain the inner universes, objectified — subjectivity. The subjective — objectivity positions are maintained in a custom made order and that is enough to keep the entire vastness of inner realms, objectified — subjectivity, being primarily chaotic, stabilized from the subjective — objectivity point of view.

The subjective — objectivity, with the strong influence from individualized parts of consciousness on the outside of the sphere, became a controlling group, which has grown to the current thirty-four civilizations. This controlling group has reproduced the formation of universes, within the inner areas, where some are actually much older than the original universe. Some areas await the necessary input of energy, as the catalyst, for advanced life forms.

The energies the planet Earth receives, coming from all thirty-four systems, filter through all galaxies the energies travel through, and progression reveals itself, accordingly. There are many rings of galaxies, which are formed whenever the systems in subjective — objectivity jump up the diameter of all spherical orbits of the two great circles. These distances are equivalent to a relative movement of light, for one second, within the subjective — objectivity point of view. From the inside, objectified — subjectivity, the distance is infinity, since any measurement, looking out to the edge of a given dimensional universe, will always need something technically beyond abilities.

The most recent expansion of orbits was less than one million of subjective — objectivity type years, in past. These galaxies, newly formed within objectified — subjectivity, are basically as advanced, prepatorily, as subjective — objectivity’s most recent level of existence. Each previous expansion would also have gone forth with the total of the, then, current level of progression, as potential. It is yet to be determined how the worlds in these areas will grow. This remains a mystery only when NOT observed.

The universe of existence, where the planet Earth is located, was discovered accidentally. There was no knowledge of the objectified — subjectivity phase, when subjective — objectivity synchronized the initial orbits of the spherical shapes. This initial inside area, objectified — subjectivity, became a pool of reflection. This, ultimately, growing worlds, upon worlds, which are literally compounds of light year continuums, equaling numbers of miles, in excess of six trillion raised to infinity. The observations which began when subjective — objectivity discovered a created reflection of itself, which is now called objectified — subjectivity, brought the initial birth of a star type sphere, within subjective — objectivity. The discoveries from objectified — subjectivity demonstrated the added potential of surface existence.

It was discovered, in the objectified — subjectivity production, the most subjective roots, representing the source for sustaining subjective — objectivity, a star type spherical shape was formed. The objectified — subjectivity production, of subjective — objectivity, basically is the root for most NON star, type shapes.

The subjective — objectivity area, which contains, or we could say protects, the objectified — subjectivity, grew up quickly. With the new reflection, qualities and influence by the well established progressed position of the subjective — objectivity, the idea of star systems bloomed, with developing variables in vibration, allowing color and much interactive stimulus.

The beingness, developing in the objectified — subjectivity, being so removed from the initial source of subjectivity, had little knowledge they were collectively influencing the creation of the moment to moment existence. The subjective — objectivity jumped to a new style, which would now be star systems, each with an orbiting planet, relative to this area. There was awareness of the inherent potential confusion becoming a dominate influence, within objectified — subjectivity, but only by way of subjective — objectivity’s acknowledgment of the subjective roots. The objectified — subjectivity had little conscious understanding of what the roots subjectively radiated, and there was also NO awareness of the connection to understand what was being produced from subjective — objectivity’s influences, radiating towards the center.

The energy from the subjective roots is a simple basic, feeling flow. Subjective — objectivity produces a controlled system of energy waves, originating from all current star systems. Since these waves are within parameters of influential control, a precise selection, became possible. The style of systems, in the subjective — objectivity, currently trinary star systems, each with three planets, has promoted much advancement in understanding how to go consciously into objectified — subjectivity, which has opened much information to both phases.

The light from the stars, in the most recent ring of galaxies inside objectified — subjectivity, less than one million of subjective — objectivity type years in the past, will take over three hundred fifty billion years to reach the planet Earth’s position, in this, so called, Milky Way galaxy. This suggests a much larger universe, but mostly UN detectable, containing rings of galaxies extending from the earliest section at the center of objectified — subjectivity. The planet Earth is in the central section, which was basically created as a reflection, from subjective — objectivity.

Using extended viewing, from the Earth, gives observation of billions of galaxies, collectively called a universe. The first extended ring of galaxies, produced from influence within the subjective — objectivity, is a universe dimensionally inside what could be called sub space, relative to the Earth. In the area, considered sub space for the initial, accidentally produced, objectified — subjectivity, we have a replication of this center section, individually dimensionalized.

The initial center section of the objectified — subjectivity, where Earth is located, will give an automatic birth to individual replication of the randomized effects, but this will be in the same dimensional space as the first, subjective — objectivity, produced ring of galaxies. This means, there would be an invisible Earth, inside the center of the first Earth. Every other part, no matter how represented by way of consciousness, would have this same invisible part inside, the given part. This includes the life form structures.

When we consider the variations of potential projected realities, the variables contributed by each individual consciousness, the individual ING$ factor, will determine the flexibility, for the ability to create changes, relative to the particular reality we are within. This is very complex, since some will feel a great ability for influencing a change and actually be able to see the fruits of their individual desires. The degree of visible effects will be subject to the influences of the other individual consciousnesses, we share the reality with, and this can have many probable tints, to the color, so to speak. Meaning, if we surround ourselves with a given grouping of fellow people, who have a similar openness to our own feelings and beliefs, then the effects have greater success potential. It would be similar to the difference we might find, while conversing with someone else, about things such as what is presented in this writing. One person, fairly closed to this type material, would result in having a debate oriented conversation, where as, some, more tuned in with each other, would result in a more progressively oriented conversation.

The idea being presented relative to our Earth, as an example, concerning this invisible Earth on the inside of our Earth, a being on this invisible Earth would be able to establish an observation of a complete universe, with NO awareness of the first Earth, outside, which would be basically invisible to the inner Earth. Even the ring of galaxies, responsible for this new sub space replication of the first Earth’s universe, is beyond observation by the newly produced Earth’s potential.

The view from the subjective — objectivity, initially, was a void, until it was discovered to contain tiny specks, which viewed from the inside, has billions of galaxies, spreading for billions of light years. The newly created ring of galaxies, from subjective — objectivity, and, the inner replications of the first Earth’s universe, is even tinier, by comparison. This sub space production of a universe actually covers an area larger than the original void, centered within the synchronized orbits of all systems within the subjective — objectivity. This is relative to the sub space universe.

When inside the inner Earth universe, all galaxies are relatively viewed to reveal substantially larger gaps between them. In an individual galaxy, each star system is also seen to be spaced more dramatically. Each subsequently produced ring of galaxies, which there are many, will have a similar sub space distortion. All these dimensional worlds, within worlds, will each have variables to their individual, so called, universal laws, and each will be able to, only see light, which is common to the particular universe.

Again, a reminder that this is an illustration of what subjective — objectivity would be, as viewed using words from a physical reality, which then represents the subjective — objectivity womb. In addition to this, the affected birth within objectified — subjectivity would have a portion suggesting subjective — objectivity. In other words the brain would be our bodies way of containing, that, which it is contained within. The entire connection status starts at the brain and projects a body to contain the brain. This brain is invisable, but will be represented by the physical brain which is inside a body being produced.

The idea of the electron, as defined by the current identity position, can be turned, On, in so many ways to express the electron, that this whole area, describing subjective — objectivity, is only one of some ten trillion potential stories. In between, as a ZERO status, would allow an infinite number of CONNECT INGS.