My Baseball Card Collection

Here is a very small part of my large baseball card collection. I collect many other sports and other trading cards. Not that they are worth much of anything anymore. It’s just a fun thing. Especially as they get older.

1978 Topps Collection
(This was and still is my favorite baseball card year).



Bill Buckner #473 Topps

Botch Up Bill Buckner!  As you can see it was well used.   I vaguely remember it being crumpled up and then realizing I shouldn’t have done it.



Julio Cruz #687 Topps

I can’t remember much about this guy other than he was a pretty good ball player and that I should keep the card in the best condition I could.   And he was a Mariner!



Leo Foster #229 Topps



Ken Henderson #612 Topps

As you can see, I thought Ken might look a bit better with a goatee and moustache.  At the time I believe I had about three or four of these cards so didn’t think much of it.



Balor Moore #368 Topps



Jose Morales #374 Topps



Larry Parrish #294 Topps

I think this was popular but not as much as Lance Parrish.


All Cards Copyright their respective companies and are displayed for archival and historical purposes.