#### CHAPTER NINE ####


In the earlier part of this writing, the concept of a Dogon function was defined to be, a collected consciousness. This meant that Bob is one projected beingness out of trillions of potential areas, simplified. A later addition stated, imagination is really allowing a Dogon function to be an existence. The idea of entity, or of being an entity, is distortable, as influenced by the viewer and what the viewer understands themselves to be. Therefore, IMAGINATION would also be an entity. In other ways, an entity can also be a space — time continuum. This information summary may present many variations for perspective, so we will discuss information gained through other outings.

There is another area, for Dogon being out of the Bob body, which is very common. This involves a variation on what Bob awareness would mean, when discovering energy surges, after already being shifted. The most common type will start within a bed, without noticing that it is a different bed, than the one we know holds the resting body. This information will be discovered, after returning to the resting Bob body. While there in the bed, however, Dogon is conscious, with Bob awareness, and detects the normal energy surge type, expectantly awaiting a shift potential. These type of out of the Bob body usually have a stronger fluidity and a greater time span, as an outing, compared to the regular roll out of bed type.

After a return, as Bob, the discrepancies between the starting positions, bed compared to bed, are well defined. The actual portion identified as the outing, as it was happening, was considered to be consciously recognized from the point of energy surge, forward. The review, after return to the Bob body, will usually add the experience, which happened within the alternate reality, before the surge was noticed. This part of memory will be more of a recalled conscious outing, where Bob awareness didn’t seem important. The energy surge perks up the attention of having Bob awareness. The activity reviewed as experience, before a surge is felt, has involved many different areas of life ages.

Sometimes it may be a teenager at home with parents. There may be memories of interaction with the parents before going to the bedroom. Maybe a few things will occur in the bedroom before actually laying down in the bed. Another type may involve a wife and sometimes kids or some other kind of family structure. These situations will involve a variety of activity, but the projected body usually goes to bed alone. There have also been some which begin in a hospital bed, where memories of nurse activity will come in. The greatest memory recalls are mostly bedroom oriented, before actually laying down.

Once the projected body lays down, the relaxation allows for a different feeling to emerge. The practices which Dogon is very attentive towards, for instance, holding Bob awareness while laying down the body, come to the surface, even though, we started the outing being somebody other than Bob. These always feel strange, after returning to Bob, since we discover that we were somebody else, just before we thought we were going out of the Bob body.

When the surge occurs, Dogon knows a shift is happening and with Bob awareness, the adventure begins. The shift will be noticed as if it just occurred, but after evaluating these type of outings, it has been seen that as Dogon, we can think we are still Bob and proceed from a false status, with little interruption. For instance, when we discover the outing actually started after a previous shift into being a teenager with parents, it helps the understanding as to why it felt UN comfortable getting up and just leaving the house. Dogon will have the mix of memories of the teenager’s encounter, with the parents, as a strong influence, even though Bob awareness comes in, which means we do whatever it feels we can. As we leave the house, it feels we should say something to the parents, so we won’t have them worrying, but Bob awareness says, no big deal, just walk out and see what happens. Usually there is no reaction from the parents, but an underlying feeling of concern is still momentarily present. These outings turn into some of the most entertaining and expansive, within the area of controlling and directing the outing into desires which arise.

There is a stronger removal of the sense of the Bob body, for this type of outing. This happens, since the energy surge, which at first seems to be the beginning of the outing, is actually supported by already being at least once removed from the resting Bob body. This status of already being shifted, even though being a missing piece of information during the outing, is what allows the greater holding out from the Bob body. We will still drift back to a resting body, NOT as often though, but the resting body will be somebody other than Bob. Sometimes we will find that we get up again and discuss the happening with who ever is present, in essence, returning to the alternative reality, which is resulting through the projected body. Or, we might remember to just go out and see what else we can discover.

The importance of this type of outing, as well as, some other areas of experience reflecting similar understandings, is, that when Dogon projects a body, anywhere, it will have a complete memory of existence and can flow as if that is where Dogon belongs. Considering the strength of individualized memories, which would even include a standard recognized dream type outing, it is easy to be so involved with the outing that we lose awareness of the resting body. So, after return it becomes difficult to connect the memories of two systems, to realize we have been out and often it can be easy to miss, most of the potential for remembering what just occurred during the outing. These also include probable realities, for Bob type worlds, extended as any time, past or future, in it’s influence. Seeing how, as Dogon, we can become many different potentials, as described beings, opens the idea of what imagination is presenting.

For this illustration, we will use the alien encounters of ninety four, which represented the future and includes a continuous reminder through energies around the temporal lobes, all suggesting a starting point. The first projection is the idea of Dogon being on a space ship and projecting as if Bob is just a dream. Then the second projection is Dogon, as Bob, projecting out of the Bob body, into another reality. There would be a projected body having it’s own existence with memories. In addition a third time, as just described, Dogon, being out of the Bob body, can again project out of the current projected body and be involved in another reality. Each subsequent projection suggests a deeper penetration, so to speak. Each one of these four bodies have their complete potential existence centered, as if it exists only from their particular view.

This would all be within the imagination’s ability to imagine, so NON of the bodies will be contaminated by any of the others, in essence. Who we are, becomes a bigger mystery, since any one of these individual beings, projected in their adjoining realities, could be the actual center, with the others becoming dreams, relatively speaking. Death now becomes a gate, so to speak. A conscious shift would be the actual happening, where death is only an understood transition.

Let’s use the Bob reality, since it is described as the Earth and many may have heard of the place. As Dogon, we know there will be a point when Bob will be a memory, only. To those who would have existence within the Earth reality, who also know Bob, the death of Bob would be a part of their reality at some point. To Bob, or as Dogon, existence will move on to another focus or default setting, maybe on planet X. There will also be probable realities, where Bob will still be an existence, but Dogon will have connections without need for first hand experience. The Bob in this situation will still have the total of what a Dogon function represents, but it could be renamed some other name. For the Bob, which actually becomes the greater function known as Dogon, the death is a gate to move some where other than the current Earth. The birth also represented a gate, so each side of the gate is perceived as either death or birth.

The entity would represent the part that is both allowing all the probable Bob existence’s, with their individual collected consciousnesses, as well as, being a collected consciousness which is also an ultimate projection. Each part of the entity will also be an entity of equal ultimate standing. The ability to imagine is the same as being the entity, no matter where projecting, which includes what is attached as a resulting reality. From a subjective view, the entity has no existence, since the idea of an entity suggests separation. The reference to space — time continuums adds, that an entity is an identity, atom or electron, or any other potential description of parts that make an existence.

Using a computer as part of the story will be appropriate. Since it has been a topic throughout this writing, we shall add the point, for greater identity of the computer, to say it is a cheap imitation. The system we exist as, a body, being a common term, has such diversity, as compared to the computer, that the computer is a simple imitation, very limited in what it’s potential offers.

The simpleness of the computer gives us away to enhance the identity of parts, as it relates to the system we consciously exist as. The concept of programming the computer is the bases for most of the comparison. We can further define the idea of a default body, Bob for instance, being a projection of the Dogon function, where the basic system represents the emerging, baby sized, body, as a initialized version for future expansion.

When a computer is turned on, the reason anything becomes apparent to the person who turned the computer on, is established through a setup routine. This is usually a pre written programming, contained on a chip designed for the computer, somewhat personalized for the particular type of computer the chip is installed within. This chip is responsible for checking connections and storing data in protected areas of memory, this assisting in keeping things fluent, so that this chip becomes very influential, initially. But that’s it, all you will see will be a few words before it stops and only a blinking cursor will be still active, on the screen.

From this point forward, the computer will be directed by incoming software, or more programming, but only if it is compatible with the turned on computer. Give something incompatible to a baby and it will just be spit back up or be spit in your face. We EACH come into existence with apparent needs, sometime very individualized. And, if the needs are met, we will find more than a blinking cursor. Each facet of any big, megabytes worth, software program, will have smaller routines, supporting bigger routines. These programs can have several layers of routines supporting other routines, before the actual named software program becomes the supported routine.

The system we represent as beingness, as being stated, has such connections that all the various types of computer systems, currently on the Earth, all connected, would be insignificant by comparison. It would be like comparing an electron to some Earth being’s body. From it’s point of view, the computer could be seen as ok, except, take away the person and more than likely, the computer would have no reason for being used.

The idea of programming can seem simple, from a computer point of view. The type of intricacy involved in presenting a Dogon function or even one projection, such as Bob, has speeds way beyond our current technology, which allows much diversity in expressed individuality. This is the way of looking from a Thing oriented view.

To understand, how we can see the idea of programming, when we are playing the very role which is programmed, will need a slight adjustment. A term, The Watcher, is descriptive of the centering concept for seeing the programming. The watcher is a potential we all have available and sometimes we can discover an experienced phase, as the watcher. For instance, an athlete, who has practiced and conditioned the body for the desired activity, can be the best the body has to provide. But, if every time the performance is needed, the watcher jumps in to play the role, the already conditioned body is now given the message to alter according to the incoming desires of the watcher. Instead, if the watcher remains watching, then the body will perform the functions it has been trained for and more than likely the performance will appear as near perfection. When we speak of functions, which the body can be trained for, we would also include mental activity functions. The simpleness of allowance, the concept, do your own thing, will demonstrate the flows of programmed structures. Meaning, as the watcher, you watch how the person you are, peoples itself. It can be seen, very quickly, that most people run pretty smoothly, when allowed to be natural with their flow, although, sometimes being disturbed by outside influences.

The watcher, from an analogy perspective, can jump into the world of peopleness and interrupt the natural flow. This is done by rerunning an old program or by making up a seemingly new program. Bob is walking down the street and another guy comes up and punches him, in the gut, for no apparent reason. One natural flow might be to react with Bob’s version of a violent response. When finished, there is no judgment or concern, whether it was the correct response, it just became the now moments, and things continue to move on. Instead, the watcher jumps in, and remembers when Bob was in early school years. Fighting with fists was a tolerable reaction. Maybe the natural violent response would have only been words, but now we force potentially more reaction. From Dogon’s view, we know Bob would NOT be in a position for the encounter, where somebody would hit Bob. This is also programming, through how we concentrate thoughts, knowing we will attract the currents of energy, based on collective thought interaction. More than likely, because of the Dogon view point, Bob would probably respond with an elaborate verbal story about bullshitting how THE NOTHING operates, and change the entire energy field.

When allowing the role of the watcher to be, the person we exist as and the programming utilization, will be easy to see. There is no need for any action, since the simpleness of watching ourselves, is, what creates the desires we are watching for.

Dogon does feel an objective in mind, as to where this entire writing is headed, and this will cover a strong sadness, as we look at the Earth part of the experienced realities. The current status of the Earth is well known and understood to be the result of many misconceptions, of what a reality is. Remember the outing describing the style where Bob awareness arrived while within a outing, which began as a dream. The ending of this outing involved a discussion with the military leader basically covering the ending of another story, well that comes next.

Dogon will cover some details concerning successful uses of resources. Everything can basically be considered a resource. This will be an addition to the idea of story telling but ultimately we all will focus on what seems to be ideal, wondering if we are allowed to have our individual ideal. A lot of this writing has been an expression of great numbers indicating potential options, as well as, potential speeds of vibration.

The key to aid in successfully emerging into unified worlds, would be to establish excellent management teams, rather then governments. These teams would have a primary responsibility to monitor the different recognized resources and any interconnecting resources. This would include keeping records on quantities, location and so on. The most significant resource is the total of all people sharing the planet. Together, with all resources properly managed, it can be discovered that ultimately, ALL individuals will be able to freely pursue their desires, whatever that might suggest. There might be some who want to work in people related areas with others who might be more involved within other Earth related areas. Some might even want to goof off awhile but every one, if allowed to feel their way, will have something to contribute. In addition to the people following their hearts, to desires, the entire planet of life forms, whether well recognized or, representing the more mineralized worlds, will all be in a position to contribute and share in the wealth of all.

The overall success works, but there may be many steps before a world can accomplish this desired level of freedom, for all people, to include the rest of the planet they are sharing. One latter step which can have a solid impact on this above variance involves the UN needed measuring, to ascertain some fictitious rating system of value judgment. The idea is to release a great amount of people from NON productive positions, which have been proved to be existing only to energize a given monetary system’s life. Drop the idea of measuring everything with money and over fifty percent of the working productivity, influence, will now be available to bring greater order to the basic needs of the entire planet. All peoples will always be in a position to receive the structure of existence expected through each individual truth in desires.

This future we all are moving into, currently, due to a forced nature, may stimulate many downhill flows which might be misunderstood. We will each need to recognize that, our combined collected thought and the emotional impressions, both carry a lot of weight in guiding what happens, en mass. When we begin to accept our individual responsibility for creating our realities, a giant step will have been taken. This is what will allow acceptance of a system without any need for monetary game playing. The view of the world of Earth, as it is currently, is made up of a lot of people playing monopoly. Anyone who has played monopoly may have had the experience of going broke. Of course in the home version you just leave the game and you can eat or something. In the Earth game of monopoly, we could just die, but more than likely we are forced to play a secondary role. Anyone owning the two cheapest properties will generally lose if NOT supported by the higher priced lots.

Children can figure out that ultimately a game of monopoly will separate the rich from the poor, no matter how adjustments are made. The governments keep trying to fix their individual monopoly game but the poor are still going to be the poor when we measure things. The rich, however are NOT to be blamed. We did this together. The poor remain the poor as along as they continue to allow the Earth to be measured out, instead of being the majority to vote in the needed change. The excuse, that those with money can corrupt any attempt, is only a function within thought. This does NOT have to be tolerated, and this is also NOT a justification for war. Let’s consider the claim, we are intelligent, and then we need to act like it. The rich can seemingly be in control of things but let’s remember they need a lot of support in the form of occupational contribution to keep the world functioning. And we all know who provides all of this support.

People complain about crime and greed because of missed understandings. It is hard to justify a life, for oneself, which contributes imbalance, like criminal activity, when basic needs are easily available. Stress can be metamorphosed into controlled runs of energy. Eliminating the idea of competition and changing to a more progressive union, will find a greater source of excitement, since people, in general, want to be apart of the world. Keep people in a struggle and then who cares.

Those who seemingly own all the goods, so to speak, will, at first, feel they are the big losers, but it is what the world of Earth will become, that will greatly outweigh this slight misconception. Many people in the world, currently, are hoping for the big landing of extraterrestrial intervention, to finally straighten the imbalance of our world. We should note, the current results expressing a somewhat greed ridden world, is our collective fault. Looking to outside sources to solve our problem is NOT a solution.

The solution is two fold. We each need to recognize, we are in this together, no matter how we individually perceive reality, and then, learning to live together becomes an understood variable. If we wait, hoping for god or some higher level of beingness to put the fix in, then we will miss the importance of the togetherness. If you keep hiring somebody else to do that which one needs to be educated about, then no such education takes place. School systems progressed through greater available personal will assist in expanding the understanding of togetherness. This, allowing freedom for each student, whatever the age. Time for self discovery, introduction to building self image, and quick entrance into the understanding of current collected ways, would be immediate benefits.

People, who feel this free, collectively contribute with greater impact and this is what leads to discoveries of great significance, energized in a relatively short period of time. Freedom, growing as it is allowed, can release a lot of various UN wanted emotions, such as built up guilt. There can always be sufficient numbers of people available to work in tune with nature, so nature becomes an allie. Food supplies expand with little effort. The major, mentally taxing, created problems of the peoples, will seemingly disappear. We cannot give a time frame, since each system vibrates in time, differently, and no translation exists with any accuracy.

There is an area of contact with animals which has been apart of our world for some time, but most who are exposed to these, definite statements of dissatisfaction, ignore them. As Dogon, supported by the experiences of a variety of realities, there have been similar feelings of awareness growing relative to the animals, as well as, plant life. If a person expands their awareness and pays attention to how expressions are given through, what may often be described as subtle hints, a seeming story can be felt from many sources, usually considered UN able to communicate. This brings memories from nineteen hundred eighty five, when, while being Bob, it was noticed, through an awareness of appearances, while viewing a large area of trees, during a certain period of the summer, that these trees were very sad.

More recently several visits to different zoos exposed much dissatisfaction being expressed by many animals. Even recent news articles, which occasionally covers the happenings at zoos, will give this evidence. If one pays close attention to how they feel, as they watch the animals during the news, it can create a sense of sadness for the caged animals. This is only one area of many, involving different parts of the Earth, where, looking with greater openness, relative to what represents an entity identity, mountains or valleys, for instance, we can realize how these entity structures are feeling mistreated. We have many groups of individuals, organized for saving this species or that species, or some trees, or areas of land, where the groups, at times, will take dramatic steps to make their causes known. There are ways to assist the needed care for our planet and the parts that are apart of it.

For now, we will return to the idea of the monopoly game. While being Bob, in teenage years, one summer was spent playing monopoly with a neighbor friend. We both found, very quickly, that we were dissatisfied with the standard rules for the game. Neither felt it that rewarding to have the other eliminated from the game, for lack of money or holdings. We had to revise the rules. Since both of us enjoyed the playing of the game and the building of an empire, of sorts, we decided the only way to keep each of us in the game was to have dummy players moving around the board. These players, usually we had two or three extra, would only be allowed to move around the board. All properties would be available to just the two people players, so the dummies were supported by the bank and would always be contributing money to the game, so each side would continue to grow. We also increased the allowances for building houses and hotels so we had some place to spend the extra cash flow. This meant that properties could have great amounts of extra hotels and such, of course this raised the amount charged to a player landing on the property, which leads to more money and even more building. Even the railroads and utilities had variations for expansion.

At certain points the amount of money exceeded the desires to build, so we even opened bank accounts and made the bank pay each of us interest, where the interest rate would grow based on the amount of money deposited. This was delightful, and allowed us to play for most of the summer, at one continuous game. Someone eventually was declared the winner, but NOT because someone went broke, we just added up the holdings for a tally of worth.

There is a parallel, of sorts, with the way the current economic structure is designed. In essence, we could call it Earth – opoly. The big difference between this and the board game is fairly obvious. We have a very tiny percentage of the Earth’s people enjoying all the Earth has to offer. Most of the balance of the people, are basically required to be satisfied with whatever they can gain for themselves. Ultimately, we are going to find that this system will fail, even though those who are controlling the influences for the current status of economics, will continue to justify their position with the idea that they own the wealth and that is that. When the money structure falls apart, the most wealthy will be the last to feel it, but they will also be the ones who have the most difficulty. Since those who are first affected, by the fall of economic structures, will generally be the higher percentage of the populous who, for the most part, keep it running as it is, so the lack of their input will put the remainder of the people in greater jeopardy, since they will NOT be able to cope with the influx of needed labors to keep supporting the top, so to speak.

Many, so called experts, continue to brag how they can fix this or fix that, or they have some new super device to assist Earth people in gaining greater freedom in their lives, and it will only cost you all your money. Money has no inherent value of it’s own, it is just a tool. This tool was invented for the benefit of those who claimed some sort of specialness, so they could claim ownership for parts of the Earth. Today’s money systems, creating levels of value status among the peoples of the Earth, is just another version of earlier periods in history defined as caste systems. It may appear that each individual is able to mingle with any other, since our government leaders keep telling us this, but we only have to make the attempt at some time to see that this is a facade.

When money is the measuring device, all actions become questionable. Sure, we can have an individual, seemingly giving to charities and such. But, the bottom line, for purposes as related to any individual in what they do, will always be in suspect, as the question, relative to the individual will be, what’s in it for me, and this will dominate their true goal. Does this wonder pill really cure, or is it only a cure because somebody can make lots of bucks from it. Or, we can’t afford to improve the animal’s cage, since we don’t have enough money, and besides we needed that limousine, to impress those that we needed to get the money from.

People are the real economics, the money is only a silly measuring system, established when we were less aware of existence. It is now time to move forward. As stated, without the need to be measuring everyone, through a monetary structure, a great percentage of the current career structure would be elliminated. This refers to areas such as banking, insurance, politics, accounting departments, stock market structures as well as other related areas, where we could add the idea of taxation.

The following may seem like a harsh thought to suggest, but the main stream work force, as a description, would be better stated as the current CASH CROP of people, being tendered by money value systems. Many people considered too old, and, those considered as less capable of producing the expected, economic levels, are all essentially being paid to stay out of the way. It’s called retirement or disability. Money has, in essence, emerged as the most popular GOD of our current times. The vast reservoirs of idled people and those who currently only contribute to the sustenance of money, freed up, become a solid energy reserve, very influential to allow a quick change in how we manage ourselves and assist opening the recognition of our shared occupation with the Earth and all those other parts of the Earth. Children can easily see the math simpleness involved.

If money counts more than people, then what were the parents thinking about, as children become new additions. The standard monopoly game doesn’t deal much with having children. Must have been thinking about the game of life, an alternate version of a money game, which was another game around to be played during family game time.

Freeing up such a vast amount of people would have a very positive affect on all of the Earth. There would be people available, without validation on whether we can afford it or not, to eliminate the planets pollution problems, to assist with problems involving endangered species, or to save trees, after all we need the oxygen, and to support water conditions, plus special land areas for returning the Earth to a more appropriate state. There are many areas associated with nature which would be given new hope. In addition, the people who would be involved with the careers which remain, once the need for measuring is gone, would find many more people available to ultimately reduce the work load for all. Having people working in areas which only support the idea of money and the resulting measuring, is proof that the, so called, efficiency experts don’t really understand what true productivity is based on.


This world would NOT be worth much without people, at least from a people point of view, the animals might enjoy the Earth more if all the people were to disappear. Of course, the animals and such are very aware of the need for sharing a reality with all who are present.

Consider the criminal activity, which is motivated by money, or what would happen if one person couldn’t buy the favors of another. Or, how so many with latent abilities, relative to technological imports, don’t have the funds to expand into the educational system, so they can contribute their abilities to the balance of the Earth. We, as a species have really cut ourselves short, relative to where we could be currently, as compared to where we are. We might claim we have advanced technically, but even this is questionable, since money is the main motivation for what is presented and who knows what wonders could have been created, when instead somebody said, we can’t afford to check it out, whatever it might be. Even the possibility of inventions of great importance being discovered, only to be kept hidden because it might interrupt someone’s money flow, or represent a replacement for something which still offers a substantial monetary gain. Every day the news will report problems, which people are complaining about, and for the most part, money is somehow involved as the probable cause.

It was noted, recently, the latter part of February ninety six, during a television broadcast, concerning man’s origins, that certain discoveries, contradicting earlier claims to our history, as a species, were kept hidden. The reason stated, related to saving face, but there is a high probability that some of the motivation for cover up was influenced by money. Even the career of one specialist in her field, basically was ended, forcefully, since she wanted to report her discoveries, which contradicted earlier formats. The idea of evolution, going from primitive life forms to more advanced forms of life, is very questionable, considering some of the discoveries which were once buried, which were being discussed by the program.

If we are to advance into the next century with a world worth living in, we will need to change the attitudes of all inhabitants, allowing people to be the people they created themselves to be. It may appear to be impossible, but as we all know, the idea of something being impossible has arisen before, only to later be proved wrong.

We are all beings of importance, relative to an eternal existence, money only makes us less than what we are. Each of us know this, within the greater part represented by our individual collective consciounesses and therefore, we should allow the knowing to surface. After all, whether we like it or not, the world will continue to be hell if we treat each with the idea of what they are worth monetarily, rather than as apart of, all that is.

Being a consciousness has certain obligations, these are NOT imposed from the outside, but are apart of what makes us able to be conscious, of being a consciousness. To grow into the greater status of progressing consciousness is NOT an item, on a shelf, in a store, it is a natural inherent progression from our origins in existence. The choice to progress has two sources for stimulus, our individual self and the collective we are part of. We can continue to ignore our inner push for progression, or, we can welcome it with excitement, but waiting will ultimately lead to a forced energy push, since existence always progresses and carries all the parts along for the ride.

While young, being a child, playing a game of monopoly was a good diversion, but to actually be forced to live the game, seems childish. Each of us has the choice to make, perhaps we are, indeed, intelligent, as we claim. The simple concept and understanding of becoming a ZERO allows us to see ourselves as a greater BE INGS.