KiwiIRC – How To Properly Start On Boot Under Linux

Ignore the ding dongs telling you to use systemd. It will work, but the pid and log files will not be touched. That’s not very helpful when using the start up script to restart, or reconfig KiwiIRC. Plus it’s handy to have log files to know what the service is doing. Crontab for the win!

Under the user that KiwiIRC is running.

$crontab -e

Then enter this line with the full path to where KiwiIRC is installed.

@reboot /home/user/bin/KiwiIRC/kiwi start

KiwiIRC will now automatically start on boot of the server and the pid and log files will be properly written to.

Notice: This version of KiwiIRC is considerably outdated and unsupported I highly recommend upgrading to the latest version.  This configuration will not work with the latest version as it is entirely different.