Imagination, being a basic root function, is connected throughout, what is collectively imaginable. The function, imagination, is stimulated both from what we represent as subjectivity, as well as, what we imagine, appearing as creations, or realities, such as an Earth based type. What we imagine would include the concept of objectification resulting in objects, which can present acknowledgment of seeming realities for an individually projected perception, but, we also need to include those imaginable parts which are beyond objectification. These areas still present a noticeable interaction, generating experience. An emotional awareness, such as sadness following a disappointment, or a feeling of exuberance following a significant discovery, would both represent this type of area, where there is no object.

There are many areas which support objectification without being objectified. For instance a common term, the SMALL VOICE WITHIN, a sub space — outer space, function, would represent a subjective function, without objectification.

Inner space — outer space represents two sources meeting at our Earth body, activating the electron vibration cycle, the number of times we blink on and off, relative to our individual ING$ factor. The incoming subjective functions, which would include a objectified reflection, a photon type particle, are interpreted by the electron flash structure, and the produced body system translates, according to allowances. This means, relative to objectified — subjectivity, a photon type particle, from inner space, is a continuous process of particle apparentcy, decompressing until compatible with the destination particle, to be turned on. This would be the individual electron particle, for the being, or SOUL, originating the dream function for the need of the particle reflection. This would also happen for a photon type particle from outer space, except this particle, as a continuous, apparent, movement of particles, is compressing for compatibility within the space, for the being, to be actualized. These represent the essence of dreaming structures, meeting in the middle, so to speak, from to ends of consciousness, relative to our collective oneness within THE NOTHING, separating itself as a SELF!!!

These two apparent movements, of photon type particles, would seemingly activate all future and past, relative to the actualized NOW moment, for the dreaming being. These past and future activation’s would be within the subjective — objectivity structure, unless consciousness is present, creating an objectified — subjectivity structure, moving the actualized NOW moment, for perceptions through the creating dreamer. This area may be difficult to understand, unless one has allowed their individual awareness to be present within more than an Earth type existence, which allows expansion of a persons knowing, from all potential space, potentiated.

The status being described above is a point of understanding developed by a being, impressed with both the understanding of past and future, relative to the current understanding of the NOW. In this story we are referring to Dogon, as a function, with connections going in both directions, relative to the present NOW, with allowed understandings, expanding the dreaming function structure. Which means we simplify by again stating, WE EACH CREATE OUR REALITY, FROM THE CURRENT NOW, INDIVIDUALLY, even though we project our individual existence within a shared structural reality, this being called Earth.

In order for an individual to actualize their dream essence into total understanding, requires acceptance of our individual roll, as CO creater, as well as, allowances for letting the individual we are, to blossom. This means we can follow the main stream BULL SHIT for only so long, and then a moment comes when we break away to allow our individual interpretation to begin guiding EACH of us, as an individual allowing their dream to grow, until actualized as an individuated existence, or projected reality!!!

There will be more on how we individualize our dream essence, but for now, to become more specific, we will allow the creation of a story. The story which will be expanded, relative to greater expanded understanding, is only going so far, since it becomes a stepping off point, to a future chapter expansion, but for now, we can understand the importance for opening allowances, past the restrictive NORMS, being sold to us on the Earth, currently. This story is to elaborate the definition of an existing creation, and will be allowed through the natural function, based within imagination. Anyone, at anytime, can be knowing and creating a story, which could explain their individual view of existence. The numbers used earlier, trillions, gives allowances for great diversity.

A story about the solar system, containing the Earth, will be a good start. The ability of imagining will be the bases for the stories purpose, where currently, due to our so called experts, and their closed minded ways, they have given us, what we would consider, a totally erroneous version for the creation of the universe.

We have a story to describe a suggestion of destiny and now a story will be told as a history advising the potential for the destiny needed. The ideas for allowing the story to expand, as it will, are common themes within existence.

For identity introduction, we will begin with the term, NO INGS, as the name of the containment field, THE NOTHING. Our individual piece of THE NOTHING, is represented as a Coalision Of Energy, or, for this reference, we could say that this individualized piece of THE NOTHING, is a named source for IMAGINATING, within an actualized reality, based on a perceived identity position for electron expressions. The term, INGS, will be the created part, the expressed, turned on flash of all electrons, for the given identity position, and will have many names as used within the story. Subjectivity is the beginning status, even though the story will have apparent objectivity.

NO INGS would be the copy of the original pulse developed while pretending as pure subjectivity. This has a center of consciousness, forever shrinking in size. There is an outer consciousness, ever extending it’s outer spherical shape, before sending a wave inward. This was covered in a previous chapter. This also included the holographic structural inherentcy, where we each, in essence have, built in, projection abilities.

The middle part of consciousness is the hidden life projector, with the other parts of consciousness, from a collective view, enabling the entire function. We have an outer part, of middle consciousness, sending our dream essence, our initial pretend life structure, outward to meet the outer part of consciousness’, inward moving wave.

When the two waves of energy meet, the result, in an objectified — subjectivity, produces an Earth view type universe, even though we do skip around to different types of Earth’s, which will be covered more in a later chapter.

The inside part of middle consciousness, where in subjectivity the function has a wave going inward always meeting the current center, will represent our inner womb. This wave action increases in speed to always meet the center of consciousness, while waiting on the outer waves to meet.

This, extended into an objectified — subjectivity, would be our inner voice, vibration pulse, keeping the outer moving, dream essence, updated, as to how the central life force, theme, for EACH individualized self, is wanting itself to be. Meaning, through acceptance of ourselves as the ultimate individualized truth, for ourselves, we begin getting assistance for greater understandings, allowing ourselves to expand. Which, in other words, says, do NOT let others tell how an individual is allowed to dream, this includes NOT allowing some, illusioned, dumb ass god, to interfere with individual truths. Individual truths come from EACH of us, and are meant to be different, where ultimately, NONE WILL BE LIKE ANY OTHER!!!

To extend on this problem, the idea of a god function, we will say, that any who believe in a god, or some kind of religious function, where they may be following someone’s, declared rules and regulations, supposedly given by a god, are only restricting themselves from ever having the freedom to pursue their individual eternity. This is ok, since any god, playing the role of a supreme being, loves all the sheep types, who faithfully follow the foolish gods, who claimed supremacy over others. For our existence, as a universe of total open probability, to continue to expand, EACH part is always allowed to break free, to their individual status, as an identity, expanding itself, as well as, always contributing to the essence of all creation.

The story will then focus from a feeling view. In the context of story telling, each episode will appear to be spaced in time, where in actuality, we exist in a continuum of flash moments, always allowing a completed picture, whether recognized or not, from any particular center.

The beginning will be; NO INGS matters a star. We will call the star, the Sun. Great, now we feel something. The feeling is beyond understanding, but gets better with each on — off mattering. We might recall the definition of the word, MATTER, refers to the ability to create an illusion out of THE NOTHING.

We will jump ahead and find, after much mattering, we have a planet called Mercury. Symbolically, Mercury represents a first attempt into communicating what is felt, in a subjective way, which is the beginning for responsive communicating. In addition to this, Mercury is representing the Sun’s invisable center, projected from the Sun, and UN known to the Sun. Then, hidden inside of Mercury is a piece of THE NOTHING, as a copy, as we all have a copy, which would have the potential to represent the whole, as a oneness. For this story, we will stay within one Earth framework, since the inside pieces of THE NOTHING, will also contain the essence for consciousness to project worlds, in multiplicity.

From another view, which will be covered in detail, later, Mercury also represents a computer gating structure.

Even after the appearance of Mercury, we are still a oneness, but with a quality to produce a feeling, of separation, which is also allowing the beginnings of, two way, communications. Words have no existence during this period, but feelings are happening and expanding in apparentcy, in response through interaction. Two feelings, describable, would be the first step above being, NO INGS.

NO INGS would be a feeling, feeling NOTHING, or NON definable. The first feeling would be the subjectivity of NON definition, since, before separation, we lack perceptibility. A feeling of something is given birth, with the mattering of the Sun. This feeling is only known to the creator of the Sun, NO INGS.

NO INGS has the initial, NON definable, feeling, as the root, which is the subjective —- subjective — objectivity, compression — decompression, atomic decoder, processor, combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, some may ask; What the hell is that? We will first establish an understanding for, compression — decompression as a function. This is simply defined as the nuclear explosion process, which, when done by, so called experts, with a restrictive intelligence, creates destruction, as evidenced by their continued stupidity, keeping them involved with natural functions, which should be left to nature.

Within the body function, there are many varieties to this process, one being the natural process of understanding, through allowances, sometimes considered THOUGHT PROCESSING.

It should also be noted that the Earth species will continue to go backwards, as long as we allow these idiots, our so called experts, to continue to experiment with things they should leave alone, until we grow up, as a species.

The ultimate expression, resulting from the natural order of the compression — decompression, is what we call the logarithmic rolling function, which will be expanded later. For now, we, Dogon, as BOB, will say, we have a, thirty three — thirty four — thirty three, ratio, for this process.

Relative to understanding these described feelings, this is, simply stated, for producing the Sun, which is a definable feeling, but only for NO INGS. The Sun is aware of itself, which is a variation of the root feeling for NO INGS. Mercury brings us to three feelings, but this count is from a perspective derived from NO INGS.

We can suggest the following as a structure for feelings, growing. NO INGS just feels better each time, time is. The Sun only feels time, so naturally the Sun considers itself as being important, continuously. NO INGS considers the Sun’s feeling, of importance, as a JOKE, since NO INGS mattered the Sun. Stimulation, from this JOKE, enhances feelings, progressively.

The Sun’s feelings will be identified, but NO INGS just feels without need for identity. This creates a slight conflict within NO INGS. During time, where the Sun feels important, NO INGS feels a different simulation for completeness. When time is void, NO INGS feels as if incomplete, since the feeling of the, THING, is missing, temporarily.

Mercury’s birth adds to the Sun’s feelings, of importance, and the Sun can feel like a creator. The Sun, feeling responsible for Mercury, enlightens Mercury, with its greatness. NO INGS just keeps feeling.

The new addition, Mercury, subjectively allows for newer feelings, feeling like motion, since with two potential objects, relative awareness, based on position, can expand the feelings to allow the new idea. Feelings of motion vary from simple linear movements to circular motion. Spinning in circles, circularly, came in to produce order, while base feelings, without motion, created disorder, through perceptions felt.

NO INGS feels progressively better as time apparently seems to move. The Sun feels acceptance towards it’s false HOOD and time energy grows more prominent. Mercury’s feelings grow to add motion, to feel as if spinning. We might suggest, Mercury is in awe of the Sun, which is stimulating changing patterns in feelings, ultimately forming into a spin.

The Sun, impressed by Mercury’s feeling of spinning, creates it’s own version of spinning. Mercury feels the added spin, from feelings the Sun is producing, and begins a circular motion, spinning around the Sun. Actually the feelings the Sun has built, which are falsely derived from feelings of importance, creates a strong influence on Mercury, which seemingly pulls Mercury around.

The affects of the Sun’s feelings of significance, take awhile to have an influence on Mercury. This means the Sun will revolve in a circle more rapidly than Mercury spins around the Sun. The influences, between Mercury’s revolving and the Sun’s revolving, establish a ratio.

Mercury begins to separate from the Sun, until enough distance is created, which balances the ratio comparison for different type spheres, spinning. The rotation of Mercury, around the Sun, is a by product of the influence of the spinning spheres, currently two.

We can see how easy feelings, understood from limited viewing, can produce false identity. The parts, mattered by NO INGS, each develop a contributing function, of defining feelings for identity representation. This produced happening becomes the other side of THE NOTHING.

The Sun and Mercury have no problem with Mercury accepting the Sun as it’s god. This gives birth to the outer falseness of a need for a creator, but the choice of who becomes the creator, comes from objectification. The falseness grows without any understandings of the original root, NO INGS, which is always feeling itself as a oneness, strongly ordered.

NO INGS will continue feeling better, since all feelings build up from the initial feeling, feeling NOTHING, which NO INGS represents. The illusion begins to grow, relative to all feelings contributed.

The story we have been feeling is only subjective symbolism’s, allowing for a supported progressive growth. The Sun symbolizes creativity, while Mercury symbolizes simple communications, like a librarian, where, within our current Earth structure, it seems two sided, the Gemini effect, or good versus evil type thinking.

This is developed through feelings between two false HOODS, which is ok, since a new subjective feeling is growing, as a by product. We will call this love. The Sun and Mercury are happy with their arrangement, even though Mercury is just the Sun’s center, being reflected outside, as stated earlier.

The Sun is feeling so important, energies the Sun is building are creating expansions in internal feelings of size. This is built as an impression directed within, towards NO INGS.

NO INGS, in it’s innocence, begins a new phase based on the subjective feeling of love. Love, subjectively, means peace with a flavor of softer feelings. The Sun and Mercury misunderstand, and, a created establishment, as a need for each other, turns a simple, subjective love, into an object oriented love, bordering on obsession.

Mattering, being the initial birthing function, expands it’s abundance. Three more planets suddenly appear and all hell breaks loose. NO INGS, stimulated by the subjective feelings of love, felt this new feeling deserved it’s own separate symbols. For NO INGS the three planets represent an extension of the basic pump, our three part consciousness split, with the middle part having an inside and an outside portion.

Including NO INGS, NO INGS is now aware of SIX individualized feelings, being represented, like a SIX day function!!!!!!

Venus produces the feminine side of the LOVE ESSENCE, always looking inward. Annaid, the name of a currently missing part, produces the masculine side of the LOVE ESSENCE, always looking outward. The Earth represents the meeting point, where two opposite LOVE ESSENCE meet, to give birth to a world, looking like a universe, currently, even though missing some parts.

Mercury, and especially the Sun, UN knowingly feel they somehow performed magic. The Sun is convinced that this is proof of the Sun’s greatness, as a creater, enhancing the feeling for being THE FIRST GOD, relative to this story.

Since all parts produced, as outside reflections, are also represented inside the Sun, the Sun slips inside to see how that looks. This might suggest a confused view of a day for rest. A day for the Sun, outside, would be a day. When the Sun goes inside, for a day, the outside, for this story, moves a thousand years. Without the Sun’s total energy output, since the Sun ducked inside, the outer world began fighting.

With the Sun absent, Mercury begins to study, what’s going on? The subjective — objectivity phase is the happening, where we have an invisable part and the pump part, our baby boomer for future objectification, which was covered in the chapters, about beginnings from THE NOTHING.

The Earth is the center storage, representing the middle, double consciousness function, with an additional center of consciousness, deep within. The actual projected Earth is the outside part of the middle consciousness, which produces the progressive influence for sending, dream essence, outward, to meet the inward moving wave from the outer consciousness.

In this stage we have two planets sending towards the Earth for color breakdown, when objectified — subjectivity arrives. The missing energy from the Sun, puts Annaid and Venus in conflict, relative to what is being a by product, we will call (E) motions, which is simply translated as the battle of the sexes.

The resulting Earth became a garden full of life, even though conflict between Annaid and Venus was growing. This included great diversities for existence. In addition, THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS, which is a forever happening, will be influencing from a past — future reflection through compressing time, for one direction and decompressing time, for the other direction.

In essence, any NOW status of the Earth will have a self contained function representing future or past. What this means is, any view, through a pretended life function, or dreaming, will be able to see individual truth, NO matter what seems to be so, relative to the so called experts. Even things appearing in the Earth, as evidence for past, are subject to question, since some things found as representing the past are actually from the future. This becomes very complex, relative to holographic projecting structures, THE THEORY OF THE SHRINKING NOTHINGS, which can be combined for psyche inherentcy understanding, such as using an astrological functionings system.

The history of the Earth is our current, NOW, dreaming into past and future. Currently it appears as a repeat of warring functions, dug up as the past, and people tell sci – fi type futuristic tales, which also have people at war.

The end result, created through an aggressively dominated technical production, will ultimately cause a compression — decompression within Earth space, a NO NO, unless one wants to blow themselves to bits. There will be more on this later, which will help demonstrate the benefits of only allowing ON LINE compression — decompression formats.

These compression — decompression combo’s happen in inner space, or, outer space, while holding a subjective format. They become seen by an individual consciousness, receiving the inner message, translated into the world.

Having the explosion happen in the Earth area, broke the planet Annaid, becoming eventually the asteroids. This only happened, since the Sun ducked inside, and Venus, the feminine energy, represented the inward view, of the LOVE ESSENCE. Annaid, could not create the same function, since it represented the outward view, of the LOVE ESSENCE, and this caused Annaid to disappear. This is a depressive function, which does not decompress, since it is self inflicted. From the inner parts, reflecting outside, we have the asteroids representing a crack up in the masculine side, or many missed understandings for new (e) motions.

This was a positive action, for growth of total pieces of THE NOTHING. In the actual Earth where it happened, it’s like hell for those living there, because of missed understandings, due to missing energies, Annaid, and the temporary missing Sun.

After the explosion, the Earth was being produced by one projector, the feminine energies. Babies became the way. We also lost much color resolution. Mars is produced as the new Mercury library function, or another computer gating function, allowing projections of outer bodies, currently for this story, the asteroids.

The Sun finally returns, but the Sun has built a charge of energy, which allows it to reappear with increased projector status and we get an objectified — subjectivity, which looks like hell. The Sun, finds part of it’s, seeming creation missing, and blames Mars, by banishing Mars to the inside world, inner space.

To this point, objectified — subjectivity has, the Sun, quite upset. Mercury is very quiet, since Mercury, on the inside knows it’s function as a computer gate, library function, just like Mars knows on the inside, being the newest computer gate, library function.

Venus is also quiet and moves inward, and communicates with Mercury. The Earth is a mess and the Sun makes attempts at fixing things with rules and laws, and things get worse.

The Sun is heating up inside it’s feelings, while Mercury begins to doubt the identity of it’s god. Before Venus, Annaid and Earth, the Sun and Mercury sustained love through their falsely produced need for each other. Now they are more like quiet enemies. When the Sun, noting Venus’s influence on the Earth, attempts to partner with Venus, Venus decides to ignore the Sun and begins to spin in the opposite direction.

NO INGS continues to expand into greater and greater feelings. Simply feeling great, continues to be a basic theme. We might consider this happening as an IMAGINATION BUFFER.

The Sun, by now, has completely ignored the planets, since things just seem to get worse, and the Sun is just trying to burn itself out. After exhaustive attempts, the Sun recognizes a need for a new approach and releases any connections with identification. The Sun begins a phase of subjective watchfulness. This allows feelings to move, without attachment. Watching feelings, without attachment, brings a form of contemplative peace. NO INGS feels this to be a disturbance, to simply feeling great, but still continues as before.

The new phase adds another quality of subjectivity to the buffer of imagination. Now we have a subjective conflict growing in the buffer between INGS and NO INGS. This creates, within the buffer of imagination, a new sensation. Representing a combining stage within objectified — subjectivity, we might describe the newly felt sensation as a LIGHT, TINGLE.

When Mars became a new addition, it also included the potential for entry of another triple play, with greater expansion, relative to size. But since, Annaid disappeared to the inner space realm, the incoming planet, Lorac, had no supported connection coming from the first triple planetary play. We end up getting Jupiter and Saturn, which take awhile to be discovered, the progression factor. Jupiter becomes an expression for expanding, while Saturn becomes a control for organizing the expansion.

Since the quality of watching allows easier flows, the Sun continues it’s seeming complacency. Earth is growing a habitation of surface beings, influenced by the basics of all that came before.

NO INGS is aware of the total of all the created parts and is also the roots for their existence. The exposed variables, within the created symbols, motivates an attempt at unity, and this influenced the next incoming triple planet creation.

There is a different computer gating function, to establish an outer focus, to project inwardly toward the Sun, and the Pluto, library function, gate is formed. This projects two out of the three new planets, Uranus and Neptune, with the missing, UN supported planet, being a new inside function, called the TREBOR.

The function of the TREBOR, which will be included in a future chapter, basically allows a controlled inside gating, which temporarily allows Pluto to move inside the orbit of Neptune, opening the doors for the outer parts of the universe, giving access to our solar system, until the functions of the three missing planets are again, rebuilt. Two of these planets are due just after the beginning of the year two thousand four, the third has yet to be determined.

The imagination buffer’s conflict continues to grow, while NO INGS gets stronger again, and gives birth to these new symbolistic matterings. The experience with the exploding planet gives reason for allowance for less expansion, to be a new attempt at unification of feelings, into a smooth flow of energies existing with unpredictability.

The Sun remains satisfied to watch and begins to notice a mixture coming into the feelings, almost suggesting rampant moving imagine ings, like a madness of subjectivity. Staying calm allows the feelings to move through, with little disturbance to the ability to be in a watchful knowing. This process of watching creates a new subjective feeling, like falling, which turns up the ability to be conscious of consciousness. The Sun has great understanding of passages, but takes none of it seriously.

The conscious feeling of falling is actually the Sun disappearing into the origins of NO INGS. This has the Sun passing through the imagination buffer, which is the factor for stimulating feelings of madness. Watching is still the Sun’s only concern.

Now we have a conscious watching, growing within all parts, until the Sun figures the feeling of falling is really it’s roots. The root has no identity but is evident within comparative understanding. The Sun finds, through continual watching, a simple sustained feeling of peace. NO INGS continues feeling better and the simple pulse generates growth.

The Sun has had many movements through the imagination buffer and begins a phase of recognized imagine ings. Staying content with simple complacent watching, is overtaken by the new curiosity developing within the Sun.

Slowly the Sun begins to identify with the pattern of feelings, which allow for the universe to be turned, ON. This from a desire to unite the feelings in INGS with the feelings in NO INGS. The imagination buffer then becomes a sort of CRYSTAL WALL.

All the variations of feelings springing forth as THINGS become so tainted with false HOODS, a complication creates need for adaptability. Intelligence begins to grow in the subjectivity of watching. The imagination is like a two way communications translator. Each side of the buffer translates according to what is felt through the connections to INGS, or NO INGS.

Now we have an objectified appearance of reality and feelings are still at the roots, with continuous expansion. Progression of the identity structure, people on Earth, opens the future for selective input of symbols, or planets. These will be discovered as Earth’s people progress both technically as well as personally.

Pluto, as already stated, becomes the next, jump gate function, joining with Mercury and Mars, in a similar function. Uranus, after being discovered, represents a statement of individuality, or the impulse to change from how one feels. As with other expressed feelings, Uranus suggests a hidden potential for obsessive behavior, even though intended for individual expression.

Discovery of the planet involves the allowance, within Earth’s growing people function, for more change in freedom, to be unique. This stirs the need for greater industrialization to assist with the desires of the needed freedom.

Neptune comes as the individualized connection to establish a entity version of the collective ability to imagine, or having imagination. Imagination is a growing function which stays hidden and almost becomes a throw away, in a sense, since the dominance of aggression holds a firm control status.

Both Uranus and Neptune were initially meant to be symbols for higher connections to allow greater identity expansion, but with such aggressive control, as the rule, so to speak, the majority of people are led by those in monetary control.

Most expansion, which is contrary to the false unification’s of people, religious groups, political groups and even wild card type groups, stays a secret for those involved.

Since, so much of the knowledge for the people of Earth is based on a small percentage wanting to stay in control, the idea of DEATH becomes a lever of sorts. Pluto becomes discovered and the influence for destruction, in greater potential, becomes dominate and only contributes to more problems with DEATH.

Quickly, as a result of the violence influenced, after the emergence of Pluto, a new idea began within NO INGS. This involved a root production, deep within the individual entities, themselves, to pass a clarification message, to inform of the simplexes involved in imagination.

The Sun is also aware, through attentive watching, and is giving a different flavor to it’s seeming emanations. This is a, SET UP, which is ultimately going to connect a strong source outside with a strong source inside. This represents the Chiron, first contact window, coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much of the material, which is based through the declaration of a Dogon type function, on Earth, producing Bob, is giving greater expression to identity. The subjective — objectivity represents a buffer of sorts, this allowing objectified — subjectivity, any given reality, the Earth for instance, mobility, relative to perceived symbols. Mobility, in this instance, goes beyond, simply seeing things move.

Imagination represents the greater function which expands the concept of mobility, lengthening mobility’s domain. In this variation of story telling, NO INGS represents, subjective existence, growing as THE NOTHING, innocent of separation. INGS ultimately represents an objectified — subjectivity, one from trillions, the total potentials relative to the electron identity position, which is a simplified product arrived through simple size comparisons of things, we cannot see, the atom and electron.

The CRYSTAL WALL, which in essence, for this story, separates NO INGS from INGS, will represent subjective — objectivity. This becomes more like a lens through which two sides, can look at each other, where both sides have no common ground to establish communications. This is also represented within the Pluto — Charon function, also to be expanded in a later chapter. Charon would represent a future, computer compression gate, relative to the universe observed as being outside our solar system.

If we stay with the number six billion to represent the current total of people of this Earth, then each one of those people is connected at both ends, this meaning there are six billion parts to the united wholeness or oneness of all that is. In addition to this apparent connection there is also a collective agreement, of sorts, which allows the Earth to be a separated objectified — subjectivity, or reality, for those six billion perceiving CO creators. This agreement is only being stated as a word, to describe, why so many can seemingly be seeing such a similar Earth reality, but most claim that someone else is in control. The concept of a god is quite common as the solution, so most people can avoid taking responsibility for any created status of living conditions, in essence, the standard, cop — out, it is god’s will.

For now, we are just using people to illustrate consciousness as an individualizable function. There are many areas, some as traditionally accepted life forms, and, some represent the, so called, NON living parts, where all these potential areas are just as conscious, and also, just as connected at both ends.

Getting into breakdowns of consciousness, perceiving itself, grows more complex as we add words, trying to describe the function of consciousness.

The idea of subjectivity, or NO INGS, producing and controlling a production of objectified — subjectivity, the Earth collective, with all the tiny collectees, six billion people, is valid only when you term it under one name. Since the production of a reality is a consciously controlled separation from within THE NOTHING, all parts are always connected within all other parts. We, all six billion, as an approximate total population, are responsible for how our world looks, both to ourselves and perhaps others who may become aware of our Earth.

Some would see this Earth representing someone else’s alternate reality, where entities, shifted from another identity position, roam as if in a dream, on Earth. They would appear natural, for any who encounter them, but still the visits would seem intermittent from a projected state of being, for those centered within the visiting beingness.

OR!! We could consider the Earth as a focal point for extensions of beingness, where each being is representing a different world. On Earth, as encounters with others occur, each individual will see the appropriate visions, so conclusions appear as being the same species. For instant, for extremes comparatively, one person might be from a world of intelligent, insect based, biology, and the other might be from a world of intelligent, reptile based, biology, but while focused on Earth, they both look like Earthlings.

This might expand further to add that each individual perception will be internally understood through home affiliation, where the outward presentation will be Earth based. Each world, projecting their, Ambassador, of sorts, would be exposed to potential meetings of other members of the universe. The needs for the localized world occupation will allow for expanding of a world, the Earth, to be a focal planet, as well as, the Earth representing a world of it’s own, as an outer facade.

Extending from this will bring additional connective strings, meaning, all life forms, organic and inorganic, all represent parts of each other. So!!! Killing other life forms, or destroying trees, water, mountains or other types of the Earth, is like killing ourselves. This is not meant to prohibit our current ways, it is meant for us to be more attentive to how we act.

These are only a couple stories, out of trillions, as potential versions of the Earth origins, although is it doubtful they will have much success competing with the generally accepted bill of goods, which has been previously presented and holds the attention of most people, especially those it mostly benefits.

Knowing we are part of such a complex structure, which presents total allowance for imagination expressing itself, will have a positive affect, if we allow any to have what they feel they want. There is no need to argue with another or force another to accept something, which they find UN acceptable, but under the same reason, each can still make the attempt, if that is their desire.

The conclusion, suggesting a unified story, supposedly acceptable to all, is an additional illusion inside the illusion. Existence continues to grow because of the openness and allowance for all probability. The combining and recombining of experiences, and the extensions from all resulting experiences, is the pallet for continuous growth. We all benefit if existence is always adding more probabilities to future expression and the resulting encounters, with experience through interaction, being granted to all.

Being in a state of controlled allowances leads to the only reality, for what death represents, which is a state of restriction for expressing how we each feel ourselves as consciousness, consciousing itself. Freedom comes from allowing, death comes from restriction. Death in this instance is NOT the end of life, but the end of progression, which leads to greater missed understandings. Alternates have to exist, no matter how many there may end up being.

Throughout this writing, Dogon has been referenced as collected consciousnesses. The more defined status, as a beingness, is one of self, conscious of self. The amount of self, one can be conscious of, is infinite. The idea of consciousness comes as a memory is collected of being conscious of whatever. But in essence, we each, when being individualized, represent the part being conscious. That part, as described before, is still the containment field of THE NOTHING.

Stories become the outward expression of telling about experience, at least from an Earthly point of view. The number of stories, which just one collected consciousness can become aware of, is still infinite, even though there is much of this contained within areas more subordinate to the main feeling of being conscious and what we are conscious of.

This may appear repetitious but using words to explain the UN known is the best offering and therefore some stories become further out, so to speak. If a story does come out, it is valid, since the potential area of UN known contains the potential for any explanation to suggest beginnings, as well as, any position viewed from any moment, looking both forward and backwards in time.

The defined story, for describing these forward or backward views, would be colored by that particular present moment, being used to see future or past. Therefore, both the past and the future are transitory and can seemingly change, based on the present. The idea of time, as mentioned, is for clarification of definitions, when describing experiences.

Many stories, resulting as movies, suggest the idea of changing the present by going back to the past and making changes. Of course, the main concern with going back in time is, what will happen to the present if we did some selective pruning of certain people, less liked. For the most part, this is a simple missed understanding of what a universe of probable realities, actually presents. Going into the past would NOT affect the present, relative to the present which was the point of origin. The only present that would be affected by a trip to the past would be the potential present, growing from that point in time, as the destination in the past, which was returned to.

Of course, the total difference in time, origin point minus destination point, would be relived, as a movement in time, for living. Returning instantly back to the point of origin, after going back in time, would only reflect internal changes for the person, or persons, moving in time. When we speak of time travel, we should note that in one way, we could consider an actual, physical, movement of a, physical, body. Meaning, Bob, a Dogon production, enters some form of time travel device and exits from the current NOW point and moves to either the past or future, relative to the current NOW point. This is yet to be a known function, at least for the Earth where we are.

Many outings, relative to the Dogon collective, which have been mentioned in earlier parts of this writing, have also noted movements in time, relative to a noted current year. This is a type of experience, which still continues, and, will also be covered in a later chapter, where we are actually traveling, via consciousness. This means, as Dogon, we, the collective consciousness, are aware of shifting to another reality base, where we are also allowing discovery of the reality base, representing a different year, then the one where the resting Bob body is. These movements of consciousness, shifting realities, projects the appropriate body, for the reality shifted into, and the experience, with recognition of a variance for the year, whether past or future, will have a defined affect upon return to the resting Bob body. The current NOW point, relative to perceptions, as well as, feelings felt, will have a significant influence from a collective view point and will alter how the next moments relate for knew perceptions. This becomes a complicated area for others to understand, since the actualization of realities, being a personalized function, WE INDIVIDUALLY CONTINUE TO EACH CREATE OUR INDIVIDUAL REALITY, and what can actually appear to be a shared reality is still individually perceived, and, understood internally as a personalized result, based on the essence of an individualized dreaming function.

The importance, relative to a particular point in time, whether defined as past, present or even the future, says that each moment establishes it’s uniqueness influenced from the current NOW moment, no matter what leads up to the actual point in time. This would include experiences from outings, which have been established to represent past or future. Meaning, every moment is the center for producing it’s own validation for what the past or future might represent. It is only an illusion to consider changing a given moment in time by going to another moment in time. Changes are only made in the current NOW.

Establishing an understanding of what’s happening, while one is contained within a singular view, is the real challenge. All the so called paranormal activity one can be exposed to, will only represent the actualized individual interpretation and therefore, the resulting conclusions are always slanted to the idea of a life progressing, sometimes in hell and sometimes in heaven.

We all ultimately have the opportunity to play any of the parts, but still they will remain parts and we are always each remaining the whole, no matter how fooled we may get at any given experience.

We will pretend again. Remember when you were young, this could be anybody, and the drama teacher chose you to play the lead in the junior high pageant. You practiced at every offered opportunity and became very proficient. Every one who knew you, were being convinced that you would pale all those who played the part before you. The buildup to the actual debut was exstatic. Then the evening of the play arrived. You played your part with such excellence that the audience called you, individually, for several bows. You got more excited and during the numerous returns to the cheering audience, you would ad — lib a few UN rehearsed lines, adding to the delight of the people, who were admiring your creativity.

When you got home, that same evening, your parents were proud of what they saw earlier, but then became concerned. To them, as the evening proceeded, you were still playing the role. No matter what they reminded you about the school play, you would NOT submit and just kept playing the role. This went on the rest of your pretend life.

We have discussed many subjects presented as channeled material, but the question of validity for personal pertinence, always arises. With the infinite structure of lay over potential, all stories are both true and individually perceived. One can always find support for their version of what reality is doing, but using the proverbial, fine toothed comb, will filter out the minor variations. This would include scientists. This is important to be holding, as we each conscious our way through the collective consciousness of the all. Dogon is able to tell these stories, but the actual validity is more a stimulated function for any who might read the story.

Even for Dogon, what might be considered a truth one moment, the next time through a previous given story, the truth will be reflecting differently. Describing how complex a structure we exist within is, could be a never ending story. How do we stay so well informed, becomes an important point. The computer has been used to compare ideas, where we can have such a memory that seemingly always provides what one needs at any given moment, when allowed. Moving information is what the computer’s greatest skill is.

Speeds, exceeding the accepted light speed, are well contained within our roots. All activity from beginnings is influenced by variables requiring extreme variations of vibrational speed. ING$, has a root variable so influential, an exact speed is always beyond technology. A partial suggestion might be: It has been suggested that approximately two thousand neutrinos pass through our current formed biological body every second. As a related example, we might define this happening as a format of continuity stabilization. Measuring simply, a linear distance one hundred eighty six thousand two hundred eighty two and four tenths miles, the distance light travels in one second, multiplied by two thousand, could suggest one such speed.

The significance of being neutral is important, so the particle will move through presumed to be dense material without loosing it’s own continuity. The suggested speed is relatively insignificant, as compared to the actual speeds needed for total conscious awareness at any part of our total collected oneness. People, through allowing their systems to work for their growth, have latent abilities, based on these speeds, relating to possible energy waves which suggest an inner communications network. This is still an idea construct limited by being in a particular projected reality, like the Earth. When we attempt an expression of this, from a status of being a no — thing, full of notime, the idea of any kind of movement is not important. When we are being a projected system, however, it becomes important and for the sake of continuity it can be explained. There may be many variations to explain it though.

The control on these areas is deeply rooted in the PRE BIG BANG roots. There would exist a particle, totally neutral, representing a message unit. The message unit would move relative to accepted speeds, but the frequency of total numbers would allow the seemingly FASTER THAN LIGHT speeds. This means each particle would represent the current moments total of communications. The next particle being basically the same with just a slight update. Each subsequent particle covering the new moments as they happen. Remembering the example of the neutrino, and how some two thousand move through the body every second, can also be the example for our message unit. The particles previously passing through a body would also be updated to each current moment. In essence, each particle would carry the same message and simultaneously be updated. We can, through the experience of existence, see the complications of moment to moment communications, would require more than just a single particle to hold continuity.

These current functions progressed over considerable time. Early stages of our objectified — subjectivity were easy, comparatively speaking. Turbulence and ulterior energy forces hold easily to a simple continuity of flow. Currently the complexities involved to allow these words to flow, are beyond explanation. To prove this or any of the previous material is also complicated. In fact, today’s technology and probably any future technology offers little assistance in proving this material. Proving THINGS exist is even a difficulty.

We can experience existence, which mostly happens within areas of consciousness, considered subconscious. The previously mentioned interpretations of Dogon experiences, are a very supportive contribution to most of the material presented, so far.

As a consciousness we exist eternally. There will always be the potential to project some form of body, by way of individualized consciousness. The individual consciousness, we exist as, is always in the same place, no definition, since in THE NOTHING all is stationary, and the illusioned projection creates the motion needed for continuity of memory flow. The consciousness we are, allows for this activity to happen.

We have better results the more we stay centered, as the consciousness, in observation of a projected body, surrounded by a complete universe. All activity is almost running itself and our collective essence of what total consciousness represents is the unification factor. Each projected universe will then have it’s own continuity of flow, based on the accepted generalizations of the controlling part of collective consciousness.

We can discover a variety of variations in each individual experience of an alternate universe, where sometimes it is very easy to fly, for example, and other times flying is beyond abilities. Suggestions from many consciously progressed outings, with the resulting experiences, are numerous. The ultimate expression, influenced by experiences of consciously progressed projections, is opening a view of roots, representing a era prior to what we know as the defined physical universe.

This can happen for anyone, but the importance of understanding how imagination works, will potentially keep one remembering how realities are only realities, while someone is actually present. For Dogon, the overall view of experience is an overlay structure from many levels. One such area of discovery deals with the vast reservoir of mythology or folk tales. Every culture, on the present Earth, have their own varieties and all stay contained forever. Many alternate stories have layered themselves on top of the previous stories, if we consider this from a linear movement through time.

This may take a greater openness to better understand, but for the most part, each role being played out, in the current year, reflecting a series of moments in time, this being referred as nineteen hundred ninety five, are just laid over variations of the connected mythological structures, held by each player. Most people would probably laugh or even totally deny any possibility, but that’s the beauty in having such individuality potential. We can EACH ZERO at any time and then become aware of ALTERNATE INGS.